LED Controllers

Having a dimmer or LED controllers for your LED lighting & LED strip lights can be a convenient and interesting way to get more use out of your purchase. One of the best things about LED tape is the freedom that they provide for your creativity. Whatever you imagine for your lighting project, you can create the exact ambience and feel you're after with a carefully selected LED controller.

What is an LED Controller?

As the name might suggest, an LED controller lets you control your LED lighting design. From simply turning lights off and on to dimming them, or even changing colour- you can control all at the touch of a button or flick of a switch.

An LED controller is a device that allows you to take your LED lighting design to a whole new level. It can be connected to the lighting in your home or commercial property allows you to adjust the brightness and colour of your LEDs.

With some models in our selection, you can also have a complete zone (room) control, so you have dimmed lights in one room and intense brightness in another all from one device.

Choosing Your LED Controller

At Simple Lighting we offer a wide range of LED controllers. Choose from LED dimmer switches, wall switches with different finishes, remote controls, multi-zone, and RGB/white ones. Most of our LED Controllers can also be used with under cabinet lighting. Whatever you need, we’re sure that you’ll find something to match your lighting plan.

Stylish LED Dimmers

We offer some of the best dimmer switches for LED lights, in attractive finishes and designs. You can take your pick from wall dimmers in black, brushed steel, plastic, polished chrome and white. Our range ensures a suitable dimmer for your LED lights no matter what your décor or style,

Our highly versatile LED dimmers allow you to use a simple handheld remote control or wall-mounted switch for complete control over your LED lighting installation. You can select the colour, change the speed and intensity of your lighting, for as many as four different locations (or ‘zones’) across your home, creating the perfect atmosphere for any occasion.

Multichannel Variants

We also stock a variety of LED controllers which can control different numbers of channels. Choose from a single channel, dual channel and four-channel dimmer models. Each channel allows you to control lights in a different area or zone of your premises. This eliminates the need to have a separate dimmer for each zone and also makes controlling lights simple as you can adjust all your lights from a single place and device.

Manual or Touch-Based

The LED controller switches are available in both manual and touch-based models. The manual devices come with single or two-gang manual knobs, with each knob giving control over a single channel of lights. The touch models have a slider sensor for controlling your LEDs and comes in two and four-channel variants. We also have models which include a remote control for up to four different channels, to give you the ability to adjust the lights without leaving your seat!

Remote LED Controller

The bonus feature of our remote LED controller is the fact that you have complete control over your LED installation at the simple touch of a button and without the need to get up and move around. You can fine-tune brightness, colour and ambience easily!

Mains Grid Dimmer

If you’d like to control multiple LED lights in your home or business property, then you can also purchase an LED mains grid dimmer. Instead of connecting each LED fixture to its own dedicated LED controller, you can use a single device for all. These are ideal for installation with the lights that need to be adjusted equally.

Why Choose Simple Lighting for your LED Controller?

At Simple Lighting, we pride ourselves on our dedication to quality and value. We only stock LED products from the top lighting brands to ensure our customers receive a product they can trust.

You can find an LED controller for any environment, domestic or commercial, and for any purpose or project, you have in mind. Feel free to browse through our range of LED controllers and if you have any questions about them or any of our other lighting fixtures and fittings, just give us a call. Our friendly team of lighting experts are on hand and happy to help.

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