E14 LED Bulbs

The E14 LED bulb is likely one of the most common bulbs in your home. You will recognise it as the bulb with the small screw socket. It is a smaller version of the very popular E27 (Edison) bulb, they both have a screw-in base that we are all familiar with.

The E14 LED bulb is referred to as an E14 because of the 14-millimetre socket. While the top shape can vary, the E14 light fitting will always be the same. 

What do E14 LED bulbs look like?

The E14 light bulb is most famous for being shaped like a candle. The candle shape also comes in a curled tip and a standard candle. They make for a great addition to chandeliers, or to add some interest to table lamps.

As well as the candle style bulb, you can purchase them in a typical bulb shape. They are also available in a range of different shapes, as well as clear, matte and more.

Switching to E14 LED bulbs

When you are switching from the traditional E14 light bulb to an E14 LED bulb, you need to keep in mind that the wattage is not the measurement you will use. Traditionally wattage was equal to the amount of visible light. When it comes to LED bulbs, you will be using lumen to guide you on brightness.

The switch from standard E14 to E14 LED bulbs is easy as the E14 light fitting stays the same so you can simply switch one for the other.

What is the difference between E14 and E14 LED bulbs

If you inspect a standard E14 light bulb and an E14 LED bulb, you cannot visually tell any difference. However, the differences that will come into play will be noticed in your energy bill. E14 LED bulbs use significantly less than standard E14 bulbs in terms of energy, and LEDs, in general, will last much longer than a standard bulb.

In fact, you are going to have between 4-15 years of use out of your E14 LED light bulbs, which is somewhere in the region of 10,000 to 40,000 hours of light.

Colour temperature

The led lighting choices in your home make a difference to how a room will feel. So you can tailor the look of your lighting when you opt to use a range of colour temperature bulbs.

When it comes to different colour temperatures, these are measured in Kelvin. When it comes to a warmer colour temperature, which has a more red tone, the LED light will have a lower Kelvin. Warmer lights will typically be used in spaces that you want to give a cosy feel to. In the evening when used in floor lamps they can provide brightness, but keep it feeling warm and calm too.

For spaces where you might typically expect more productive activities, you will likely use a cold light, which has a lot of blue in, this will have a higher Kelvin. These are often in the kitchen or in the office.

If you are looking to introduce some style and elegance into any room, a candle style E14 LED bulb is going to be your number one choice. An E14 LED bulb is going to save money, and last much longer than traditional E14 bulbs too.

As well as giving a lot of flexibility when it comes to the interior styling of a home. Ideal for reading lights, table lamps and stunning chandeliers.

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