LED Drivers: Explore Our Wide Range Of Drivers and Transformers

Browse our wide range of LED lighting drivers to power your dream lighting arrangement. Whether you’re looking for a safe and reliable 8-watt power supply for your bedroom or a high-powered 640-watt driver for your commercial premises, we’re confident that we have the perfect LED driver for you.

Choose from fire-rated IP65 and IP66 drivers for your bathroom to dimmable LED drivers that will add more ambience to your family spaces. Whatever the job, we have the perfect LED driver to complete your circuit. Keep your power supply regulated and lights bright with LED drivers from Simple Lighting.

Considerations for Selecting LED Drivers in Various Environments

An LED driver/transformer is a specialised device that supplies power to LED light fittings. LED drivers help regulate the flow of power to your LED lights, adjusting their output to keep a steady, continuous flow of power to illuminate your space perfectly.

LED Strip Lights are designed to run on a direct current of electricity and require a low voltage (12V to 24V). However, the standard mains supply is a high-voltage on alternating current. LED lighting drivers convert this high-voltage energy flow to the lower voltage needed for your LED bulbs. A driver also allows your lights to function safely by regulating and steadying any fluctuations in the current.

LED drivers are essential for LED tape and other forms of LED strip lighting to maintain and regulate the flow of power. If you’re looking to customise your home, garden, or business premises with modern, energy-efficient LED lighting, an LED driver that is suitable for your set-up is essential.

Types and Functions of LED Lighting Drivers

Before purchasing LED lighting drivers for your set-up, it’s essential to make sure the one you’ve chosen is both suitable and safe. When you’re browsing for your ideal LED driver, remember to consider the following specs:

  1. Load capacity. Choose LED lighting drivers that are as close as possible to the wattage of your lights. For safety reasons, LED drivers should never be paired with lights that exceed the driver’s maximum load. However, pairing them with lights that have a much lower wattage could mean your LEDs give off poor light or flicker.
  2. Non-dimmable or dimmable LED driver. If you want to get creative with your LED lighting and install dimmable LEDs, you will need to make sure the LED driver you pick is compatible. Dimmable LEDs are a great option to control the ambience in your home or for commercial premises like restaurants, shops, and more.
  3. IP rating. When you plan your lighting set-up, it’s important to take into consideration the environment you’ll be lighting. If it’s an area where your lights will be exposed to dust or water, like a bathroom, you will need to make sure that both your lights and your LED lighting drivers are rated IP65 or IP66.

Fire-rated LED lights and LED drivers will ensure your lighting setup is safe and looks great!

Where to buy LED drivers

Always make sure that you purchase LED drivers and other lighting accessories from a trusted source. Second-hand or poor-quality LED drivers can be faulty and even pose a fire risk to your home or premises.

At Simple Lighting, we only supply the best LED lighting products, which have been safety tested and approved by our team of experts.

By purchasing from our range of LED lighting drivers, you can be assured of both the safety and quality of your product. Choose from drivers designed to power trendy colour-changing LED tape, as well as drivers with multiple distributors that can power up to six lighting devices at once.

Whether you’re after a reliable LED strip light transformer or fire-rated IP65 drivers for your bathroom, we’re here to help. If you’d like to speak to one of our lighting experts, feel free to fill out our contact form. You can also visit our blog for essential lighting guides for your home and business.

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  1. Sideview of an 8W LED driver
    8 Watt LED Driver/Transformer With 6 Way Distributor
    £8.32 £9.99 Was £11.99 Save £2.00
  2. 30W LED power supply with 6 ports
    30w 12Vdc LED Power Converter With 6 Way Distributor
    £20.82 £24.99 Was £29.99 Save £5.00 As low as £21.60
  3. 30w led driver, dimmable by SImple Lighting
    Dimmable 30w LED Driver, 12v or 24v DC
    £15.42 £18.50 Was £34.95 Save £16.45
  4. 30w, 24v led driver
    24v Slimline 30 Watt LED Driver
    £16.66 £19.99 Was £29.95 Save £9.96
  5. Close-up of a 5W LED power supply
    50 Watt LED Driver / Transformer With 6 Way Distributor
    £24.99 £29.99 Was £34.95 Save £4.96
  6. 15W LED Power supply
    15w Smart Home Dimmable LED Driver
    £24.99 £29.99 Was £49.99 Save £20.00 As low as £25.99
  7. 50W dimmable LED Driver, by trailing or leading edge triac
    Dimmable 50W LED Driver, 12v or 24v DC
    £21.66 £25.99 Was £48.00 Save £22.01
    100 Watt LED Driver - 3 Year Warranty In 12v or 24v DC
    £26.66 £31.99 Was £59.99 Save £28.00
  9. 150w LED Driver
    150w IP20 LED Driver, 12v or 24v DC
    £33.32 £39.99 Was £74.99 Save £35.00
  10. 20w Smart Home LED Driver
    20w Smart Home Dimmable LED Driver
    £25.82 £30.99 Was £49.99 Save £19.00 As low as £27.99
  11. 60w LED Driver
    60 Watt LED Driver / Transformer, IP20
    £24.99 £29.99 Was £90.00 Save £60.01
  12. 24v, 15w led driver
    15w, 24v LED Driver, IP20 Rated
    £12.46 £14.95 Was £17.95 Save £3.00
  13. 100w Dimmable LED Driver, Leading or Trailing Edge - 12v or 24v
    100w Dimmable LED Driver, Leading or Trailing Edge - 12v or 24v
    £44.58 £53.50 Was £75.99 Save £22.49
  14. 200w LED Driver - 24v
    200w LED Driver, 12 or 24v DC
    £46.66 £55.99 Was £117.00 Save £61.01
    150w Dimmable Leading/Trailing Edge LED Driver 12 or 24v
    £62.08 £74.50 Was £104.75 Save £30.25
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