LED Bathroom Mirrors: Upgrade Your Bathroom With Modern Touch

LED bathroom mirrors are great for enhancing your bathroom lighting, taking the lighting solutions in your bathroom to that next level whilst bringing a convenience factor with them.

Illuminated bathroom mirrors provide you with the best lighting so you can see clearly whenever you need to use your bathroom mirror. They have increased massively in popularity over the years, and we understand why.

Browse our range of bathroom mirrors available and read below for more information about this lighting solution!

What Are LED Bathroom Mirrors?

LED mirrors are reflecting surfaces that contain LED bulbs, built for usage in the bathroom, which supply you with lighting from the surface of the mirror.

There are a variety of different types of LED bathroom mirrors that you can buy. Some of these include back-lit designs as well as designs existing where the LED bulbs sit down the sides of the mirror.

Why Use an LED Mirror?

Not only does an LED illuminated bathroom mirror look the part, giving your space a stylish, elegant and sophisticated look, but LED mirrors are also very functional.

A bathroom mirror is where a lot of people generally do a lot of their getting ready. This includes using the mirror to apply makeup, style hair, shave face, brush teeth, wash face, or perform a skincare routine, to name just a few main examples.

All of these activities require you to have a mirror, so having illuminated bathroom mirrors gives you handy task lighting for when you are completing your daily hygiene and getting ready for tasks.

They are unlike standard bathroom lighting and typical fixtures such as bathroom spotlights, which can be used for task lighting. The task lighting in these instances will come from directly above, while LED bathroom mirrors can provide you with the right temperature of lighting shining directly onto you for the best illumination you need to be able to see yourself clearly and in the best possible light.

Features of LED Mirrors

Read below for some of the amazing features of our bespoke LED mirrors.


Some LED mirrors have a dimmable option, which can add to the relaxing feel of your bathroom. This feature also gives you more control over the energy consumption and the harshness of the light when you don’t wish for your LEDs to be shining too intensely at you.

Colour Adjustable

Many of the LED bathroom mirrors that we stock have colour adjuster abilities, meaning the temperature of the white lights can be altered between natural, warm or cool depending on your preference and what you are using the lighting for at a particular time.

Make your bathroom more relaxing and comfortable in the evenings with the warm-toned setting, and when you need to apply makeup or do your hair, a natural or cool white colour setting will be the one you should go for.

Different Shapes and Sizes

We understand that every bathroom is different, including the vibe and the space available to you. This is why we supply a range of different-shaped LED mirrors, including rectangle, oval or round LED bathroom mirrors in different sizes. You can pick the perfect LED mirror for your area, whatever shape or size you need and whichever one will suit your bathroom and decor the most.

Energy Efficient

The great thing about LED bulbs in your bathroom mirror is that LED bulbs are the most energy-efficient bulbs around. When it comes to electricity, LED bulbs will use the littlest amount while giving you the brightest light. You will not have to worry about replacing your LED mirror bulbs for many years to come, plus they won’t cost you a fortune on your energy bills.

Long Lasting and High-Quality

Generally speaking, the LED bulbs used on your LED bathroom mirrors are of the highest quality, and they are meant to last. Mirrors that are fitted with LED bulbs are meant to last up to a staggering 50,000 hours. This is 42 times longer than a traditional light bulb.

Bluetooth Speakers

Some of our LED mirrors are complete with dual-channel Bluetooth speakers so that you can stream music from your phone to lift your mood as you are getting ready or unwind and set a calming atmosphere as you relax in the bath or as you get ready for bed.

Steam Free

Tired of wiping steam off your mirrors? If so, you’ll need LED bathroom mirrors with demister like the ones we have at Simple Lghitng! Ensure your mirror is always fog-free from your shower or bath steam so you can continue to see yourself in the mirror and get ready - the ultimate time saver.

