High Bay LED Lights

At Simple Lighting, we sell a range of high bay led lights, ideal for large, indoor commercial lighting spaces. This style of lighting is suitable for any type of property that needs powerful lights for such task lighting as manufacturing or illuminating warehouses and large department stores.

Commercial properties like these are often huge areas with high ceilings and extensive floor space, which need to be well lit for high visibility to ensure a safe working environment. At Simple Lighting, we understand the importance of high-quality lighting that you can rely on, which is why we offer high bay LED lights from the best lighting brands on the market.

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Where are High Bay LED Lights Used?

High bay LED lights can be fixed to the ceiling, or they may hang loosely from hooks, chains, or wires depending on the particular design of the light or the building. Some common uses include schools, warehouses, factories, and public facilities such as gyms and swimming pools.

Reasons to Install High Bay LED Lights

You can choose from a wide range of high bay LED lights, each providing a variety of benefits for business and property owners alike. These include:

Lower Maintenance

Replacing high bay lighting can be extremely difficult and expensive. They are installed in hard to reach areas and may require special equipment in order to repair or replace. Using our LED high bay lights on your property can save you money as LED bulbs last forty times longer than other bulbs and have less chance of burning ou

Durable Lighting for Extreme Environments

One of the greatest benefits of LED high bay lights is that they are highly durable. They are ideally suited to be used in harsh environments, such as hot factory floors or open warehouses. Whatever your premises or activity within them, LED lights will continue to work effectively.

Greater Energy Efficiency

As well as providing lower levels of maintenance, you’ll find our high bay LED lights are super energy efficient. LEDs generate light in different ways to typical bulbs, in that all the energy they consume is converted into light, meaning they don’t consume as much and there is much less energy wasted in heat.

Intense and High-Quality Light

Our low and high bay LED lights are extremely powerful with as much as 6500K and 150W. Not only this, but LEDs also provide clear, bright white light, ideal for large areas where you need as much light as possible.

Choose From A Range of Styles

We have a range of high bay LED lights in different shapes and sizes to meet the specific needs of your business and property. Curricular LED lights provide focused light on a particular area, whilst our larger ranges light up extensive surface areas.

Special Features

If you want to have even more energy, check out our dimmable LED lighting options. High bay LED lights can be dimmed to lower the level of light depending on your needs, simply use a driver and controller to make lighting adjustments easily and safely.

You can also get high bay LED lighting with daylight sensors. This means that the lamps will dim when natural light is seeping into your property or become brighter at night as natural light begins to fade. These high bay lights really are the ultimate option for keeping your business property safe, secure and well lit at all times while saving energy.

Buy with Confidence at Simple Lighting

The stock of high bay LED lights at Simple Lighting all come with a long warranty, so you can be confident the equipment you buy is going to last for years to come. What’s more, in addition to the savings you will gain over the years by using LED lights, you can also save now with our high-quality lighting at low prices.

If you’re interested in learning more about the high bay LED lights for sale at Simple Lighting, contact us today. Our team of lighting experts are on hand to give you advice and help you choose the perfect lighting solution for your needs.

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