LED Bathroom Mirrors

Choosing new features for your bathroom is exciting and can be a lot of fun. However, there are so many options that it can be overwhelming too. When it comes to a feature that makes a massive difference to your bathroom and everyday life, then an LED mirror is the way to go.

LED bathroom mirrors are a sleek and elegant touch to any bathroom. There is an increase in LED mirrors being used when it comes to bathroom design and with good reason. LED mirrors provide a clear vision, which is incredibly similar to the one we would typically get when we use a mirror and natural light.

LED bathroom mirrors are ideal when it comes to energy efficiency too, which makes the ideal option when it comes to your bathroom.

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What is an LED Bathroom Mirror?

LEDs are short for light-emitting diodes. LEDs work like any other bulb, they light up when electricity passes through them. LED mirrors are equipped with LED bulbs which give the mirror it’s stunning lighting. They come in many different shapes and styles, which is why they are the perfect touch for any bathroom.

People generally use the bathroom to do their makeup, final touches, have a shave, style your hair or skincare. Which means a good mirror is an essential thing in the bathroom. Unlike typical bathroom lighting, an LED bathroom mirror provides a white light, which is the closest to natural light.

There are some LED bathroom mirrors that come with the option of dimming or changing colours, which adds an extra function to make your bathroom even more relaxing.

Why an LED Bathroom Mirror?

While LED lighting is currently a hot trend, there are more reasons to use an LED mirror. One of the most noticeable differences is that LEDs are the most efficient bulbs you can use when it comes to electricity. LED bathroom mirrors are also 300% more efficient than the other fluorescent bulb options.

LED mirrors also have a much higher quality than typical lighting and the durability of other mirrors.

The glass used for LED mirrors tends to be higher-quality than other mirrors in most cases too, as it is built for higher durability.

LEDs are significantly cheaper to produce than standard fluorescent lights, and the price benefits are passed on to consumers.

When it comes to LED bathroom mirrors something that is very appealing to many is that an LED lifespan is somewhere in the region of 50,000 hours. Which is a massive 42 times longer than a typical bulb. With all of that extra usage, you might be surprised to know that over the entire lifespan, it costs ⅙ of the costs of a standard bulb.

And finally, when it comes to LED bathroom mirrors, they are stunning.

Will my LED Bathroom mirror steam up?

Typical mirrors will usually all have the same issue. When it comes to steam, you find yourself wiping the mirror or waiting for it to return to normal. This leaves smears - which you then need to clean.

LED bathroom mirrors have a huge bonus of a demister.

A demister pad is a small device that is able to warm a section of your mirror to prevent the build-up of steam and condensation. This means that an LED bathroom mirror with a demister, will be streak-free, and ready to use as soon as you need it. The demister pad will warm the mirror to just above the temperature of the room, which means you won’t ever see it mist up.

The pads vary in size depending on the style of mirror you have chosen. Some will cover the entire of the mirror, others will just be a portion, but all will leave enough space for you to be able to see what you are doing immediately.

Does a LED Bathroom Mirror require electricity?

A common question is if LED bathroom mirrors use electricity, and the answer is yes they do. There are options when it comes to LED mirrors, some run on batteries, and others run when wired into the mains. Either way, electricity is a must for LED mirrors.


An LED bathroom mirror is a feature all on its own. However, as mentioned above, some do come with a tunable colour (cool white, warm white and natural white) which can really set the ideal tone for relaxing in the bathroom. However, if you are ready to take it one step further, then an LED bathroom mirror with a Bluetooth speaker is the ideal investment.

You can get ready for the day with your favourite music playing, using a streak-free LED mirror that provides bright natural light, and be happy knowing that they are energy efficient too.

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