LED Site Lights: Enhance Outdoor Workspaces

Shop LED site lights with Simple Lighting today for top-quality commercial lighting. We have many different types of site lights for you to choose from to keep you and those around you safe and well-lit. Perfect for visibility and safety, these lights feature various lumen levels, enough to provide you with the brightness that you require.

Choose from a portable work light to tripod lights, handheld, flood lights, emergency bulkheads, and festoon lights. Whatever you need for your commercial purposes, we have top-quality site lights for you.

The robust site lights that we have to offer you are versatile - many of them can be suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With the variety of LED site lights available to you, you are sure to find a suitable solution for your business or commercial setting.

A variation of wattages, IP ratings and voltages are also available to pick from, again depending on the type of thing you are looking for and what you need your lighting to help you achieve.

Illuminate your commercial or industrial environments or outside spaces with site lights today. The LED site lights that we supply here at Simple Lighting are of extremely high quality and are ideal for meeting many business requirements.

They handily come with a very large lifespan thanks to modern LED bulbs. Invest now, and you won’t have to worry about your lights for a long time, as they are of high quality and are made to last.

Popular in many locations, bright, long-lasting, and non-flickering while keeping people safe, there are many benefits to site lighting. Shop our products at Simple Lighting. Our customers know they can rely on us, and you can, too.

Browse our range of construction lights and other LED site lights down below and check out our other LED products on our website. We also have other commercial lighting options, such as LED tube lights, LED bulkheads, or LED high bay lights. You can read more information about our site lights below, including why they could be a great option for you.

Best LED Site Lights

Site lights, also referred to as work lights, are used in commercial settings and are good at providing task lighting to large spaces and areas. Site lighting can also be used to mount on walls, used as accent lighting decoratively, or used to provide safety lighting.

LED site lights are also very useful to be used in hard-to-light areas such as garages, building sites and warehouses. They are particularly beneficial for tradespeople as they allow them to see more clearly and work safer in awkward locations that need to be well-lit for them to get the job done well.

Dimly lit or dark workspaces are a hazard to work in. Accidents can happen, and attempting to work in low light levels can result in eye strain. Investing in outdoor work lights can help provide a safer environment to work and be in.

You do not need any technical lighting experience with LED site lights. They are simple and consistent to use. Simply place yourself in your desired position and adjust to your needs.

Why Use Site Lights?

Site lights are an energy-efficient choice of lighting for businesses, and because of this, they are also cost-effective. You can choose different wattage levels depending on the area you intend on lighting, so determine the primary function you need them for before you go to purchase.

For smaller working spaces, you can opt for site lights with a lower wattage. Higher wattage and lumens are intended to illuminate large areas.

LED site lights, like festoon lights, are particularly useful and aimed at the construction industry. Also known as rope lighting, they are robust and designed long enough to ensure visibility on-site at all times. Festoon lights can range from giant-type fairy lights to very powerful floodlights.

Practical, long-lasting and energy efficient, these lights are sure to serve a great purpose for your commercial if you are in the market for some top commercial lighting solution - especially if you need lighting outdoors.

The Key Features of Site Lights

Note some of the key features that construction lights can provide you with that have not yet been mentioned.


There is an option to purchase rechargeable LED site lights. These are particularly useful for tradesmen who operate via call-outs and do not always have access to a 110v power supply. Rechargeable units are good to go anytime, anywhere, and great for when working in awkward and hard to get to places.

Low-wattage and portable site lights are usually the ones that are rechargeable, and they require little energy to operate.


Most of our site lights are IP65 waterproof. This is due to the vast majority of them being designed to be used in outdoor areas like building sites, for example.

Connect Them

Some of our LED site lights can be connected together and linked for an extended lighting option. This means that only one unit will have to be plugged into a power supply - which is fantastic for when you need to light up large areas.

The festoon style is perfect for this and great for illuminating large areas of indoor or outdoor space. Attach festoon lights to walls and ceilings or hang them from the branches of trees.

Why Choose Site Lights With Simple Lighting

Choose outdoor work lights with Simply Lighting. We always stock quality lighting solutions from whatever category of lighting you are looking for. Simply Lighting can offer you competitive prices with the peace of mind that you know you have invested in quality LED products.

Our LED site lights come with a warranty of up to 5 years! LED site lights are a great way to light up your commercial areas, whether an area needs to be well-lit for visibility and safety purposes or whether you need it for the purpose of task lighting. LED site lights could be the ones for you.

Reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint, both in terms of energy and waste, as you will not have to replace your site lights for many years.

Need some help or advice in choosing your LED site lights? One of our expert lighting specialists at Simple Lighting will be happy to assist you in making the right choice that is suitable for your needs.

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  1. 110v LED Emergency Bulkhead Light
    110v LED Emergency Bulkhead Light
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  2. 50w LED Flood Light with a yellow rim
    110v, IP65 50w LED Flood Light
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  3. Yellow LED festoon work lights
    50m LED Festoon Kit/Work Lights, 110v, 100w & IP44
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  4. 150w led site light with a yellow painted blog and a black trim
    150w LED Site Light, Flood Light - 110v
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  5. 18w, Handheld 110v LED Site Light
    18w, Handheld 110v LED Site Light
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  6. Full shot of a single tripod LED work light
    18w, 110v LED Tripod Work/Site Light
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  7. Full shot of a slimline LED floodlight with a yellow outer rim
    Slimline 100w, 110v LED Flood Light For Site Lighting
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  8. Yellow LED Festoon work lights
    22 Metre Work Lights, LED Festoon Kit 110V 10-way 50W IP44 Rated
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