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As LED lighting is becoming quite the prominent option, LED product information is starting to reach the public. After years of pushing the benefits, people are beginning to realise what they’re missing out on.

Here at Simple Lighting, we’ve been through the research and development stages of LED lighting for numerous years and look for the latest technology in the market to offer to our customers and clients.

Below, you will be able to shop for dimmable E27 bulbs, E27 candle bulbs, and more, with free UK delivery on all orders over £75! LED storage should become a staple in your display - here’s why you should look into E27 LED bulbs.


What Are E27 Bulbs?

Before we delve into the technicalities of LED E27 bulbs, when it comes to lighting your home, or commercial space, you want to ensure that you choose the right bulb type. The E27, also known as an Edison bulb or ES bulb, is the most conventional bulb type that we add to the aesthetics of our homes.

The E27 LED bulbs come in a variety of brightness levels. The brightness of LED lights is measured in lumens, rather than wattage, and at Simple Lighting, we stock E27 light bulbs in a range of brightnesses, colour temperatures and more. For each lumen product information sheet, from 450 lumens to super-bright 806 lumens, we’ve got the perfect E27 LED bulb for you!

The E27 light bulb is named after its inventor Thomas Edison and was patented in 1890. E27 light bulbs feature a screw base with a right-handed thread, with the screw socket measuring 27 millimetres. When you combine the first initial of the inventor’s name, with the diameter of the screw base, you get the name E27.

E27 light bulbs commonly run on small batteries (due to excellent energy preservation). They’re also used for domestic and indoor lighting, such as pendant lights, but can be used in business premises like shops and restaurants as well.


Types of E27 LED Bulbs

E27 bulbs are items available in a huge range of categories and styles, including ball, stick, candle, PAR, pear, tubular and a globe LED light bulb. Considering they are so diverse in terms of looks, it’s effortless to find one to match any lamp style or room.

Many people now opt for an E27 with a retro feel, a coloured finish, and a visible filament light bulb. There are plenty to choose from when it comes to the E27 LED bulbs - no matter your style, we’re sure that we have an E27 LED bulb to match your taste.


What Colours of E27 Light Bulbs Can I Get?

The colour of light bulbs, except for special colour-changing LED lights, is measured in Kelvin. The number of kelvins indicates the colour tone that your E27 light bulb has.

Light bulb colours range from a cooler tone, which has a blue hue, to a warmer-toned bulb which has more red.

  • Very Warm - 1700k-2400k. This bulb temperature gives a warm and cosy feel, ideal for bedrooms and living rooms.
  • Warm - 2400k-2700k. This tone is ideal for restaurants and hotels, as well as other areas of the home like hallways and dining areas.
  • Warm White - 3000k. A slightly warm tone which can be used anywhere in the home.
  • Natural White - 4000k. An all-purpose lighting temperature which mimics daylight and can be used in most spaces.
  • Cool White - 6000K-6500K. This crisp, clear light is ideal for use in kitchens and commercial spaces, where it’s important to see exactly what you’re doing.


Are E27 LED Bulbs Dimmable?

E27 LED bulbs can be dimmable, as long as you buy the right type of bulb. When you select your bulbs, it should specify, either on the website or on product packaging, whether it’s compatible with dimmable light fittings and light switches.

Dimmable E27 LED light bulbs are a great choice for your lighting set-up, as they give you greater control over how bright your space is, and how much energy you consume.

However, for LED bulbs you will need to make sure you choose an LED-compatible dimmer switch, as traditional dimmer switches are likely to flicker, buzz, or give off poor lighting. Ensuring you purchase the right switch for the bulb you’ve invested in is paramount. Without considering this, your LED bulbs may be susceptible to lighting failure.


Why Choose Simple Lighting’s E27 LED Bulbs?

With the vast experience of our team and research always being a major part of our daily schedule, we’re always up-to-date with the latest trends in the lighting industry. Implementing LED bulbs into your every day will not only save the planet, but you will save yourself copious amounts of money each year.

Why, you ask? Well, because the energy preservation of LED bulbs is unmatched (lasting up to 50,000 hours) - you will not be changing your light bulbs often. Typical incandescent bulbs will only last up to 750 hours.

Consequently, when you’re preserving energy as well as this, your bills will not only go down but the amount of gas released into the atmosphere will decrease massively.

Using tools to change conventional light bulbs due to the heat emitted from them makes it unsafe to change with your bare hands. Whereas, with LED bulbs from Simple Lighting, you will be able to change and fix light bulbs without the risk of instant burns.

Our E27 Bulbs, wherever you may decide to place them (for your interior or in the garden) and depending on the colour temperature you desire - will be adaptable to any scenario. Due to the plethora of shapes, sizes and colour temperatures we offer, your wishlist will be ticked off as you browse our extensive collection below.

If you’re looking to enhance the aesthetics of your household while saving your planet and your hard-earned money - view the options below. Not only that, but if you shop for dimmable E27 bulbs, E27 candle bulbs, and many other alternatives, you will receive free UK delivery on all orders over £75.

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  1. 4 pack LED bulb in cool white light
    4 x 10w LED Bulbs, E27 Screw - Daylight/Cool White
    £7.49 £8.99 Was £15.99 Save £7.00
  2. 4 pack of E27 LED bulb with warm white light
    4 Pack - 9w LED Bulbs In Warm White, E27 Screw
    £7.49 £8.99 Was £13.99 Save £5.00
  3. 4 pack of gold LED bulb with a daylight colour
    4 x Status 5.5w Golf Ball LED Bulbs, E27 Screw - Cool White
    £6.66 £7.99 Was £13.99 Save £6.00
  4. 4 pack LED candle bulb with daylight colour
    4 Pack - 5.5w LED Candle Bulbs, E27 Large Screw - Cool White
    £7.49 £8.99 Was £12.99 Save £4.00
  5. 3 E27 screw LED bulb
    3 Pack - 7w E27 Screw LED Bulb, Dimmable Warm White
    £8.32 £9.99 Was £19.99 Save £10.00
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  6. 4 pack of LED candle bulb with warm white light
    4 x Status 8w LED Candle Bulbs, E27 Screw Warm White
    £9.16 £10.99 Was £19.99 Save £9.00
    Out of stock
  7. 8.5W Smart LED RGB CCT Changing Dimmable Bulb
    8.5W Smart LED RGB CCT Changing Dimmable Bulb
    £9.16 £10.99 Was £18.00 Save £7.01
  8. Three E27 LED bulbs
    3 x 7w LED Bulbs, Cool or Warm White
    £0.00 £0.00
    Out of stock
  9. three filament LED smart bulbs
    Pack of 3 ST64, 8.5W Smart WiFi Filament Bulb
    £45.00 £54.00 Was £75.00 Save £21.00
  10. 8.5W ST64 Smart WiFi Filament Bulb
    8.5W ST64 Smart WiFi Filament Bulb
    £15.00 £18.00 Was £25.00 Save £7.00
  11. LED smart filament bulb
    E27 Smart LED Dimmable and CCT Changing Filament Bulb
    £13.00 £15.60 Was £18.00 Save £2.40
  12. 3 globe filament LED smart bulbs
    Pack of 3 CCT Changing Smart LED Dimmable Filament Bulb
    £38.67 £46.40 Was £54.00 Save £7.60
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