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Part of our commercial lighting range. Work lights, also known as Site lights, are commonly used to provide task lighting in large areas or in areas that are often difficult to light well, such as garages, building sites & anywhere there’s a 110v power supply. Work lights are often used by tradespeople to allow them to see more clearly and work more safely - dark or dimly lit workspaces are hazardous and well known to be a major cause of workplace accidents. This lighting does not require any technical knowledge, simply providing bright, consistent lighting that is simple to position and adjust. LED site Lights are an energy-efficient, practical and long-lasting lighting solution.

How do I choose the best site lights?

To begin with, LED lighting is definitely a better option for traditional lights if you want cost-effective & energy-efficient light. When deciding what is best to use, you must determine their primary function in your workplace. For instance, if you are purchasing LED Work lights to illuminate a reasonably small space then you would choose an option that has lower wattage. If the lighting is intended for a large area then you would choose a work light with a higher wattage/Lumens. There are many options from festoon lights, which are a bit like giant fairy lights, to very powerful floodlights.

Are site lights huge?

Yes and no. These lights are used as they sound – for work. Thus, they can be fairly large when there is a need for lots of light in a vast area. Also, they can be small if the need is for a small space or personal use. The use of LED means that work lights are able to be smaller than they used to be.

Can I buy rechargeable work lights?

Yes. There are many rechargeable options these days. Low wattage options usually are rechargeable. Also, portable lights usually are rechargeable. The reason for these options being rechargeable is they require little energy to operate.

Are work lights waterproof?

The vast majority of site lights are IP65 waterproof as they are designed to be used in outdoor areas like building sites.

What else should I know about LED work lights?

There are so many benefits to using LED site lights. From Festoons to Floodlights, there’s LED site lights to illuminate every space, regardless of size! Some types are rechargeable and can give hours of illumination from a single charge, ideal if you don’t have access to a 110v power supply in your work area or if you’re a tradesperson on call out! Some work lights can be connected together and linked up, meaning that only the final one in the series has to be plugged in, this is very useful when you need to light a very large area! Festoon style work lights are great for illuminating an entire room or area, simply attach them to the walls, across the ceiling or you can even hang them from branches.

If you need any help or advice concerning LED work lights then feel free to call our expert team on the number at the top of the page and we’ll do our best to help!

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