Emergency Lights

Emergency lights are designed to switch on in emergency situations when the usual lighting fails. It provides adequate illumination for people to be able to see to exit a building safely.

Emergency lights are a very important standard safety feature in commercial buildings and other properties where many people gather such as HMOs, hotels, theatres, etc. Because of this, it’s important emergency lighting is reliable, and LED lighting is now used as standard. LED lighting is cost-effective, power-saving, and also has a longer lifespan than alternatives.

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What are the different types of emergency lighting?

Emergency lighting is a type of commercial lighting and is a general term which is subdivided into emergency escape lighting and standby lighting.

Emergency Escape Lighting

The BSI guide to emergency lighting describes emergency escape lighting as "that part of emergency lighting that is provided to enable safe exit in the event of failure of the normal supply".

Emergency LED escape lighting allows smooth, safe and quick evacuation of a building by illuminating the escape routes and keeping them lit.

One type of emergency LED lighting for escape is open area or anti-panic lighting. This is used in areas such as shopping malls, libraries or museums, where people may not be familiar with the layout. This lighting is used to prevent panic and guide people to the nearest exit safely.

Standby Lighting

The BSI guide to emergency lighting describes standby lighting as "that part of the emergency lighting provided to enable normal activities to continue in the event of failure of the normal mains supply".

High-risk task lighting comes under standby emergency lighting. This ensures the safety of people by providing lighting to allow activity to continue and to allow for proper shut-down procedures. This type of emergency LED lighting is limited to certain scenarios, but could include things such as in operation theatres.

Emergency Lighting Key Questions

Below, we’ve answered a few key questions for using emergency lighting. If you still have any questions, contact Simple Lighting today.

How long should emergency lighting stay on?

The time your emergency lights should remain illuminated will greatly depend on the size of your building and the complexity of evacuation. The very minimum amount of time your emergency escape lighting should stay on is 1 hour if the building is evacuated immediately. In cases where people may be sleeping in the building or evacuation may not be instant, then a minimum of 3 hours should be used!

When should I replace the emergency lighting battery?

Just like with fire alarms, it is recommended that owners should perform regular tests and maintenance. If the results of these tests are unsatisfactory, then you should replace the batteries.

What are the advantages of using LED emergency lights?

All of our emergency lighting on offer uses LEDs. Here are the advantages:

  • Energy saving
  • Cost-effective
  • Lifespan of thousands of hours
  • Environmentally friendly (no mercury used)
  • Give off less heat than traditional light sources
  • Light up instantly
  • Turning them on and off does not harm the bulb

If you’re unsure which emergency lights are best for your setting, contact Simple Lighting today, and we’ll be happy to help. Otherwise, order your emergency lighting online and know you, your business and customers are safe.

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