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E14 LED Light Bulbs: Features And Uses

LED light bulbs have become extremely prominent in the vast majority of households over the last few years - and for good reason. The E14 LED light bulb at Simple Lighting is one that we have put hours of thought into due to seeing the beautiful aesthetic and benefits we could pass on to our customers.

Thanks to our wonderful team, we now have a huge array of E14 dimmable LED light bulbs, E14 non-dimmable light bulbs and more at one’s disposal for you to be creative within your household. Wherever or however you want to present, this form of lighting will be available promptly.

Comparing the Brightness of E14 LED Light Bulbs to Traditional Incandescent Bulbs

An E14 LED light bulb can come in all different articulate shapes and sizes that can be placed all around your home. Not only that, but when you shop for these LED lights - they can be purchased in opposing colour temperatures.

Therefore, if you’re looking to create different ambiences around your property (indoor lighting or outdoor lighting), you have the capability to do what you like.

In terms of the technical details, this light bulb is almost a carbon copy of the favoured E27 bulb (Edison bulb) as they carry a screw-in base that everyone will be familiar with if you’ve had to change a light bulb every now and then.

On top of that, the ‘14’ in the title (E14 LED light bulb) of this sought-after light bulb refers to the 14-millimetre socket it carries, meaning that the fitting will always be the same - regardless of what design or colour temperature you decide to go with.

This will only require a small screw to fit the items you purchase from this range. - with this in mind, you won’t have to worry about a daunting job on your hands when fitting or fixing the desired bulb.

What Will an E14 LED Light Bulb Look Like?

Although we stated that this bulb can be bought in different categories, such as shape and size, the most infamous shape of these lamps are LED candle bulbs, E14. Knowing this, the classy design of this E14 LED light bulb can be placed in extremely luxurious lighting options such as chandeliers, LED candle bulb lighting in your outdoor lighting spaces and many more.

Or, if you’re going for a candlelight bulb with extra warm lights or very warm lights - these are best positioned within a lamp by the side of your bed or somewhere where you enjoy reading and or relaxing.

With the facilities of many opposing sizes, this versatility permits this form of lighting to fit almost anywhere. This is partly why it is one of the most favoured in the industry when you compare it to others.

For example, another placement for this E14 LED light bulb can be within your kitchen appliances. Whether this is your fridge or the inside of your oven, it can perform in all temperatures and fit into the neatest of positions - helping you to display principal components at any given time.

Although the candle LED light is the most admired shape in the industry, there are still different varieties of shapes that you can choose from that will have a multitude of functions within your selected location. 

Why Choose E14 LED Light Bulbs?

Firstly, with the E14 LED light bulbs, you will notice that many are E14 dimmable LED light bulbs - considering this, you will not have to worry about buying the same light in an opposing colour temperature. Not only will this save you money, but it will also keep your energy bills from skyrocketing.

Carrying on with the topic of energy, with the E14 LED light bulb being an LED alternative to the conventional filament or incandescent E14 bulb option - LED lights will not need heat to reach maximum brightness. Consequently, with this factor in place, your E14 LED bulbs will often last up to 50,000 hours compared to an unreliable run-of-the-mill alternative.

Moreover, as we previously mentioned briefly, these LED lights can perform extremely well in both hot and cold temperatures. Whereas, standard E14 bulbs may overheat in intense heat causing the performance of the light to drastically downgrade.

Not only is this a more environmentally friendly option due to it saving energy (you won’t have to change it as often) - in addition, it produces little to no UV emissions.

In essence, this means that your E14 LED light bulb will be able to carefully illuminate UV-sensitive items with no stress involved - as we know, traditional lighting can break down and degrade over periods of time.

E14 LED Light Bulbs at Simple Lighting

Here at Simple Lighting, our E14 LED bulb (cool white, natural white, warm white light LED colours, or colour-temperature adjustable) comes in a wide selection. Nonetheless, if you’re unsure of what you need, we encourage you to take a deep look at all of our products and decide what you think best fits the bill for your household.

Should you want to go with the favoured option among the wider community, this E14 LED light bulb will all come with small Edison screws - making your fitting process run as smoothly as possible.

Our LED Candle Bulbs come in a natural white, cool white and warm white lighting - depending on your preferences, you will make an informed decision to suit your desired ambience. Our natural white lighting model will make everything appear more nonchalant yet more like pure sunlight.

Additionally, our cool white option will reflect a brighter light compared to the natural option - as it will have more of a blue hint to it and a higher lumen output. Noticing the difference in lighting may help you in situations where you may need a wider spread of lighting for certain activities - therefore, it can come in extremely handy.

Next, our candle warm white E14 LED light bulb will be an excellent substitute for softer lighting in this category. With a beam angle of 200 degrees, this structure of lighting will last an average of up to 25,000 hours wherever it may be placed.

If you’re looking for a unique shape, however, our Golf Ball LED Bulbs - with 470 lumens- will lighten up areas such as your bedroom, dining room, or living room extremely productively. As they’re different in shape, they will be a great addition to your series of LED bulbs within your home.

For quick delivery, view your options below to see what items are available for you to pick from. Add to your home’s aesthetic today and receive your E14 LED light bulb within 3-5 working days!

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    2 Pack - 1.3w Pygmy / Fridge LED Bulbs - Warm White
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  3. Energizer LED Candle E14 (SES) 470lm 4.9W 3,000K (Warm White)
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    4.5w Smart LED Candle Bulb
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