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Picture this: the summer has finally rolled around, and you want to sit outside with the family, maybe spear a couple of sausages on the BBQ. The sun does its thing, and boom - you're all plunged into relative darkness. Is there really a better use for outdoor wall lights than to be able to check on the sausages burning? At Simple Lights, we don't think so!

Our outdoor wall lighting options are available in a vast range of styles and finishes, so no matter the type of garden you have, we've got something to suit. Whether you want to install spotlights to illuminate your new decking or you want to up your security with high powered LED lighting, let us help you to make your Simple Lighting choice. We're proud to offer outdoor wall lights that come with the IP44 safety rating - so you can rest assured that your lighting choice will be a safe and secure one.

Why Buy Outdoor Wall Lights From Simple Lighting?

With one of the most significant collections of outdoor wall lights, we can ensure that you spruce up your outdoor space while providing a necessary function. You need to see what you're doing in the evening so that you can enjoy your garden for longer. You also want to feel as secure as possible in your home, and when you choose from our range, you get exactly that! Our vivid designs and different colour options allow you a wide choice, from the bold and striking to the more serene options. Some of our outdoor wall lighting includes mood lighting, allowing you to change the colour and the brightness of the lights to match your occasion.

Simple Lighting works to light up your outdoor space in a way that suits your style and tastes.

Are Outdoor Wall Lights Weather Resistant?

At Simple Lighting, we ensure that all of our outdoor light fixtures are rated IP44 & above. This ensures that they are suitable for outdoor installation. Our lighting can withstand both dry and moist environments, so no matter the weather, your lights will come on as planned. You can even choose our outdoor wall spotlights with marine-grade finishing, which can be used in coastal areas that are used to the sea spray!

Why Buy Outdoor Wall Lights?

Other than being able to see your BBQ as the sun goes down, most people decide to head back inside in the evening, cutting their fun short because they don't have suitable outdoor lights. Not only this but there is safety in the light (and we don't mean zombies!). Security lights are often bright, flooding the outside space to be able to deter intruders and make it harder for would-be criminals to break into your home. Outdoor wall lights have so many functions, and it's not just the backyard that can benefit, either. Your front door often needs a little enhancement, and an outdoor wall light will give you that warm welcome you've been missing when you come home from work.

Lastly? It looks good. Whether you opt for the twinkly solar fairy lights that wind around fences and bushes or you choose a motion sensor security light, you can choose colourful and stylish options that really make your home pop.

What Lighting Options Do You Offer?

At Simple Lighting, we've got it all! From our LED Decking Light range to our Garden Spike Lights, your options are fantastic. Do you want to offer mood lighting for your next gathering, or are you trying to find a great security option? Either way, we can cover what you need. Choose our brilliantly bright lantern lights, or aim for our tall garden lamp posts to give your outdoor space a classy effect. No matter which lighting option you choose, the experts at Simple Lighting can help.

Lighting up your outdoor space doesn't have to cost the earth, nor does it have to be hard. Our experts can talk through your space and give you the best advice on the lighting options to suit your garden - front and back!

Contact Us Today!

If you'd like to order outdoor wall lights with Simple Lighting or you'd like to chat to an expert about the best way to light up your garden this year, give us a call now on 0333 443 2465. We'll advise you on the best options for your garden, and we're more than happy to help you to choose! If you're ordering over £75, we'll throw in free delivery, too!

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