LED Downlights

Choosing the perfect lighting for your home or property is an important aspect of interior design, why not check out some popular lighting trends. The right lighting fixture should be able to set the mood or desired ambience while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any room or property area. LED downlights are a popular choice for both domestic and commercial properties for their versatility, minimalistic design, and energy efficiency. Combining functionality and style, downlights provide clear, bright and effective lighting for a variety of areas, including bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, reception areas and offices.

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  1. Fixed shower downlight in a brushed chrome finish
    IP65 Shower Fixed Fire Rated Downlight - Brushed Chrome
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  2. Brushed chrome LED downlight with frosted cover
    Fire Rated Downlight, GU10, Fixed - Brushed Chrome Finish
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  3. Black LED downlight
    Black Chrome Fire Rated Downlight, Fixed GU10
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  4. GU10 downlight in a polished chrome finish with bulb
    Fire Rated Downlight, GU10, Fixed - Polished Chrome Finish
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  5. Fire Rated Downlight, GU10, Fixed - White Finish
    Fire Rated Downlight, GU10, Fixed - White Finish
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  6. White LED shower downlight
    IP65, Shower, Fixed, Fire Rated Downlight - White Finish
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  7. LED downlight in a polished chrome finish
    IP65 Shower Fixed Fire Rated Downlight - Polished Chrome
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  8. Fixed GU10 Downlight in an antique brass finish
    Antique Brass Fixed GU10 Fire Rated Downlight
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What Are LED Downlights?

LED stands for ‘lighting emitting diode’. This modern technology is a safer and more energy-efficient alternative to incandescent, halogen, or fluorescent bulbs. LED downlights, also known as recessed downlights, are a type of lighting fixture that is built into the ceiling. This provides you with an unobtrusive option for rooms where you don’t want bulky, pendant style fixtures.

Not only are they more attractive, but they also provide better visibility. Instead of throwing light across a room, they emit a more direct beam of light. This focused style of lighting can be used to draw attention to a specific area of the room, highlight key features of the design, or provide task or ambient lighting as you desire.

What Types of LED Downlights Are There?

Dimmable Recessed downlights are incredibly versatile, fitting seamlessly with a wide range of design styles. With all different shapes, sizes, and finishes to choose from, you can find the right fixture to enhance any interior. Match other features of your room with square, circle or oval-shaped downlights or browse through our selection of dimmable lights.

You also have the choice of fixed or adjustable recessed downlights. With these adjustable lights, you can turn, tilt and angle the beam to suit your specific needs.

All of these options are available as GU10 downlights, which are mains powered and don’t require a transformer or LED driver in order to work.

What’s more, these modern, sophisticated lights can also be operated from your smartphone, giving you complete control over them.

How Many LED Downlights Do I Need?

The number of recessed downlights you need for each room will depend on multiple factors. Firstly, what is the place and what is the purpose of the lights? Do you need a general room, task, or key lighting?

For example, your kitchen will require work surfaces to be sufficiently lit to comfortably and safely perform cooking tasks, so a larger number of lights will be required at the counter level. A bedroom, on the other hand, will require fewer lights to create a more relaxed feel.

The other aspect to consider is the size of the room and the height of the ceiling. If the interior has a high ceiling, it may not need many; instead, choosing LEDs with a higher wattage would work much better. We provide a variety of wattages to ensure you get the best level of lighting for your property and for the specific function.

To find out the level of wattage that you need, simply multiply the square foot of the ceiling by 1.5. This will give you an estimate of the wattage needed for your room or property.

How to Choose the Right LED Downlight Products?

Here are some of the vital aspects you should take into consideration while choosing the right LED downlight products for yourself!

Colour Temperature

When you are choosing downlight LED bulbs or any other type, one of the crucial aspects to pay attention to is the colour temperature. It is because this feature can affect the atmosphere in an interior to a large extent, depending on whether it is ‘cool’ or ‘warm’.

