Indoor LED Lighting: Upgrade Your Spaces With Energy-Efficient Lights

Whether you are planning indoor lighting for a residential or commercial property, you are certain to find everything you may need here at Simple Lighting. We offer a large and varied selection of the highest quality indoor house lights and under cabinet lighting to help spruce up your home - including our best-selling range of under-counter lighting and plinth lights.

We stock indoor LED lighting and accessories suitable for your home, office, retail store, warehouse and more. Regardless of the environment, if you are looking to lighten up the size of the project or even your design preferences, we can assist in illuminating your interior.

Key Features of Energy-Efficient Indoor LED Lighting

Indoor lighting is exactly how it sounds, as it is lighting that is used to brighten an interior space. There are four types of indoor lighting options available: task lighting, accent lighting, and decorative lighting.

Why Should You Choose Indoor LED Lights?

LED lighting has quickly become one of the most popular lighting choices on the market - not just for your indoor lighting but for various lighting solutions as a whole. The reason indoor LED lighting has grown in popularity is due to its cost-effectiveness, impressive longevity and a boastful array of high-quality features. Below, you will find more benefits that come with choosing indoor LED lights for various rooms in your home. 

Energy Saving:

If you think about all of the energy used by regular fluorescent, incandescent or indoor halogen lights - you can divide it in half to get an estimated amount of energy used by an indoor LED wall light or under cabinet light. This makes this solution not only environmentally friendly but also extremely cost-efficient.

They also require far less energy to work optimally as most of it gets converted into light. These are especially beneficial if you choose them to light up places that require you to keep the lights on for a prolonged period.


Indoor LED lighting does not contain any mercury as it is not used during the manufacturing process. This makes them far safer than traditional bulbs. 


LEDs don’t burn out or fail like incandescent bulbs. This is attributed to their exceptional life expectancy. Opting for LEDs, you can expect them to last anywhere between 30-000-50-000 hours. Traditionally, you will start to see them little by little towards their end.

What’s more, we also suggest that when you are renovating your home - you should check out other products, such as adding a Pop-Up Plug Socket to your kitchen.

How To Choose The Right Indoor Lighting?

There are many things you have to consider when choosing the most suitable indoor LED lighting for your home or business, but one thing is certain - it must be LEDs. They are a stylish, energy-efficient and cost-effective option for your indoor lighting project.

Plus, they come in a wide variety of designs, colours, brightness and additional features, such as dimming functions. You can find LED indoor stair lighting that makes a dramatic and elegant addition to your space! There is no good reason why you shouldn't choose indoor LED lights over regular fluorescent, incandescent or halogen ones.

What you choose in the end will be dependent on many things, such as the environment, the purpose of the indoor lighting, the position, the type of installation and the desired atmosphere. So, you will have completely different needs when choosing lights for your bedroom than you would for your kitchen.

Below, we've listed some of the criteria to consider when purchasing indoor LED lighting: 

Colour Temperature:

The colour of your indoor LED lights can transform the whole look and feel of the room, as different colours are suited for specific environments and tasks. So, it's essential to choose the right one for your specific needs.

The colour temperature of any light bulb is measured in Kelvins. Choose from warm yellow-white, quite like what you are used to with incandescent bulbs, to more natural white or a cool, bluish-white.

If you want indoor lighting that provides a warm glow, then choose an LED bulb with around 2700-2900 Kelvins. An indoor LED lighting with this colour temperature is the perfect option for spaces with a lot of brown, wood, and warm tones of red and gold. This will also guarantee a soft and cosy atmosphere while helping you get into a more relaxed mood, so it is recommended as the perfect lighting for the bedroom.

An LED indoor spot light or indoor wall light with a measurement of 3500-4900 Kelvin will give you a cool, vibrant light, ideal for workspaces such as the kitchen or the bathroom. It also works well in rooms decorated with cool colours like blue and green. Additionally, this is a much better choice for task lighting. 


The brightness of indoor LED lighting can’t be measured by wattage because it requires so little electricity that the brightness isn’t affected by wattage. The brightness of LED lights is instead measured by lumens (lm). The higher the lumens, the brighter the bulb.

For comparison, LED indoor lights with around 800 lumens will have a similar brightness to a 60-watt incandescent bulb.

Shapes And Fixtures:

You can find indoor lights in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and fixtures. Each one will provide a slightly different light beam spread and angle, so you need to know what you're looking for.

You can choose from an almost 360-degree spread with globe-type bulbs or opt for more focused and direct lighting with downlights or spotlights. The LED light bulb shape you’ll use with your indoor LED lighting will depend on personal preference, the fitting, and the purpose of the fixture. 

The Cost Of Indoor LED Lights:

It is well known that LED indoor house lights are more expensive to buy initially than other lighting types. However, this initial outlay will soon pay off as you save money, as LEDs are more energy-efficient and more durable. LED bulbs last between four to fifteen years and can save up to 90% on your energy costs compared to traditional bulbs.

The initial cost of LED lighting is generally higher because their components, mostly circuit boards and drivers, are more expensive to manufacture; some also use phosphor, which is one of the rarest compounds in the world.

Why Choose Simple Lighting For Your Indoor LED Lights?

We know how important it is to choose the right indoor LED lighting for every project and space. We believe in providing you with a wide variety of lighting fixtures, different finishes, and several additional functions, so you have plenty of options to choose from.

All of our products are sourced from the top lighting brands to ensure indoor lighting of the highest quality that will enhance any space and serve its purpose. We also focus on pendant lights because of their durability, versatility, light quality and the savings they provide you.

If you want more information about indoor lighting, contact a friendly member of our lighting team today.

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    343mm, Linkable LED Ultraslim Under Cabinet Light Fitting - Natural White
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  11. Full shot 20W LED driver with 6 ports
    20w 12Vdc LED Power Converter With 6 Way Distributor
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    525mm, Linkable LED Ultraslim Under Cabinet Light Fitting - Warm White
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    640mm, Linkable LED Ultraslim Under Cabinet Light Fitting - Natural White
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  14. Under cabinet light link lead
    Under Cabinet Link Light Lead 500mm
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    343mm, Linkable LED Ultraslim Under Cabinet Light Fitting - Warm White
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