LED Panel Lights: Upgrade Your Spaces With Energy-Efficient Lights

An LED panel light makes the perfect lighting for all commercial spaces. With an excellent product rating across all of our LED panel lights, you can rest assured that our products are some of the best in the industry.

Offering great illumination and brightness, LED panel lights are ideal for big commercial spaces, including offices and supermarkets. Because of our extensive range of sizes and the availability of a non-dimmable and dimmable LED panel light, they are ideal for a variety of spaces.

An LED panel light can provide businesses with superb lighting, giving customers and workers the best visibility possible. If you’re yet to take advantage of the benefits that LED panel lights offer, read on to find out more information about them and how they can open up your space.

Why are LED Panel Lights Beneficial for Grid Ceilings?

By installing LED panel lights, you’ll be able to open up your space and provide excellent brightness for both your staff and customers. Compared to regular incandescent lighting, LED light fixtures are incredibly eco-friendly, sustainable and energy-efficient.

Not only does an LED panel light use less electricity, but it also runs on low energy, ultimately meaning that you can provide great lighting at a low cost. LED light bulbs are free of toxic chemicals and last for an extensive period of time.

One of the main benefits of LED panel lighting is that it provides instant and powerful illumination right away. Unlike some traditional bulbs, panel lights don’t generate heat, and all the energy used to power them is channelled directly into lighting up your commercial space.

Because of their extensive lifespan, LED panel lights don’t require much maintenance or repair. Apart from saving you on your energy bills, panel lighting is also affordable - this is a win-win for businesses that are looking for light solutions on a low budget.

At Simple Lighting, we take pride in providing recessed and surface-mounted LED panel lights and other top-quality lighting products at reasonable prices. No matter your budget, we want our customers to experience our products, regardless of how much they have to spend.

How Many LED Panel Lights Do I Need?

If it’s your first time purchasing an LED light panel, it can seem daunting and confusing trying to work out which ones will suit your commercial space best. Unlike your regular LED ceiling lights or downlights, panel lights can easily be installed by following simple instructions.

Being one of the simplest structures to install, panel lights have become increasingly popular in recent years. At Simple Lighting, we provide loyal customers with a variety of different shapes and sizes of LED panel lights.

Regardless of how big or small your commercial space is, Simple Lighting has panel lights for all your needs. No matter the size or shape that you go for, you can rest assured that all our LED panel lights provide the same top-quality illumination.

Our team of lighting experts understands that people prefer an array of different shapes and sizes. This is why we’ve also designed, created and manufactured a rectangular and round LED panel light. Although our regular square panel lights are most commonly bought, circular panels have also proven very popular.

We’ve provided a selection of different options to choose from to make sure our customers can find what they need easily when they browse our website.

Can you Dim LED Panel Lights?

Just like you can dim LED bulbs, you can also dim selected LED panels. By having the choice to dim your LED panel lights, you’re in full control of how you style your lighting - with the added creativity that comes with having dimmable features, you’ll be able to have completely free rein on your panel lights.

If you didn’t think you could save even more energy by integrating an LED panel light into your commercial space, you’re wrong. By dimming your lighting, you’ll be saving even more energy, which equals lower electricity bills and benefits the planet.

When you compare home lighting structures to LED panel lights, you often think that the lighting you find in your living room or kitchen creates a more welcoming ambience, but by purchasing a dimmer switch, you can still achieve the same atmosphere in your commercial space.

Accessories for Panel Lights

As well as providing top-quality LED panel lights, Simple Lighting also provides the perfect panel lighting accessories. Our wide range of accessories helps with the installation process and powers your panel lights efficiently.

From mounting frames for a surface mounted LED panel light to emergency packs to convert your panel light into an emergency light, Simple Lighting provides all the accessories that you need. Mounting frames help with easy installation, and emergency packs provide your LED panel lights with an additional three hours of power in case of failure or electrical cutout.

Panel Lights at Simple Lighting

Having provided high-quality lighting products to domestic, trade, and wholesale customers for some time, Simple Lighting has no doubt that it has the right knowledge and experience when it comes to LED panel lights.

We put time and effort into researching and manufacturing the best products for our customers. With a range of LED panel lights available to purchase today, what are you waiting for?

Compared to your regular online lighting store, our company puts all efforts into making and supplying the best LED panel light and lighting products possible, especially when it comes to panel lights. We want homes and commercial spaces across the country to experience the benefits of our products.

Our products are reasonably priced and affordable, making them ideal for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on lighting. Rated five stars, our panel lights have excellent ratings - add your lighting products to your basket today and click to checkout.

With quick postage and delivery time, we provide the best services to those who choose to shop with us. To view our extensive range of white, non-dimmable and dimmable LED panel lights, browse our collection and see the variety of smart lighting models and tools available.

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    600x600mm LED Panel Light, TP(A) Cool or Natural White - 5 Year Warranty
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  2. 6w circular LED panel light
    6w Circular LED Panel 120mm Diameter, Warm, Natural & Cool White LED
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  3. 18w circular LED panel
    Circular LED Panel 18w, 225mm Diameter - Warm, Cool or Natural White LED
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  4. 24w LED panel light
    300mm Round LED Panel Light / Downlight
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  5. LED panel light emergency pack
    Emergency Pack for LED Panel Lights (Self Testing)
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  6. 12w LED panel light
    Round LED Panel Light, 12w, 170mm Diameter. Cool, Warm or Natural White
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  7. 15w LED panel light
    Round LED Panel 15w, Diameter 190mm, Cool, Warm or Natural White
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