Bathroom LED Lighting

An often overlooked aspect to any bathroom is the light fixtures, which is surprising because there is lots of choice when it comes to bathroom lighting ideas. LED lighting is superb and can even take the smallest bathroom to the next level when used cleverly, making it feel more spacious. So if you are considering changing your existing lighting or are having your bathroom renovated, why not indulge yourself and buy some LED lighting? You'll be creating a sophisticated, stunning space in your home for an affordable price, especially when combined with under cabinet lighting in your bathroom cabinets.

LED Light Fittings

Taking time over your choice of light fittings is important as it will truly transform your bathroom space. If you have very little natural light in your bathroom, consider installing square or round overhead LED lightbulbs. They will bring your room to life and inject some much-needed light. By creating a focal point on an alcove or vanity unit, you can also instil a sense of brightness because strong led lighting will bounce and reflect off other surfaces and create a greater feeling of space. However, the real magic is made by mixing soft and bright LED lighting to create a winning combination. Fluorescent lighting can be harsh but recessed dimmable led downlights gives you the choice of having different light intensity in different areas of your bathroom.

LED Downlights

LED downlights in softer colours like warm white are popular for creating a tranquil and peaceful environment. Absolutely perfect for when you are soaking up the bubbles in your bathtub, it won't be harsh and you’ll feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Feature lighting also looks sensational, so if your bathroom taps are chrome, consider LED lighting with a matching chrome finish. Extra touches like this can create a really aesthetically pleasing space.

Getting the lighting right will set up your bathroom, whether it’s for an invigorating morning shower or a relaxing soak. With a bit of time spent considering how best to light your bathroom, you can strike the right balance. LED lighting is exceptionally versatile and very cost-effective, so do browse our extensive range today. If you are considering making the switch to LED, our experts can guide you through all the different options and help you select the best type of LED lighting that will make your bathroom space simply sensational.
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