Garden Spike LED Lights: Light up Your Garden And Surroundings

Simple Lighting has an excellent selection of garden spike lights for you to choose from. Garden spike LED lights are an extremely popular choice around the home because of the flexibility and freedom they give to your outdoor lighting plans.

Their easy installation means that they can be easily positioned and repositioned as many times as you like. Simply stick the spike into the ground and remove it for easy storage when you're done. Then, the next time you have a garden party or want to show off your rose beds, bring the garden spike lights back out and reinstall them.

What to Consider in Buying Garden Spike Lights?

Garden spike lights are part of our outdoor lights range and are a highly versatile and flexible lighting solution for outdoor spaces. They can be used to provide decoration, navigation, highlighting, or extra safety around your property.

Also, this lighting solution is highly popular in landscaping projects as it is the ideal way to illuminate garden features such as water fountains, flower beds, trees, and garden steps. Additionally, they can also be used as decorative border lighting along garden paths and driveways.

These lighting fixtures can also provide an added element of safety and security to your property. By lighting paths, you can reduce trip hazards, and the illumination also helps to deter any trespassers or would-be burglars.

Types of Garden Spike Lights

At Simple Lighting, we pride ourselves on offering only the best quality garden spike lights, outdoor lighting fixtures, bulbs, and accessories for your home and garden lighting projects. Our garden stake lights are available in a wide variety with different specifications, features, and finishes-- meaning that you’ll have no problem finding an option that fits perfectly with your garden lighting plan.

Here are the main things to consider when choosing garden lights:

Lamp bases

We have a selection of different lamp base options for LED spike lights that you can choose from. The most popular of these include the GU10 and E27. We recommend using LED bulbs for any lighting project due to their cost-effectiveness, energy savings and lifespan, but you can also use CFL or halogen lamps with these bases. You can also find garden spike light models with integrated LEDs.

Different finishes

At Simple Lighting, we know that a good-looking lighting fixture can further enhance your property’s aesthetics and design. Therefore, we provide garden spike lights with different finishes so that no matter what your exterior decor style, you’ll find something to suit.

Choose from single metal finishes such as aluminium, copper and stainless steel, which are available in simple, anodised, brushed and galvanised options and in combination with clear ABS plastic, frosted acrylic and clear glass, among others.


For greater control over your outdoor lighting, you can choose dimmable LED garden spike lights. This will allow you to adjust the light as the night gets darker or create a certain ambience or mood for your garden parties.

Pick your colour

Colour temperature can help create the perfect ambience in your garden and outdoor spaces. With each of our garden spike LED lights, you can select from a choice of dazzling cool white or soft, warm white LED bulbs.

The benefits of garden spike lights

There are many benefits to enhancing your lawn with garden spike lights. We’ve listed the main ones below.


Our garden spike lights all hold the IP44 or IP65 safety rating, meaning that they are certified safe for use outside and are protected against splashing water such as rain. So, no matter what the weather is like, you can safely use our garden spike lights without fear.

Convenient outdoor lighting

As well as being weatherproof, our LED spike lights are hassle-free. Their easy installation means there’s no need to hire electricians or labourers for fitting as opposed to more traditional LED flood lights. Once you receive your garden spike lights from Simple Lighting, you can have beautiful outdoor lighting in minutes. Simply spike the lights into the ground and enjoy the lighting they create.

Cost-effective lighting

Our LED garden spike lights are built to last, with a lifespan significantly longer than other traditional bulbs. This not only makes them the perfect solution for occasional or everyday use but also means you save money on replacements and maintenance.

Energy saving

LEDs are also the most energy-efficient light bulbs on the market, meaning you can illuminate your exteriors and garden areas all night long and throughout those winter months without running up huge energy bills.

Add safety

These LED spikes for garden lights will not only enhance the look of your property and surroundings but also increase security and safety. They reduce the danger of tripping along garden paths, illuminate dark corners, and reduce the risk of break-ins.

Choose Simple Lighting for your garden spike lights

If you are looking for functional, flexible and decorative garden spike lights to enhance your outdoor space with style and colour, then we can help. Our team of friendly lighting experts is on hand to help you choose the right style of garden spike lights to illuminate your garden, terrace, or patio areas. To order your garden spike lights or to discuss any of the other lighting fixtures and fittings supplied by Simple Lighting, contact us today!

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