LED Bathroom Mirrors

In addition to your bathroom downlights enhance your bathroom lighting further with a stunning new LED bathroom mirror.

In recent years, LED bathroom mirrors have increased in popularity, thanks to the convenience they bring to your everyday. Just some reasons to choose an LED bathroom mirror are:

  • They bring a sleek and elegant touch to your bathroom
  • Provide a clear view thanks to the lighting surround
  • Energy-efficient

Why choose an LED bathroom mirror?

People generally use their bathroom to do their makeup, have a shave, style their hair, perform their skincare routine, or just add final touches to their appearance before they go about their day - all of these activities require a good mirror, which makes it a must in the bathroom. After all, you need to see what you are doing on your face, don't you think? 

Unlike typical bathroom lighting, LED bathroom mirrors provide a white light, which is the closest you can get to natural light.

If this is not enough for you, there are some lighted mirrors that come with the option of dimming or changing colours, which adds an extra function to make your bathroom even more relaxing. What's more, the mirrors come in various shapes and sizes - this means that you can easily choose a stunning LED bathroom mirror that will suit your decor the most.

Indoor lighting is currently a hot trend, there are more reasons to use a led bathroom mirror. Commonly, when paired with IP44 under cabinet lighting you can really add a wow factor to your home.

One of the most significant ones is that the LEDs are the most efficient bulbs you can use when it comes to electricity. Mirrors that are equipped with them are almost 300% more efficient than the fluorescent bulb options.

LED mirrors also are of a much higher quality than typical lighting, and they last longer. Additionally, the glass used in their production tends to be of better quality than standard mirrors, as it is built for higher durability.

LEDs are significantly cheaper to produce than standard fluorescent lights, and the price benefits are passed on to the consumers.

When it comes to mirrors lighted with LED bulbs, something that is very appealing to buyers is that its lifespan is somewhere in the region of 50,000 hours - which is a massive 42 times longer than a typical bulb. With all of that extra usage, you might be surprised to know that over the entire lifespan, it costs as little as ⅙ of the costs of a standard bulb.

LED bathroom mirror features

LED bathroom mirrors have a multitude of features available to enhance your bathroom and make your morning routine easier. Here are just a few of the main features available:

  • Changeable colour (cool white, warm white and natural white)
  • Integrated Bluetooth speaker
  • Demister pads for streak free mirror

Will my LED bathroom mirror steam up?

LED bathroom mirrors from Simple Lighting will not steam up. With standard mirrors in the bathroom, steam will always be an issue. Not only is it annoying due to the fact that you need to wait for it to disappear, or wipe it down, but it also creates smears that you need to clean later on.

However, with LED bathroom mirrors this isn't a problem, as they are equipped with a demister - a small device that warms up a small part of it to prevent the build-up of steam and condensation. This means that a mirror with a demister will be streak-free, and ready to use at any time, even right after a hot shower. The demister pad will warm the mirror to just above the temperature of the room, which means you won't ever see it mist up.

The pads vary in size depending on the style of your chosen mirror. Some will cover the entire surface, others just a portion, but all of them will leave enough space for you to be able to see what you are doing.

Does an LED bathroom mirror need electricity?

Yes, LED bathroom mirrors do require electricity. However, you can choose from battery powered or a connection into the mains.

Interested in finding out more?

A mirror with lights installed in it is a great way of adding character to an otherwise simple bathroom. However, with so many available, it can be pretty hard to make a decision. If you have any questions about any of our products, contact Simple Lighting today. Our team of lighting experts will be more than happy to help.

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