If you pick a cool white bulb, keep in mind that this colour temperature will provide a more blue tone and quite intense light, so it is mostly recommended for a bathroom or a kitchen. When it comes to warm colours, you will get a softer light that will work excellently in areas where you want to relax, including a bedroom or a living room.

IP Rating

Generally, an IP rating (short for International Protection or Ingress Protection) reflects the product’s resistance to solids and liquids. It has two numbers - one of them shows the level of protection against the liquids, and the other one reflects the resistance against the solids. Even if there are not strict regulations telling how high the IP rating needs to be in a particular interior, keep in mind that choosing one that is not too prone to dust and dirt will certainly be helpful. Also, those placed in bathrooms should be more resistant to liquids.

The Dimming Function

If you want to have further control over your LED downlights, you can also make sure they are dimmable. In this way, you will be able to change their brightness with the help of dedicated drivers and equipment. A huge advantage of any dimmable lights is the fact that they can be adjusted in accordance with the time of the day or the activity that is about to be performed. What is more, dimmable downlights will help you to save more energy because they do not have to be always used at their full power. In this way, you will both make your home more environment-friendly and lower your electricity bills.

Beam Angle

Bear in mind that LED bulbs can differ from each other when it comes to the beam angle, meaning how narrow or wide the beam they produce is. If it is narrower, the light will be more focused on a smaller area. When it comes to a wider one, it does not mean the bulb will produce more light, but it points to the fact that the same amount of light will be spread further.

So, if you want to highlight a chosen room feature, such a part of decoration you particularly like, you can use a bulb with a narrow beam angle (20°- 40°). On the other hand, a wider one will prove great for the general living space or a working area.

What Are the Benefits of Installing LED Downlights?

Not only are they a stylish fixture, but LED downlights have multiple advantages for you and your home or property. Keep on reading to discover some of the most important ones!


With a wide variety of fixtures, functions, and finishes to choose from, LED downlights can fit into almost any interior and fulfil a wide range of needs. As well as providing general room lighting, their compact design means they can fit perfectly into any hard to light areas, including cabinets, cupboards, under the kitchen sink, or any space you need to illuminate.

Energy and Cost-Efficient

LEDs are one of the most energy-efficient options for most general lighting requirements. For example, PL-C bulbs have an average lifetime of 10,000 hours, while LEDs can last up to 50,000 hours, consuming up to 50% less energy. This efficiency also transfers to your pocket, with lower energy bills and less maintenance and replacement costs.

Less Maintenance

This is especially important for those needing lights for large properties such as offices of commercial buildings. Because LEDs last considerably longer, not only do they save money in replacement bulbs, but you spend less time and effort in maintaining them. LEDs can last years, compared to just a few months of traditional lightbulbs.

Safety First

Installing recessed downlights does require you to make a hole in your ceiling, causing a potential fire hazard, as this creates a space for the fire to travel. However, our range of fire-rated downlights seal off the hole completely, slowing down the spread of fire.

The advanced design of fire-rated downlights come in a variety of finishes and styles. You can also choose the preferred colour of the fire-rated products!

So, you can put safety first and still have a chic fixture that matches your decor and enhances any space it’s installed into. However, keep in mind that fire-rated downlights need to be properly installed in order to serve their function correctly. For this reason, it is advised to ask a professional specialized in installing fire-rated lights to help you with that. In this way, you will be sure that your home is properly protected. When it comes to our fire-rated products, we try not to keep the price high, and we hope they will fit your financial capabilities!

Need More Information on Fire-Rated LED Downlights?

If you have any further questions about fire-rated downlights or any other products, feel free to contact us today. A member of our team will be more than happy to assist you in choosing the right option for your project, whether it’s at home or in the workplace. We try to set every price low so that as many people as possible could make a purchase in our shop, and make their home safer and more beautiful with fire-rated downlights. With great prices and high-quality products, Simple Lighting will brighten your day!

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