LED Panel Light

Revolutionising your office lighting design is easy when you fit it with an LED panel light. These particular lights are incredibly popular with business owners, due to their stylish, sleek design and contemporary aesthetic. But the LED panel light provides much more than just style, they are also the most energy efficient way to illuminate large indoor areas such as open plan offices.

While panel lights have been in use for many years, LED technology has taken them to a whole new level. Modernise your business interiors with the innovative LED panel light and enjoy style, reduce your carbon footprint and save money.

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The LED Panel Light Explained

This type of lighting fixture has been specifically designed as a replacement of standard fluorescent ceiling lights. The LED panel light is typically made with a lightweight aluminium frame and back cover both of which act to prevent light leakage. This design of the fixture and the use of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) mean that all energy used is converted into light for maximum energy efficiency.

An LED panel light typically has a large surface area meaning that you can use one to light an entire area of an office or commercial space. For example, you may choose to install one panel over a conference table which will provide enough light for the full workspace. Or, if you choose our 600x600 LED panel, you can install a few and illuminate an entire room.

The LED panel light is extremely powerful with a brightness of 3600 lumens making them the first choice for business owners looking for high-level lighting and low energy usage.

Choosing the Right LED Panel Light

At Simple lighting, we provide a range of different LED panels for you to choose from, including 600x600 LED panels. With different colour options to choose from, you can create the perfect lighting design for the office atmosphere you want to create. Studies have shown that LED lighting can actually make your employees happier. The right lighting can lift mood, reduce eyestrain and improve productivity in your office.

Panel Size and Shapes

You can choose from a wide range of different designs. At Simple Lighting we stock a variety of shapes and sizes of LED panel lights. For instance, you can purchase a single 600x600 LED panel, and light a smaller area of an office such as a cubicle desk. Or purchase multiple 600x600 LED panels for various office areas.

Alternatively, a 1200x6000 LED panel is ideal to light a larger surface area with the same level of intensity.

As well as choosing from different sizes, you can also select various shapes for your lighting. Rectangular, square, oval and circular panels are all available to match your design and style choices.

The Benefits of LED Panel Lights

Fantastic energy savers

Business owners are naturally concerned about operational costs for their company. With an LED panel light, you’ll be able to start saving money immediately. Whether you choose the 600x600 LED panel or the 1200x6000 size, both use less energy than traditional fluorescent lights but with no compromise to light quality or performance.

Non-bulky fixtures

An LED panel light is a thin fixture which makes them ideal for shallow ceilings. They are extremely lightweight and can be installed easily which helps to reduce labour costs whether you’re updating the lighting in your office or installing panels in brand new construction.

Last longer

The lifespan of LEDs is considerably longer than all other standard bulbs. Install an LED panel light and you shouldn’t have to replace it for up to fifty thousand hours. You save money, not only in energy usage, but you’ll save in replacement costs and maintenance. You can enjoy top quality light from the same LED panel light for years!

Affordable quality lighting

At Simple Lighting, we aim to help you save in more ways than one. Whether you’re buying in bulk or just one 600x600 LED panel, you’ll find that our products are more than affordable. This makes them the ideal choice for smart business owners keen to keep spending under control.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality for the best price. We take great care in choosing only the best LED lighting solutions for all of our ranges, including LED panel lights. We want you to feel confident with your purchase which is why we also provide a warranty of up to five years. If you have any issues with your lights, we will replace them without any trouble at all.

Additional Features

Our high-powered lights come with some useful additional benefits to help you create the perfect lighting design for your office:

Colour Temperature: Depending on your personal preference and the desired ambience, you can choose a different colour temperature to fit. You can choose from cool, warm or natural white.

Dimming: You can select an LED panel light with a dimmable function and enjoy greater control of the lighting levels in your office. This also gives you another saving option as it allows you dim when there is more natural light entering the office environment.

Emergency LED Panel Light: Power outages do happen, and in an office building full of people, this can be a safety concern and a loss of productivity. With a 1200x600 LED light panel, you can have an emergency lighting source directly attached to it, meaning that should the power go out, your lights will be powered by a battery. Your office can continue to function, while the main problem is fixed.

Interested in learning more?

An LED panel light design could be the perfect choice for your business or office. If you’re not sure if you need a 600x600 LED panel with a dimming function, which colour temperature you need for your working environment, or if you’d like to discuss your options as a registered trader, then contact us today!

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