Without a demister within your bathroom mirror, you are constantly finding yourself waiting for the steam to disappear or having to wipe the steam away, meaning you will have to clean the smears away later on.

With LED mirrors, you will be equipped with a demister, preventing the build-up of steam and condensation. You do not have to worry about steam; you can continue to get ready straight after your shower, seeing yourself in the mirror immediately after.

The demister works by warming up the LED bathroom mirror to just above the temperature of the room, which will result in the mirror never steaming up.

IP44 Rated

The IP44 rating means that the LEDs that are built into our mirrors are suitable for use in the bathroom.

Choose Battery Powered or Electricity

The LED mirrors do require electrical power from the mains. Although you can choose between an option of battery-powered or a connection to the mains for your preferences.

Why Choose from Simple Lighting’s LED Bathroom Mirror Range

Choose LED bathroom mirrors with Simple Lighting - we stock a range of different mirrors with different styles and designs of LED lighting built in to suit everyone's tastes and styles.

At Simple Lighting, we are the UK’s leading LED lighting provider. Whatever lighting products you are after, we are sure you will find a product suitable within our extensive collection. In addition to bathroom downlights, enhance the area further with stunning new illuminated bathroom mirrors.

LED mirrors are a simple yet effective approach to adding style and sophistication to your bathroom in a really affordable way. We have LED mirrors to match every budget, and we won’t be beaten on quality. Not only that, our LED bathroom mirrors come with up to a 5-year warranty, so you can rest assured that you are investing in a quality guarantee.

If you are after bathroom lighting products or any other type of lighting solution for your home or commercial premise, be sure to check out the rest of our lighting options that can be found on our website, including our LED spotlights and our large range of Indoor Lighting options.

If you have any questions, contact Simple Lighting today. Our team will be more than happy to help you and give you advice.

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  1. 60x80cm IP44 Colour Adjustable LED Bathroom Mirror With Defogger
    60x80cm IP44 Colour Adjustable LED Bathroom Mirror With Defogger
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  2. 60x80cm IP44 Colour Adjustable LED Mirror With Defogger
    60x80cm IP44 Colour Adjustable LED Mirror With Defogger
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  3. Serenity 60x80cm IP44 Colour Adjustable LED Mirror With Defogger
    Serenity 60x80cm IP44 Colour Adjustable LED Mirror With Defogger
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  4. Ivy Two Sided Hanging Bathroom Mirror, Matt Black, Adjustable Height
    Ivy Two Sided Hanging Bathroom Mirror, Matt Black, Adjustable Height
    £190.82 £228.99 Was £242.99 Save £14.00
  5. Full shot of a bathroom mirror with LED strips on the left and right edge
    LED Mirror With Tunable Colour, Bluetooth Speaker & Demister
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  6. 60x80cm IP44 Colour Adjustable LED Mirror With Defogger
    60x80cm IP44 Colour Adjustable LED Mirror With Defogger
    £49.99 £59.99 Was £149.99 Save £90.00
    Out of stock
  7. Glimmer Pro, Dimmable LED Bathroom Mirror With Shaver Socket
    Glimmer Pro, Dimmable LED Bathroom Mirror With Shaver Socket
    £220.82 £264.99 Was £326.21 Save £61.22
  8. Full shot of a bathroom mirror with a diffused LED light around its edge
    LED Mirror, Colour Adjustable With Demister
    £208.32 £249.99
  9. Dawn LED Bathroom Mirror, Round, Black Trim
    Dawn LED Bathroom Mirror, Round, Black Trim
    £294.66 £353.59 Was £375.00 Save £21.41
  10. Aspect 600mm LED Bathroom Mirror, Matt Black With Demister Pad
    Aspect 600mm LED Bathroom Mirror, Matt Black With Demister Pad
    £129.16 £154.99 Was £169.99 Save £15.00
  11. Harbour 800x500mm LED Bathroom Mirror, Black, With Shelf
    Harbour 800x500mm LED Bathroom Mirror, Black, With Shelf
    £268.00 £321.60 Was £340.17 Save £18.57
  12. Element LED Bathroom Mirror, Black, With Shelf and QI Wireless Charger
    Element LED Bathroom Mirror, Black, With Shelf and QI Wireless Charger, 800x600mm
    £341.66 £409.99 Was £503.99 Save £94.00
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What Are the Benefits of Having an LED Mirror In a Bathroom?

