LED Aluminium Profile: Light Up With Style and Protection

Enhance your home with the LED aluminium profile from Simple Lighting to create the ambience that you have always wanted. Add LEDs to many different areas of your home with an LED profile and give your home that impressive feel you will want to show off to guests when they visit.

Stylish, classy and sophisticated is the power that LEDs can provide to a room - amplifying your space and creating a specific mood or atmosphere that you desire. That is the power that lighting can have.

Whatever the colour of lights you desire, opt for warm white, bright white, or multicoloured for that fun mood lighting effect as well as achieving different brightnesses with it too. We have all the LED lighting solutions for you and your home.

Whether it is the LED aluminium profile you are after or another type of LED that you need, you can cleverly implement these lights in many ways and many spaces, both indoor rooms and outdoor spaces.

You can use them to highlight certain features or accentuate different rooms - you are sure to find an LED lighting solution with us at Simple Lighting.

Use your aluminium profile for LED strip lighting installations, housing your strip lights in locations such as in bathrooms underneath bathroom cabinets and cupboards.

Shop all of our LED profiles below, and don’t forget to take a look at the rest of our LED products that can be found on our website.

Advantages of LED Aluminum Profiles in Architectural Lighting

An LED aluminium profile is something that is designed to protect LED strip lights from mechanical damage. They are robust, either hollow or semi-hollow and act as channels, guiding and housing the LED strip lights in your home.

They are otherwise known as aluminium extrusion, LED profile or LED extrusion, all of which refer to the same product. The aluminium profiles will protect the LEDs without hiding the light emitting from the bulb. You will not be able to see the aluminium profile tubes.

Enhancing Lighting Installations With LED Aluminum Profiles

An aluminium LED strip light profile is great for adding lighting to your home in places you didn’t think were possible. This is due to the protective nature that the aluminium provides to the LED bulbs, giving them protection from humidity, moisture, water, dirt, and heat all while looking the part too. Below are some of the reasons for using an LED aluminium profile in your home.

Be Creative

You can be creative and have fun with your lighting projects and enhance the rooms in your home easily using an LED profile. Why not create a more luminous light or a muted and softer light for a low-light glow? Whatever you decide to create with your LED profiles, you can find the right LED profile to help you create a different outcome. 

Heat Protection

Protection from heat is important when a light source is close to wood or other flammable materials. Although LED bulbs do not generate as much heat as incandescent bulbs do, it is best practice to minimise the risk anyway. 

Solid Attachment

With an LED aluminium profile, you can permanently mount it to a surface that will stay in place until you decide to move it, unlike standard LED strips with adhesive backing, which are likely to weaken over time. 

Easy To Clean

As your LED bulbs will be covered, it makes for easy cleaning without the diodes getting dust on them or worrying about damaging them when you come to clean them, as they will be protected.

No Harsh Light

Naked LED bulbs, including LED strip profile lights, can be harsh on the eye without an aluminium profile. An aluminium LED strip light profile protects the bulbs whilst also making them less visible, helping minimise harsh lighting on the eyes. This is particularly useful when using LEDs around extremely reflective surfaces such as bathroom sinks, kitchen countertops, etc.

Extend the Life of LEDs

The added protection from the LED aluminium profile, can help extend the life of LED strips even more than they already last due to the protection against external debris, dust and other contributing factors that can negatively affect the lifespan of the LED bulbs. 

Why Choose LED Aluminium Profile With Simple Lighting

Choose Simple Lighting when getting your aluminium profile, and you will not regret it. We have an extensive amount of aluminium profiles for you to choose from that will house your LED strip 

Choose from diffused or luminous lighting and pick the type of aluminium profile accordingly. We have various diffusers, which give various softness to the light. With our wide range of LED profiles from Simple Lighting, you are sure to find the most suitable one for your project.

Different Varieties

We have every LED aluminium profile finish from aluminium, chrome and frosted glass as well as a variety of lengths, depths and shapes too. You can have a bendable or straight aluminium profile if you need your product to be flexible - perfect for curved edges on furniture, walls or ceilings.

Choose to have your aluminium profile surface mounted or built into a wall or ceiling. This is known as recessed. Recessed LED profiles may require some modifications to the surface, and you may need to drill into the wall or ceiling to attach mounting clips for the casing.

You have the convenience of having integrated LED lighting if you so wish. You can buy a pre-fitted LED aluminium profile, or you can choose to buy the LED strips separately, the choice is up to you.

Contact Simple Lighting today for all your aluminium LED strip light profile and lighting solutions needs. We can help you find your best option when it comes to aluminium profile or any other LED needs, for that matter.

Our products are of the highest quality, so why not maximise the illumination and appeal in your home with LED lighting today? Our team of LED experts are always here to help you and offer your support. Don’t forget to check out our extensive range of LED products on our website.

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  1. 2m, Shallow 7mm Surface Mounted LED Aluminium Profile
    2m, Shallow 7mm Surface Mounted LED Aluminium Profile
    £8.33 £10.00 Was £28.00 Save £18.00 As low as £9.00
  2. Close-up of an aluminium profile
    1m Long, Shallow 7mm Surface Mounted LED Aluminium Profile
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  3. 2m Long, Shallow 7mm Recessed LED Aluminium Profile
    2m Long, Shallow 7mm Recessed LED Aluminium Profile
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  4. 2m long angled led profile
    2m, Corner Aluminium LED Profile - Angled 45 Degree
    £8.33 £10.00 Was £12.00 Save £2.00
  5. 2m Long, Bendable Aluminium LED Profile
    2m Long, Bendable Aluminium LED Profile
    £8.33 £10.00 Was £19.20 Save £9.20
  6. close up of the front of a black LED profile
    2m Black Aluminium Profile, Recessed With Cover and End Caps
    £8.33 £10.00 Was £15.00 Save £5.00
  7. side close up of a black aluminium profile
    Black Aluminium Surface Mounted Profile, 2m Long With Cover & End Caps
    £8.33 £10.00 Was £29.99 Save £19.99
  8. 2m Long, Surface Mounted Aluminium LED Profile, 15mm Deep
    2m Long, Surface Mounted Aluminium LED Profile, 15mm Deep
    £8.33 £10.00 Was £16.00 Save £6.00
  9. 1m Long, Bendable Aluminium LED Profile
    1m Long, Bendable Aluminium LED Profile
    £4.58 £5.50 Was £9.60 Save £4.10
  10. Black led profile with end caps
    Surface Mounted Black Aluminium Profile
    £8.33 £10.00 Was £15.50 Save £5.50 As low as £9.00
  11. 2m Recessed Mounted Aluminium LED Profile (Extrusion)
    2m Recessed Mounted Aluminium LED Profile (Extrusion)
    £10.00 £12.00 Was £24.00 Save £12.00 As low as £10.80
  12. bendable aluminium profile
    Bendable LED Aluminium Profile Mounting Kit
    £8.33 £10.00 Was £15.00 Save £5.00
  13. 45 degree black led profile light
    Corner 48 Degree Black Aluminium Profile, 2m long
    £8.33 £10.00 Was £19.99 Save £9.99
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