LED Tube Lights

Shop with Simple Lighting today and receive top-quality lighting products. We have a whole range of commercial lighting options for you to choose from, with different variations depending on your needs.

Our fantastic collection of LED tube lights falls under the commercial lighting category and features an array of different sized LED tube lights, with different wattages, lumens and colour temperatures too. Choose from cool white, natural white or warm white depending on your preference and what kind of environment you intend on illuminating.

LED tube lights prove to be a top choice when it comes to illuminating industrial or commercial environments. They are perfect to use as task lighting in locations such as warehouses and grocery stores - choose your colour of white to make sure you have the optimum lighting in your chosen setting.

Our LED tube lighting from Simple Lighting is both of high quality and ideal for meeting business requirements. With the quality of these lights, you won’t have to worry about replacing them or maintaining them at all, they are designed to perform and last.

If you are in the market for some ideal commercial lighting, then you should consider these LED tube lights as an option. There is a reason why they are so popular across many industries and businesses, and that is because they are so fantastic at what they do.

Simple, stylish and low-key, these lights will be non-distracting and will not date in fashion due to the simplicity of their design. They can grow with a building as an interior grows and evolves over time, so why not invest in these great lighting options today?

Keep an area well lit that's to the great brightnesses these LED tube lights can achieve and always keep everyone in the building safe too. Any merchandising or stock that needs to be well-lit in a commercial shop environment can be achieved with LED tube lights. The non-flicker element of these lights means that you will not have to worry about any annoying flickering light that used to occur from more traditional lighting styles.

Our customers know just how good our lighting is from Simple Lighting, we have lots of options that you can rely on. Brighten up your indoor space today and save money on electricity and energy whilst doing so. Don’t forget to browse our website for other lighting options to fit in your commercial space as well as your home, with LED lighting such as LED Spotlights, LED Strip Lights and our LED Downlights too.

Shop our LED tube lights down below for bigger savings and lower maintenance and keep on reading to discover more about this great lighting solution.


What Are LED Tube Lights?

LED tube lights are a long, narrow, straight lighting option. They can be used in traditional fluorescent light fixtures. They operate by emitting light diodes to provide illumination.

LED tube lights are a popular way to replace old fluorescent tube lights as LED tubes require low power to operate, meaning they are energy efficient and last much longer.


Why Use LED Tube Lights?

You should use LED tube lights as they are versatile lighting options. They can be used across multiple industries and in a lot of different settings, some of which include; shops, hotels, offices, storage areas, car parks, garages, healthcare facilities, factories and warehouses to name just a few locations where LED tube lights would be suitable.

LED tube lighting can last between 25,000 to a staggering 40,000 hours. They are extremely more efficient than alternative lights that are not LED and so can save you money on your energy bill whilst requiring little maintenance. You will not have to worry about replacing your LED tube lights for years and less replacing means less wasted which makes them a more economically friendly option as it will have less impact on the environment both for physical and energy wastage.

Choose a dimmable option if that is something that will be useful for you. This gives you extra control over the amount of light emitted to provide the ambience you desire. We stock a range of wattage ratings too for our LED tube lighting range, to create the perfect commercial lighting solution in a variety of commercial settings.


The Key Features of LED Tube Lights

We have various options to choose from when it comes to the LED tube lights that we have on offer at Simple Lighting. With varying features from one product to the next, always be sure to check the product specifications before you are purchasing to make sure you are getting the right one for you, or speak to one of our experts to ensure you are getting the right ones to match your needs.

With colours to choose from warm white, cool white and natural white also you can achieve the perfect tone of white depending on your setting.

Some other key features of LED Tube lights include:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Longer life span
  • No flicking issues
  • Quality light performance
  • Mercury-free
  • A much safer alternative to fluorescent lights
  • Choose from a range of lighting lengths
  • Dimmable options
  • Choose from a range of wattages
  • Different lumens levels
  • Different colour temperatures


Why Choose LED Tube Lights With Simple Lighting

You choose your LED tube lights with Simple Lighting as we stock the best quality lights with LED technology. LED tube lights are a great way to invest in commercial lighting as they will save your business money in the long run. They are an economic choice for many businesses who are looking to save money on their energy bill whilst also reducing their carbon footprint too, a win-win lighting solution.

LED tube lights are much safer to use and a lot safer for the environment too when it finally comes to disposal. Shop with us and receive a warranty for your lights so you have peace of mind that your lights will last you.

Need help with your lighting choices? We have an expert team that is always around to guide you through your lighting options so you can make the right choice for your premise.

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