Having a regular or large LED bathroom mirror has many benefits beyond just improving the aesthetics of your home. Here are some reasons that might convince you to get one!

  • Energy-saving – Since they're powered with LED technology, LED bathroom mirrors consume 90% less energy than a regular light bulb. Because of this, even if you use your LED mirrors every day, they won't jack up your electricity bill! Also, since most LED mirrors are stunningly brilliant, you can use them independently (if you're only using your vanity or sink area) without switching on your general lights!
  • Visually Appealing – One look, and you know that LED mirrors are breathtaking. If you add it to your room, it can elevate the room’s visuals and incorporate a modern vibe. Aside from that, when you switch on the LED light, it adds another layer of illumination, making your bathroom's lighting design more dynamic.
  • Affordable – While they are indeed more expensive than regular mirrors, there are LED bathroom mirrors that can fit your budget. You just need to do intensive research and check different deals where you can save. Yes, this may take some time, but once you have this mirror in your bathroom, all your hard work will pay off!
  • Anti-Fog Feature – LED bathroom mirrors with demister pad allow you to enjoy a fogless mirror even if you take hot showers. Now, whenever you step out, you don't need to wipe your mirrors to check your reflection!
  • Extra Storage – Although not all LED mirrors come with extra storage, there are models that do. Some would only have a shelf. However, you can find LED mirrors with a cabinet where you can store toiletries and other necessities. So, if you're looking for a space-saving solution for your bathroom, LED mirrors may be your answer!

Do You Need a Power Outlet for an LED Mirror?

Most definitely, you'll need electricity to power the LED lights of your bathroom mirror. However, depending on the model you have, the method of powering it can vary. Some LED bathroom mirrors require direct wiring to the mains circuit. For this, hiring an electrician is best to ensure your mirror is wired correctly. Once installed, you can switch your LED mirrors on/off through its built-in switch on either the side or the mirror itself.

Alternatively, some LED mirrors have a plug that you can connect to an outlet. This is more straightforward to install. However, there should be an outlet near your mirror, and you'll have to hide the cable to create a clean look.

Is Having an LED Mirror Worth It?

Because of the price of bathroom mirrors with lights (although, as mentioned earlier, there are cheaper models), many will step back and wonder if it's worth the purchase. Well, good investments often come with a price. However, once you experience the many benefits it can bring to your life, you know you spent your money well! This concept is also the same with LED bathroom mirrors.

Yes, you'll have to spend more to get the best version available in the market. However, buying LED mirrors is a worthwhile investment. As long as you purchase it from a trusted seller or manufacturing company, you can expect your illuminated mirrors to last for years (about 30,000 hours)! Furthermore, it can make your everyday routine easier by providing sufficient illumination. With this, you can shave or do your makeup and skincare comfortably!

Since LED mirrors are not typically found in every establishment or residential property, having them in yours can increase your estate’s value. It’s a distinct feature that can set your home apart and give it more edge in the market.

Do You Need a Plug for LED Mirror?

Depending on the power requirement of your LED bathroom mirrors, the manner in which you supply them may differ. As mentioned earlier, while many LED mirrors need an outlet wherein you can plug the mirror, some require hardwiring to the mains circuit.

For people living in rentals, it's better to use LED mirrors with a plug. You don't need to do any complicated wiring and punch many holes in your walls. When it's time to leave, you can quickly dismount the illuminated bathroom mirrors and pack them up for your next home!

