LED Panel Lighting

Revolutionising your office lighting design is easy with LED panel lighting. LED light panels are incredibly popular with business owners, due to their stylish, sleek design and contemporary aesthetic. They are also the most energy-efficient way to illuminate large indoor areas such as open-plan offices, classrooms and shop floors.

At Simple Lighting, we stock a wide range of LED panel lighting, to help you find the ideal light panels for your space. From LED flat panel lights, to round panel downlights, and more, we have everything you need to create the perfect lighting design for your commercial premises. Discover the power and superior illumination of LED light panels today!

LED panel Lighting explained

LED light panels are a style of light fitting often used in commercial premises, such as schools, offices, and hospitals. The LED panel is typically made with a lightweight aluminium frame and back cover, and fitted directly into the ceiling. This design of the fixture and the use of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) mean that all energy used is converted into light for maximum energy efficiency.

LED panel lighting is a popular alternative to standard fluorescent ceiling lights, providing an energy-efficient way to light large indoors spaces.

The benefits of LED panel lighting

LED Panel Lights are extremely popular with business owners and other commercial premises. Here are just a few of the benefits that LED panel lights provide:

  • High energy efficiency. LED lights, in general, are more energy-efficient than traditional light bulbs, as they do not waste energy by generating heat. All the energy is channelled directly into lighting your room, which will help to keep your overall business costs and energy bills down.
  • Instant, powerful illumination. Unlike other energy-efficient bulbs which take time to reach full illumination, LED light panels switch on at their full brightness. They typically shine at 3600 lumens, which makes them the first choice for business owners looking for high-level lighting at a reasonable price.
  • Long-lasting. LED light panels are low maintenance, and seldom need to be replaced. Their standard lifespan is years, rather than months, saving you both the upfront cost of purchasing replacements, and the labour costs of having somebody install them.
  • Space-saving. LED panel lights slip easily into most panelled ceilings, with minimal disruption to both your premises, and your staff. Rather than needing to drill all morning to install your new lighting, it can be as simple as lifting and replacing a panel. With their entirely flat design, they are also suitable for offices with low ceilings and take up next to no space.
  • Promotes employee wellbeing. Studies have shown that LED lighting can actually help your employees to feel happier at work. A brightly lit office can improve employees’ overall mood, reduce eye strain, and improve productivity in your office.
  • Affordable. At Simple Lighting, we pride ourselves on providing great quality lighting, at affordable prices, and with a range to suit every style and budget. We want you to feel confident with your purchase, which is why we also provide a warranty of up to five years. If you have any issues with your lights, we will replace them without any trouble at all.

Choosing LED light panels

With so many LED panel lighting options available, it can be tricky knowing where to start. Begin by considering the space you have, how many square feet you are looking to light, and what distribution of ceiling panels you would prefer. If you feel you’d like some expert advice at this stage, feel free to contact us, and one of our dedicated lighting experts will be in touch shortly.

Once you have a lighting plan in mind, it’s time to select your fittings.

LED panel sizes and shapes

At Simple Lighting, we stock a variety of shapes and sizes of LED panel lights. For instance, you can purchase a single 600x600 LED panel, and light a smaller area of an office, such as a cubicle desk. Or purchase multiple 600x600 LED panels for various office areas.

Alternatively, a 1200x6000 LED panel is ideal to light a larger surface space with the same level of intensity. Larger, rectangular LED light panels like this can be ideal to be placed above a conference table in a boardroom, creating an even distribution of light around a central point.

As well as choosing from different sizes, you can also select various shapes for your lighting. As well as standard square and rectangular panels, we also stock a selection of large, circular panels if this would be a better fit for the design of your premises. Providing just as much brightness and illumination as the square panel options, these circular panels have also proven very popular with our commercial lighting customers.

For a truly stylish, contemporary look, you may also like to try our borderline LED panel lights. These unique light panels feature LEDs only around the edge of the panel, for a sleek appearance that provides the same powerful illumination. Shop these innovative panel lights now, at Simple Lighting!

Depending on your personal preference and the desired ambience, you can also choose a different colour temperature to fit. You can choose from cool, warm, or natural white, depending on your space.

Dimmable LED panel lighting

You can select an LED panel with a dimmable function and enjoy greater control of the lighting levels in your office. This also gives you another energy-saving option, as it allows you to dim the LED light panels when there is more natural light entering your office, or other commercial setting. Keep total control of the ambience with dimmable LED panel lights, for a bright atmosphere when you need it, and more natural light when you don’t.

Panel lighting accessories

As well as the all-important LED panel light fittings, we also stock panel lighting accessories to help with installing, and powering your new office lighting set-up. Order our handy 600x600 surface mounting frame for simple installation, or an emergency pack which will provide your panel lights with three hours of power, in case of a failure. Don’t let yourself, your staff or customers be left in the dark!

Whatever you need, Simple Lighting are on-hand to help. If you're not sure which type of LED panel you prefer, how many you’ll need to light your space, or if you'd like to discuss your options as a registered trader, then contact us today!

If you’d like to visit the rest of our commercial lighting range, feel free to do so. We have a diverse range of light fittings and accessories, including batten lights, emergency lights, site lights, and more. Order now, and enjoy free UK delivery on all orders over £75.

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