Fire Rated Downlight, GU10, Fixed - White Finish, With Quick Connectors

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Input Voltage
Input Voltage
3 Years
IP Rating
IP Rating
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  • New & improved design, comes with a slim profile 3mm bezel.
  • Made for LED, now insulation coverable (max wattage 7w GU10 LED)
  • Now suitable for I-Joist & Solid Joist ceilings
  • Screwless / Toolless install, comes with loop in / out quick connectors for a speedy installation
  • Dimensions: 85mm diameter with a cutout hole size of between 65-75mm
  • 3 Year Warranty
£3.29 £3.95 Was £9.95 Save £6.00
Fire Rated Downlight, GU10, Fixed - White Finish, With Quick Connectors
£3.29 £3.95 Was £9.95 Save £6.00
Linkable lights - natural white or warm white Linkable lights - natural white or warm white

Slender White Bezel

Not a fan of bulky lighting units? If that’s the case, you’ll be happy to see this LED downlight! It has a slender bezel, so it will not stick out when installed. In addition, since it has a white finish, it will camouflage completely against your white ceilings! 

If you’re someone who likes to constantly change the styling of your interior, you’ll benefit from the simplicity of this downlight. Sometimes, it is hard to change the design of your space if your ceiling lights only complement a particular theme. However, since this downlight is minimalistic and neutral, you’ll be able to unleash your creativity and decorate your home as you prefer!

Insulation Coverable When Paired With a LED Lamp (Max 7w Power)

Be careful when covering your lighting fixtures with insulation. Not all will advise you to do so; therefore, unless it's clearly indicated, never put insulation over your lights. Instead of increasing the protection of your home, it may put it at risk!

Since this LED downlight is insulation coverable, it's safe even if you place insulation over the fittings. That is, as long as the LED lamps have a maximum of 7w power. If it goes higher than that, then it's not possible to add a layer of insulation, but you can still use a bulb rated higher than 7w in this downlight, just please ensure that you don't cover the rear with insulation.

Linkable lights - available in five different lengths Linkable lights - available in five different lengths
Linkable lights - ultra slimline design Linkable lights - ultra slimline design

Easy to Install - Loop In and Out Quick Connectors

Installation does not always have to be complicated and time-consuming. Sometimes, you just need to find the right fittings to help you speed up the process - like our fire-rated downlight that electricians love! With this fixture, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can finish and move on to the following stages of your build.

This LED downlight is designed with screwless terminals and large connectors for easy loop-in and out connection. Now, you don't need to fiddle around with screws, lessening the time you spend on wiring. Aside from that, it’s mains powered; therefore, you don’t need to purchase a separate transformer to make it work, reducing the steps that you need to go through. Now, all you need to do to connect the fixture directly to the mains, add a bulb, and you’re good to go!

Fire Rated to 90 Minutes, Ideal for Solid Joist & I-Joist Ceilings

What is the difference between a regular downlight and a fire-rated downlight? When you cut a hole in your ceiling to mount your recessed lights, its fire integrity weakens. A standard fitting +cannot fully reseal the gaps even if you fill them with a lighting fixture. However, a fire-rated downlight can - like this Fire-Rated GU10 Downlight!

It’s fire-rated to 90 minutes of protection, meaning the hole that you cut is fully resealed (thanks to its intumescent pad), and your ceiling is reinforced to extend the time when the fire will spread. In addition, this fire-rated downlight is ideal for solid-joist and I-joist ceilings, giving your home ample fire security!

Linkable lights - linkable lights Linkable lights - linkable lights
Linkable lights - three year warranty Linkable lights - three year warranty

Works with a GU10 Bulb

This LED downlight is designed with a GU10 holder. You can use it with any GU10 bulb, but since it’s dimmable, it’s preferable to pair it with a dimmable GU10 bulb and a compatible dimmer switch. This way, you’ll be able to utilise its dimming function and make the ambience of your space ten times better!

Regarding the GU10 bulbs, you can get them in three colours: cool, natural and warm white light. Cool white and natural white light are both used for task lighting. Their only difference is cool white has a crips bluish tone while natural white does not have any hints of blue or yellow. On the other hand, warm white light is suitable for ambient lighting because its yellowish hue can make the atmosphere cosy and relaxing.


Recessed lighting installations are very sensitive to measurements. You can’t just eyeball it and expect everything to perfectly fall into place. There are many factors to consider, like the ceiling void and the cut-out hole. If you don’t measure accurately, your lights may protrude from your ceiling or fall off!

So, remember, this LED downlight is 112mm tall and 85mm in diameter. It requires a 70mm cut-out hole, so ensure that you measure and cut this precisely to guarantee that your downlights will sit flawlessly on the surface. Also, before trimming, don’t forget to mark and measure first. You can easily clean the markings, but it takes time to patch a hole!

Linkable lights - beautifully bright LED lights Linkable lights - beautifully bright LED lights
More Information
Quick Order Code FR-GU10-K-WH
Downlight Type Fixed
Base GU10
Height 112mm
Diameter 85mm
Dimmable Dimmable
Input Voltage 220-240v
Warranty 3 Years
IP Rating IP20
Cut Out Hole 65-75mm
Finish White
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