On the flip side, if you own the property, nothing stops you from changing the house's structure and wiring system. You can hardwire LED bathroom mirrors to create a more built-in and sleeker look! The only thing that you'll have to consider if you choose a hardwired version is that you'll require an electrician if you have zero experience installing fixtures. Still, hardwired LED mirrors have their merits, so list your requirements to find the most suitable LED mirror!

What Are the Best Bathroom LED Mirrors?

There are many types of LED mirrors you'll find online and in-store. They vary in shape, size, LED colours, and unique features. Among them, you'll find LED mirrors that are colour temperature adjustable, which is perfect as it can help customise the atmosphere of the room. You can use cool white and natural white for task lighting, while warm white light can be utilised for ambient lighting.

If you're always in a rush and need your phone most of the time, you'll benefit from LED bathroom mirrors with a built-in QI charger! Just place your phone on top so it will charge while you take a bath. It saves you the time you'll spend looking for a charger, and it's tidier since you don't need to pack away the charger once you’re done!

Want something more practical but unusual? If so, a two-way round LED bathroom mirror is perfect for you! This type has a back-to-back mirror and LED light, which you can hang in the middle of two back-to-back sinks. This will give the area a unique but functional layout, perfect for a family with many kids!

Is LED Lighting Good for Bathrooms? 

LED bathroom mirrors and other LED products are considered one of the best among all the available lighting solutions. They are energy-efficient, long-lasting, eco-friendly and low maintenance. Also, you have more choices, enabling you to get the right bulb for your needs!

For bathroom lighting, LED products are some of the best lighting you can add to the room. LED bulbs can produce significant illumination while only consuming minimal power! Also, bathroom-prescribed LED lights come with a suitable IP rating to allow them to survive against jets and splashes of water. This factor is crucial because you don't want your lights short-circuiting while you take a bath!

LED bathroom mirrors and fixtures are designed sturdily. They are robust and won't break, so you can continue to enjoy them for a long time. Furthermore, they come in different styles, finishes, and colour temperatures, enabling you to light the area according to your design theme.

What to Look for In an LED Mirror?

While appearance is necessary, there are some features of LED mirrors that yours must have. This will ensure you'll get the best experience and allow you to utilise the mirror to its total capacity!

  • Demister Pad – Look for LED bathroom mirrors with demister pad. The demister pad is responsible for keeping your mirror fog-free, so if it's absent, you're back to square one with wiping your mirror whenever you shower.
  • Copper-Free Coating –  A low-quality bathroom mirror corrodes over time. The reason behind this is the inferior reflective coating of the mirror. So, when purchasing LED bathroom mirrors, ensure that it has a copper-free coating so their reflective property will remain pristine even after a long time.
  • Glass Touch Sensor or Integrated Light Switch – Although some LED mirrors can be wired directly to the mains and controlled using a light switch, you may prefer having a glass touch sensor or an integrated switch for ease of control. A glass touch sensor should be located at the bottom of the mirror to ensure no fingerprints are smacked in the middle. Alternatively, an integrated switch on the side of the base is suitable for people who don't want to have their prints on the surface of the mirror.
  • Lighting Options – This technical aspect is not a necessity, but if you want more variation, an LED bathroom light that's colour-tuneable will align with your requirements. With this feature, your LED bathroom mirrors will be able to transition from cool white, natural white and warm white light. 

Where to Use an LED Mirror?

LED mirrors are not only ideal for bathroom applications! While it's often seen in that setting, you can incorporate it in various parts of your home. Some put their illuminated bathroom mirror in their bedrooms or walk-in closets, while others utilise them for commercial purposes like in salons, hotel rooms and dressing rooms.

Also, some designers even match illuminated bathroom mirrors with kitchen taps, kitchen sinks, shower doors and other elements of the room to create a cohesive and balanced look. LED bathroom mirrors are functional and stylish pieces that you can integrate anywhere to scale up and modernise the area! 

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