E27 LED Bulbs

When it comes to lighting your home, or business space, you want to ensure that you choose the right bulb type. The E27, also known as an Edison bulb is the most common bulb that we use in our homes.

The E27 or Edison bulb has a big screw socket which is 27 millimetres. 

How Bright are E27 LED bulbs?

One of the most common questions people have is how bright the E27 bulb is. The E27 LED bulbs comes in a range of brightness levels. Rather than use wattage to tell you the brightness, when it comes to LED light bulbs you will be using lumens.

Why is they Called E27 LED Bulbs?

The E27 is named after it’s inventor Thomas Edison and was patented in 1890. E27 bulbs are commonly used in pendant lights and have a right-handed threaded metal base and screw into a matching threaded socket. The big screw socket is 27 millimetres. So combining Thomas Edison and the 27 millimetres, you have the short and sweet E27.

E27 Looks

The E27 bulbs are available in a huge range of styles. Ball, globe, stick, candle, PAR, tubular and pear. Because they are so diverse in terms of looks, they will work in every lamp style or room.

Many people now opt to have an E27 with a retro feel, with a coloured finish and visible filament.

So there is a lot to choose from when it comes to the E27 LED bulbs. No matter what your style there is an E27 LED bulbs to match your taste, and give any room the ambience you require.

Colour Temperature

It is important to know that the colour temperature is measured in Kelvin. And this indicates the colour tone that your bulb has. The colour temperature ranges from a high colour temperature which is a cooler toned light, which has a lot of blue - to a warmer toned bulb which has a lot of red.

  • Very Warm - 1700k-2400k, this is a warm and cosy feel, ideal for bedrooms and living rooms
  • Warm - 2400k-2700k, this tone is ideal for restaurants and hotels, as well as other areas of the home
  • Warm White - 3000k, typically used in bedrooms and living rooms
  • Natural White - 4000k, excellent for offices and hallways
  • Cool White - 6000K-6500K is ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms

E27 LED Bulb

When you are making the switch to LED bulbs, you should make sure that you know the wattage of your current bulbs. Watt used to be equal to visible light; however, this isn’t the same when you’re moving to LED bulbs. When you choose your LED bulb, you should choose based on the number of lumens. And the number of lumens is how much light is produced.

Price of E27 Bulbs

When it comes to an E27 LED bulbs, not only do they come in a range of colour temperatures and styles, they are incredible when it comes to being energy efficient.

Many people swap to led lighting simply for the savings when it comes to energy bills. When you consider that they have an average lifespan of around 4-15 years, they are an incredible value.

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