LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are possibly the most versatile option for any lighting plan, whether it's for your home, office, or commercial property. Also known as LED tape or LED ribbon lighting, they can add a touch of contemporary drama and style to any room.

LED strip lights for kitchen cabinets are a widely popular installation for modern homes, as is shelf lighting and backlighting bathroom mirrors. Whatever your imagination and lighting plan requires, you can find a suitable LED strip of lights to bring it to life.

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What Are LED Strip Lights?

LED strip lights are a flexible circuit board which resembles a length of tape or ribbon and is embedded with LEDs (light-emitting diodes) on one side. The narrow strip is backed by double-sided adhesive allowing it to be attached to almost any surface for powerful, colourful, and creative lighting.

Available in different lengths, ranging from 1m to 6m, they are suitable for a wide range of installation scenarios. If your lighting plan requires a longer length, you can also use multiple LED strip lights to create the effect you need.

How Do LED Strip Lights Work?

Simply peel the lining from the double-sided adhesive from the back of the LED strip and mount it to your chosen surface. Because the circuit board is thin and flexible, the tape can be installed on curved and uneven surfaces and can be completely invisible until switched on.

Determining the Brightness

Depending on the style and colour of LED strip lighting you choose, you will typically have 30-60 LEDs per metre. The number of LEDs will determine the lumens (brightness) rating of the tape.

Input Voltage & Power Supply

A LED strip requires an LED driver in order to work. We have drivers suitable for 12V LED strip lights and 24V strip lights. The drivers work to convert the usual 240V of the main supply to the appropriate low voltage for the LED tape.

When choosing the LED driver, it's important to understand how many metres of LED tape will be connected to it. While one LED driver can power more than just one strip light, you may also need more than one LED driver for the job.

For example, say you wish to power 3 metres of 4.8w LED strip lighting from one driver. To calculate what kind of driver you need (12V or 24V), multiply the 3 metres by the wattage per metre. The total wattage in this scenario is 14.4w; therefore, you would choose the driver closest to this wattage.

If you need help deciding which driver is best suited for your project, or whether you should use 12V LED strip lights or 24V, our experts are on hand to help you choose what's right for you.

What Are the Colour Options for LED Strip Lights?

Colour temperature is used to describe how warm or cool a light appears and is measured in degrees-Kelvin. Lower temperatures, around 2700k are described as a "warm white" and will give off a yellowish-red LED light. Higher colour temperatures will be around 4000k, a "neutral white" and will look slightly more blue-ish.

We provide 24V and 12V LED strip lights in a variety of colours, including natural white, cool white, and warm white. There is no rule as to which tone is best, as it depends on the mood and overall ambience you wish to create.

Go Multicoloured

Why stop at warm and cool light when you can also find a LED tape in multiple colours? With our range of coloured LED strips, you can add even more drama and effect to your interiors. Choose from amber, blue, green, and red, but if you can't decide, you can also find colour-changing LED strip lighting.

Remote Control and Dimmers

Our 24 and 12V LED strip lights can be fully controlled using our range of remote control and wall dimmers. Alternatively, you can also use your smartphone to control your LED lighting with the help of one of our Wi-fi Controllers. To use this function, all you have to do is download our Lighteez app from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, and you'll have complete control over your property LED strip lighting.

LED Strip Lights for the Kitchen Illumination

One of the most popular domestic environments for installing strips is in the kitchen. You can easily use 12V LED strip lights to illuminate those awkward corners of your kitchen, living, and working space. You can use them anywhere you like, from shelves through under cabinet lighting to countertops and kitchen islands. With LED strip lighting, your kitchen will be more functional and chic.

What Are the Benefits of LED Strip Light Products

LED strip light products combine many advantages that will improve your home and make your life easier.


It is worth knowing that contrary to CFL, halogen, incandescent lights, LED products do not use that much energy. Hence, it is a green option, perfect for everyone who cares about the environment. It can be especially significant for companies that need to meet governmental energy ratings. Even when the life of an LED light strip comes to an end, it is eco-friendly because its bulbs do not contain any toxic substances and can be recycled without any difficulties.


As LED lights use less energy, they are not only kinder for our planet, but for your wallet as well. What is more, they have a long life-span, which means you will not have to waste too much money on replacing them. For instance, PL-C bulbs can work for about 10,000 hours, and LEDs have an average lifetime of 50,000 hours, and through all that time, they consume up to 50% less energy. Such effectiveness will certainly be reflected in lower energy bills!

Little Maintenance

As it was already mentioned, LED lights last considerably longer than the traditional ones, so they do not only cost you less but also save your time and effort that would be necessary to maintain them. They do not last for months, but for years, what is particularly vital for owners of huge properties, such as offices or commercial buildings.

Wide Range of Possibilities

There are numerous fixtures, functions, and finishes of LED strip lights to select from, so you will undoubtedly find something that fits both your interior design and your personal preferences. Thanks to their compact design, they can be installed in various places, so you can put them wherever you want to provide more illumination for either practical or aesthetic reasons.

Need More Information about LED Lighting?

Lighting is one of the most important elements of interior design and has the power to transform any environment. If you'd like to know more about how LED strip lighting can bring your home or office to life, our team of lighting experts is here to help. Contact us today, and we will talk you through everything you need to know to choose the right LED strip light solution for your project. We will take into consideration both your interior design and your preferences, and we will help you to make the right decision!

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