Under Cabinet Lighting Parts & Accessories: Parts, Clips, Connectors, And More

We stock a wide range of under cabinet lighting accessories, which includes products such as: 

It is important to note that LED lighting requires high-quality LED drivers and other under cabinet lighting parts for it to run successfully for its full typical lifeline. Please view our product selection below, and remember that if you have any queries at all, our team is happy to help.

How to Achieve Optimal Performance in Under Cabinet Lighting?

To ensure that your under cabinet lighting performs optimally, pair it with high-quality under cabinet lighting accessories! What exactly are these devices?

LED Dimmers

When under-cabin lighting is coupled with an LED dimmer, it makes the fitting more energy-efficient and long-lasting. Since the cabinet lights are not working at full capacity all the time, their energy consumption is reduced and their lifespan increases. 

There are times when you don’t need your under cabinet lighting to be 100% bright. So, to take advantage of those moments, you can use LED dimmers to reduce the brightness and improve the cost-effectiveness of your fixtures!

Besides additional energy savings and a longer lifespan, LED dimmers can also enhance the atmosphere of your space. You can dim your under cabinet lights when you’re socialising by the kitchen island and brighten them when you’re busy doing meal preps and clean-ups!

LED Sensors

Aside from dimmed switches, another under cabinet lighting accessory that you should consider adding to your lighting system is LED sensors. How is a sensor relevant to an indoor setting like the kitchen?

Say you’re juggling between cutting vegetables, mixing batter, washing fruits, and seasoning dishes. Naturally, doing all those tasks will get your hands dirty.

What if you suddenly need light but you cannot be bothered to wash your hands? For those moments, you can take advantage of the LED sensors for your cabinet lights! Just swipe your hand below the lights, even if they’re dirty, and your fixtures will switch on. In another scenario, you can utilise the sensor when your hands are wet when you’re cleaning your space!

Extension Cable

Different spaces will have varying dimensions. Because of this, there are times when the cables of your under cabinet lights cannot reach the power supply of areas where you intend to install them. For these cases, our extension cable is an excellent help! 

Our extension cables are plug-and-play. You don’t need to do complicated electrical techniques to connect them to your lights! Our roster currently carries a 2-metre and 5-metre extension cable, providing you with a bit of an option so you can select which caters to your needs better.

LED Power Supply

Many LED under cabinet lighting are low-voltage, so they need a power supply to convert AC to DC. Our collection of power supplies can accommodate your various lighting requirements and provide you with the most suitable under cabinet lighting accessory for your system. 

It’s crucial to use a power supply or LED driver with low-voltage LED under cabinet lights to guarantee that they will function correctly and live through their long lifespan!

Choosing Under Cabinet Lighting Accessories

When choosing an under cabinet lighting accessory, you have to determine what the purpose will be. Are you using it to make the operation of your lights more manageable? Will you use it to improve the installation process? Each accessory has a specific purpose, so choose the one that caters to your requirements.

Also, the most important thing is to only purchase from trusted suppliers like us, Simple Lighting! We are confident with the products that we’re putting out, and we’re partners with trusted manufacturers to ensure that our customers get to enjoy high-quality products. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call or email us!


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  1. 15w LED driver with 6 ports
    15w 12Vdc LED Power Converter With 6 Way Distributor
    £12.46 £14.95 Was £17.99 Save £3.04
  2. White extensions cable for LED cabinet lights
    2m or 5m Extension Cable For LED Cabinet Lights & LED Tape
    £2.50 £3.00 Was £4.99 Save £1.99
  3. Sideview of an 8W LED driver
    8 Watt LED Driver/Transformer With 6 Way Distributor
    £8.32 £9.99 Was £11.99 Save £2.00
  4. Side shot of a short distance IR sensor
    Infrared Hand Movement Sensor Switch
    £13.04 £15.65 Was £29.95 Save £14.30 As low as £12.99
  5. Full shot 20W LED driver with 6 ports
    20w 12Vdc LED Power Converter With 6 Way Distributor
    £13.29 £15.95 Was £19.99 Save £4.04
  6. Under cabinet light link lead
    Under Cabinet Link Light Lead 500mm
    £1.66 £1.99
  7. 30W LED power supply with 6 ports
    30w 12Vdc LED Power Converter With 6 Way Distributor
    £20.82 £24.99 Was £29.99 Save £5.00 As low as £21.60
  8. 30w led driver, dimmable by SImple Lighting
    Dimmable 30w LED Driver, 12v or 24v DC
    £15.42 £18.50 Was £34.95 Save £16.45
  9. Double door led sensor switch
    Double Door Infra Red Door Sensor, 12-24v DC
    £16.66 £19.99 Was £34.95 Save £14.96
  10. 30w, 24v led driver
    24v Slimline 30 Watt LED Driver
    £16.66 £19.99 Was £29.95 Save £9.96
  11. Close-up of a 5W LED power supply
    50 Watt LED Driver / Transformer With 6 Way Distributor
    £24.99 £29.99 Was £34.95 Save £4.96
  12. 15W LED Power supply
    15w Smart Home Dimmable LED Driver
    £24.99 £29.99 Was £49.99 Save £20.00 As low as £25.99
  13. Full shot of an LED driver distributor
    6 Way distribution block
    £2.49 £2.99 Was £5.99 Save £3.00 As low as £2.25
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