Link Light Cable Connector and More

At Simple Lighting, we have extension cables and connectors for your LED under cabinet lighting and LED tape that will grant you more flexibility in terms of positioning and installing your fixtures! With these LED light cable connectors, you don’t need to worry too much about whether or not your fixtures will reach a power supply or if you’ll be able to do the application you intended!

Our cables and connectors include extension cables, link light cables, and distribution blocks!

Easy Install Link Light Cable

Installing the link light cable is pretty straightforward. It’s basically a plug-and-play system, making extending your cables easy and quick! You can DIY it, but if you’re not confident, it’s better to have a professional do it for you.

The extension cables and link light cables on our roster come in different length options. The link light cables are available in 500mm and 1000mm while the extension cables come in 2 metres and 5 metres. With this, you can freely choose which suits your application best and ensure that you’re only getting what you need!

Enhance Your Under Cabinet Lighting Using Light Cable Connector

There are times when you want to install your lights in a specific spot but are not able to because there’s no nearby power supply to make them work. That’s where LED light cable connectors come in. With an extension cable, you’ll be able to achieve the look you want in your room and elevate its aesthetics as you’re able to position them in the right area.

In addition, under cabinet cable connectors will allow you to daisy chain your lights together instead of wiring each fixture back to the mains circuit every time!

You can only use our 2-metre or 5-metre extension cable with a single-coloured LED under cabinet light or LED tape. Ensure that you have the correct fittings to guarantee that your lighting system will work. As for our link light cable, you can use it with our linkable LED under cabinet light!

Do you need special wiring for LED lights?

Some lighting systems need to be retrofitted to an LED-compatible system if they’re transitioning from traditional fixtures. Because of this, there are people who wonder whether there’s special wiring required for LED lights.

LED lighting can be paired with wiring that is commonly used in houses. Many LED lights have a built-in transformer, allowing you to connect them to the mains power or plug them into a standard electrical outlet. 

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  1. White extensions cable for LED cabinet lights
    2m or 5m Extension Cable For LED Cabinet Lights & LED Tape
    £2.50 £3.00 Was £4.99 Save £1.99
  2. Under cabinet light link lead
    Under Cabinet Link Light Lead 500mm
    £1.66 £1.99
  3. Full shot of an LED driver distributor
    6 Way distribution block
    £2.49 £2.99 Was £5.99 Save £3.00 As low as £2.25
  4. 10m Long Red/Black Cable, AWG20.
    10m Long Red/Black Cable, AWG20.
    £9.16 £10.99
  5. 10m Long CCT Cable - 3 Core AWG 20
    10m Long CCT Cable - 3 Core AWG 20
    £12.49 £14.99
  6. 10m Long RGB Cable - 4 Core AWG 20
    10m Long RGB Cable - 4 Core AWG 20
    £16.66 £19.99
  7. 10m Long RGBW Cable - 5 Core AWG 20
    10m Long RGBW Cable - 5 Core AWG 20
    £20.82 £24.99
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