LED Aluminium Profile

LED strip lights are a popular and widely used lighting solution in home and commercial properties. Whilst they look great and are functional, they can be prone to damage from other objects, people, or simple dust or water. This is where aluminium profiles come into play, you can have greater freedom to place your LED lighting wherever you please and protect them to ensure long-lasting strip lighting for your property.

What is an aluminium profile?

An aluminium profile is also known as an LED profile or LED extrusion. They act as channels, guides or protective housing for LED light strips. LED aluminium profile protects the strip right from the electrical source and all along the area of application. They allow you to add lighting to areas you wouldn’t normally think you could, giving you more creative freedom and design flexibility in your lighting projects.

The advantages of using an aluminium profile


Using an aluminium profile helps to protect the LED tape from many external factors such as heat, humidity, dirt, and water. The extrusions come with a display cover to provide extra protection for your LED lights while at the same time giving you a sleek finish.

Lighting effects

Depending on the LED aluminium profile you choose, you can create different lighting effects. For example, you can choose a clear extrusion surface for a more luminous light or go for a frosted surface for a softer glow. Whatever mood you wish to create in your interior, you can find the right LED profile to help you achieve your design goals.


When used correctly or left undamaged, LED bulbs have one of the longest lifespans of all modern lightbulbs. Using an LED profile helps ensure they fulfil their longevity by protecting them from external debris, knocks and bumps, or water and dust particles which may interfere with their performance.

Where can you use aluminium profiles?

There are too many applications to list them all, however commonly you might find aluminium profiles used for under cabinet lighting in the kitchen because they will diffuse the light, removing any glare plus they will keep the strips safe from dust, moisture and little fingers.

Choosing the right LED profile for your lighting project

When you have chosen the light strip you want to use, then you can begin to consider the type of aluminium profile to house the lighting strip. First of all, you should consider if you want diffused lighting or luminous lighting, as this will affect the type you need and how you are going to mount them.

Different styles and finishes

With our wide selection of LED profiles, choosing the right extrusion is easy. You can easily browse through a variety of styles, designs and finishes suitable for any lighting project. No matter where you wish to install your lights, whatever their function, or the effect you want to create we have aluminium profiles to suit.

You can choose from LED profiles with semi-transparent coverings, finishings in aluminium, chrome, frosted glass or white and select from a variety of lengths, shapes and depths. We also have products which can be installed as surface-mounted extrusions or recessed (built into the ceiling) for a more minimalist design. If you’re not sure what the best LED aluminium profile for your project is, you can always get in touch with our lighting team for advice.

Bendable or straight aluminium profile

You can find an LED profile which is just a straight length, or if you need more flexibility, then you can select from our range of bendable profiles. The bendable profiles are particularly useful when LEDs have to be installed along curved edges or structures such as pillars, rounded ceilings or oval shaped furniture. If you are installing lighting in more regular areas, then the straight aluminium profiles will do the trick.

Recessed vs surface mounted LED profile

You can choose an aluminium profile that can be mounted directly onto the chosen surface while others are recessed, which means they are built into the ceiling or wall. Surface-mounted ones are easier to install as they are attached using the self-adhesive tape. Recessed LED profiles require some modifications to the surface, for example, you may need to drill into the wall or ceiling to attach mounting clips for the casing.

Only extrusion vs integrated LEDs

You can choose to buy an integrated light which is pre-fitted with the LEDs or you can purchase the extrusion on its own and choose your own LED strips separately. It’s entirely up to you and dependent on your lighting needs.

Interested in learning more about LED profiles?

If you are looking for the best option to protect your LED strips and maximise your illumination, then feel free to contact us today to discuss your aluminium profile options. Our friendly team of lighting experts are ready to listen to your needs and help you select the right LED solution for your specific property and project.

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