LED Emergency Lights: Ensuring Everyone's Safety

LED emergency lights make the perfect lighting for commercial spaces that have blackouts or power outages. Created and manufactured with LED technology, emergency lights are crucial for both staff and customer safety.

Not only does LED emergency lighting improve safety and security in your workplace, but it also provides efficient LED lighting for when you need to see clearly in difficult situations when your lights go off. Emergency lights are the ideal product to have installed in your commercial space, with an excellent power source.

Although our corrosive battens, panels, lamps, and recessed lighting are durable and long-lasting, you never know what could happen. If you’re interested in finding out more about emergency lights, continue reading.

Safety in Case of Power Outages Using LED Emergency Lights

Having LED emergency lights installed across your commercial space is beneficial for several reasons. When you have a good lighting system in place, it’s hard to think that they could potentially cut out at some point - but why not save yourself the worry and integrate emergency lighting into your commercial property?

If your lighting fails in the case of an emergency, such as a fire, you must be able to see exit signs clearly. Emergency lights are important to have in commercial buildings where people gather.

Examples of places that might require LED emergency lighting are theatres, cinemas, factories and hotels, to name a few. At Simple Lighting, we know the importance of having emergency lights - this is why we provide the best on the market for loyal customers.

LED emergency lights are unable to remain illuminated for an extensive period of time, giving both your staff and customers time to evacuate the building. Similar to fire alarms, emergency lights should be tested regularly to make sure that they are working.

All our lighting solutions have a warranty, meaning that if anything happens to your emergency lights or they don’t seem to work, you can discuss with our customer service team how to make an exchange. Some of the main benefits of emergency lights are that they are cost-effective, power-saving, and incredibly reliable.

Types of LED Emergency Lights Equipped With Sensors

At Simple Lighting, we stock an array of indoor LED emergency lights across our website. With a wide range to choose from, it’s easier than ever to find your ideal emergency lights for your commercial space.

In the case of a power outage, it’s crucial that your lighting and visibility are maintained. Our emergency lights can be mounted to the wall, ready to switch on when you need them. Having done multiple case studies, it’s safe to say that Simple Lighting has some of the best products on the market today.

Typically, our emergency lighting collection is divided into two categories: escape lighting and standby lighting. Find out about the two types of LED emergency lights in more detail by reading on.

LED Emergency Escape Lighting

By having emergency exit lights installed within your commercial space, you’re allowing your staff and customers to have a smooth, safe and fast evacuation. By placing emergency escape lighting around your commercial property, you can rest assured that your escape routes will remain illuminated at all times.

Emergency escape lighting should be placed conveniently in areas that are easily visible to those who are in the building - this will help people who aren’t familiar with their surroundings know where to go if anything happens.

Standby Lighting

As written in the BSI guide to emergency lighting, standby lighting should still be provided while normal activities continue. By supplying standby lighting, your business will still be able to run until a proper shutdown procedure begins. 

Main Advantages of Using LED Emergency Lights

With an extensive list of advantages, it’s hard to narrow down the main reasons why you should have LED emergency lights installed.

Emergency lights are cost-effective, energy-saving and have an extensive lifespan. Giving off less heat than traditional lighting sources, emergency lights are safe to install and are mercury-free, making them incredibly environmentally friendly. Although all these advantages make LED emergency lighting so great, it’s their long lifespan and eco-conscious design that makes them so popular.

Like all LED solutions, their ability to stay running for long periods makes them incredibly eco-friendly. Because LED emergency lights run for so long, you won’t have to worry about frequent upkeep or replacement.

Unlike traditional bulb designs, you won’t be replacing your emergency lights anywhere near as often - this ultimately means that fewer LED products go to landfills. 

LED Emergency Lights at Simple Lighting

Having supplied excellent LED-operated items across our website for many years, there’s no doubt that the team at Simple Lighting provides the best emergency lights on the market.

We take pride in our commitment and dedication to bettering our products each year by putting all of our LED emergency lights to the test and seeing if we need to make improvements. By running testers on our products, we’re able to maintain our excellent reputation and grow our product line.

By selecting the view product option on each listing within our emergency lighting collection, including emergency exit lights, emergency sign lights, etc., you’ll be able to see the dimensions and controls of each emergency lighting solution. With fast delivery and five stars in ratings and reviews, you can rest assured once you make an order at Simple Lighting.

If you own a commercial property and are looking for ways to strengthen your health and safety regulations, we recommend that you browse lighting accessories and tools, including LED emergency lights. If you’d like to find out more about our products, feel free to contact a member of our team at Simple Lighting today to gain more information.

Apart from providing high-quality emergency lighting, we’re able to use our experience and knowledge from working in the lighting industry to give customers the best advice and help where possible. Call 0333 443 2465 to find out more.

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