High Bay LED Lights: Efficient Bright Spaces

Come to Simple Lighting if you need any LED high bay lights. We sell a wide range of all kinds of lights, so there are many high bay LED lighting for you to choose from. These lights are perfect for large indoor settings, including indoor commercial spaces and any kind of space that needs to be powerfully lit for people to see clearly and for task lighting in particular.

Manufacturing departments, large department stores, factories, schools, gymnasiums, sports halls, and warehouses are just some of the locations that can benefit from LED high bay lights and where this type of lighting would be suitable.

High quality and functional, these lights are sure to meet the requirements and standards that you need them for. If you are in the market for some high bay LED lights for your lighting project, then come to Simple Lighting, and we can supply you with the best.

Keep your space well-lit, and keep staff and customers safe always, while merchandise will look great and well-lit, thanks to your LED high bay lights. At Simple Lighting, we have high-quality fixtures that we like to stick to and know our customers can rely on. The high bay LED lights that we supply at Simple Lighting are some of the best on the market, so read on to find out more information or browse below to shop and compare them.

Best High Bay LED Lights

High bay LED lights are lights that are hung from high ceilings, usually over 20ft. They are ideal for commercial settings and are a great solution for commercial lighting.

LED high bay lights are great for illuminating areas such as warehouses, factories, industrial facilities and other large spaces. They are designed to hang from the hooks in the ceiling, while chains or pendants can also be used. Alternatively, they can be directly fixed to the ceiling if needed.

High bay LED lighting is powerful and great for task lighting and illuminating large spaces - perfect for places that need excellent visibility and safe working environments.
The best high bay lights would be the ones that can address your lighting needs. Nevertheless, ensure that you’re buying from trusted suppliers like Simple Lighting to ensure that your fixtures are premium-quality! 

Why Use High Bay LED Lights?

You should choose LED high bay lights for many reasons if you want to light up a large commercial space with high ceilings. The variety of benefits of these types of lights goes on, so keep reading if you want to learn more about why you should use high bay LED lights for your property or business.

Low Maintenance

Once you install your high bay LED lights, you will not have to worry about them or do much else. Replacing lighting can be a difficult and expensive job, so it is important to invest in the right quality lighting in the first place. Luckily, our LED high bay lights can save you time and money, they are built to last forty times longer than other types of bulbs and have a lesser chance of burning out.


Lighting for warehouses, factories and large department stores, etc., has to be extremely durable to function, light up large areas - and be running all day long. This is one of the great things about LED high bay lighting.

Suitable for the harshest environments, it is capable of performing in hot and cold conditions. Whatever the premises activity is, you can count on LED high bay lights to perform and continue to work effectively.

Energy Efficient

High bay LED lights are also super energy efficient. They require less energy to create the same amount of lumens as conventional light fixtures as they generate the light differently. The energy they consume is converted into light, meaning they do not consume as much, and there is much less energy wasted by heat.

This will save you money in electricity when you choose to switch to high bay LED lights. Electricity bills could be reduced by a staggering 80% when using LED lights compared to fluorescent or metal halide.

Meets Commercial Requirements

LED high bay lights are so great because they meet all the requirements for commercial light settings. This is especially useful in working environments such as warehouses where requirements will be stricter.

Our high bay LED lights will meet standards such as having sufficient light brightness, sufficient lighting coverage, non-toxicity, durability, a cool temperature and long life span.

Intense and High-Quality Light

Our high bay LED lights emit powerful light, giving as much as 6500K and 150K. Not only this, but LED lighting can also provide you with a clean and clear bright white light.

This is essential for areas where task lighting is needed, and you need to see clearly what you are doing without causing strain to your or your employees' eyes. These LED high bay lighting solutions are ideal for large areas requiring bright light and as much light as possible.

Special Features

You can have all these amazing features of LED high bay lights, and what's more, you can opt to have high bay LED lights that can be dimmed. Having the option to lower the light level to adjust to your needs is extremely convenient. All you need to do is simply use an LED driver and LED controller to make the adjustments with ease.

High bay LED lights are also available with daylight sensors, causing the bulbs to dim when in natural light and the energy from the LED high bay lights is needed less. The lights will then become brighter when the natural light begins to fade.

Why Choose High Bay LED Lights With Simple Lighting

Come to Simple Lighting for all your LED lighting needs and buy with confidence. We stock the best high bay LED lights on the market, with up to a 5-year warranty. On top of that, you won’t be disappointed with our products at Simple Lighting. We offer quality along with top prices too.

If you need any advice or assistance on choosing LED high bay lights and other lighting needs, then contact us today. An expert from our customer support team will always be here to help you. Besides our LED high bay lighting, do not forget to check out our other great LED products on our website, including our LED tubes, LED strip lights and LED Spotlights, to name just a few examples of the products we stock.

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