LED Batten Lights

LED Batten Lights are ideal for both industrial and commercial settings. They’re designed to provide the same lighting level as traditional fluorescent batten lights and tube lighting so that your employees can see well enough to work safely, but at a cheaper cost and while consuming less power.

As well as being efficient and powerful, LED Batten Lights are able to resist inhospitable and unpredictable environments, such as those commonly found in an industrial setting. High quantities of dust or water can damage some lights, but LED Batten Lights are able to handle even these conditions. They’re less prone to tarnishing than some other lighting options, and some models even have anti-corrosive properties. Simply put, these lights are built to last. 

How to Wire Up a LED Batten Light?

If you’re unfamiliar with electrical work, or otherwise unsure about what you’re doing, it would be prudent to hire a professional electrician to install and wire up LED Batten Lights for you. Otherwise, be sure to work safely and turn off all power before you start. If there is an installation sheet with your light, then read it carefully.

First, mark out where the batten is going to be fixed. This will ensure that you place it correctly. Drill holes where the light fixings are going to be placed, then install them securely into the ceiling or wall. If you’re replacing older lights, then there should be a supply cable nearby.
Connect the batten to the mains using a junction box. Then, slot or snap the batten into the fittings, making sure that you haven’t trapped any cables and that it is secure. Test the light by turning on the power.

Are LED Batten Lights Dimmable?

Simply put, it depends on the LED Batten Lights themselves. It is possible to source dimmable LED Batten Lights, but not every light is dimmable. You should always check with your supplier before attempting to connect your LED Batten Lights to a dimmer, as non-dimmable lights can break when you try to dim them.

Dimmable LED Batten Lights are a great option for retail stores that might not always benefit from the brightest lighting option. They can also potentially save electricity, as you can turn them down when brighter light isn’t needed.

What Size LED Batten for a Garage?

LED Batten Lights are available in a variety of styles and sizes so that you can customize the lighting of your garage. LED Batten Lights can range from 2ft long battens to 6ft long battens. It stands to reason that a larger garage will require larger battens so that it can be properly lit.

The minimum amount of lighting recommended for a garage is 50 lumens per square foot of space, meaning that a typical one-car garage (about 8 by 16 feet) would require 6400 lumens to be lit. You can measure your garage and work out the number of lumens required, which you can then use to figure out which LED Batten

Lights you will need. Also, if your garage doubles as a workshop, it will need more lighting than a garage simply used for car storage, so that you can work safely.

Why Buy LED Batten Lights From Simple Lighting?

At Simple Lighting, we cater for a range of commercial and industrial settings. If you are looking to refit your store or you need extra lighting in a part of your factory, our team of experts can talk you through all of the options available. Our LED Batten Lights range is designed to provide the same equivalent power that tube fittings and fluorescent batten lighting do - but without the cost or the energy consumption. You need led lighting that lasts and Simple Lighting can provide that for you.

Commercial lighting and industrial environments are often filled with risks and safety hazards. We aim to be able to ensure that you are not at risk while you work. With the right LED Batten Light choice, you can ensure that you can see and stay safe in the workplace. Along with this, you need to be able to impress your clients where you can, and some of that will be in ensuring that you offer a visible workplace. Enhance your commercial environment with the right LED Batten Light today.

Can LED Batten Lights Withstand All Environments?

Did you know that LED Batten Lights are built to last? We know that industrial environments aren't always the most predictable - the air can be filled with water or dust from time to time and the environmental conditions of a manufacturing plant are hardly light and airy. You need lighting that will resist those environments and continue to impress, no matter the circumstances in which you are working. Your retail store needs to be well-lit so that people can see while they shop and your employees can work comfortably, and our LED Batten Light options are all built to last no matter the environment. They're not as prone to tarnishing as other lighting options, and our designs are stylish, fitting into your decor with ease.

If you are working in a coastal area and you need LED Batten Lights for your commercial environment, you'll be pleased to know that we offer a range of anti-corrosive models at Simple Lighting.

What Does Your LED Batten Range Include?

At Simple Lighting, we offer both single, and twin LED Batten Lights suitable to use with our led tube lights. The suitability of our lighting generally depends on where you want the lights to be installed. The twin models, for example, are perfect for those areas you want to be lit up and ready at all times. Why? Well, our twin LED Batten Light options accommodate two lights in one batten: double the lighting with fewer bulbs used! Whether you are looking for 1200mm battens or 1795mm battens, we've got the lighting options that will suit you. We can offer a range of colour temperatures and lumens, including white and cool white. Your commercial or industrial needs can be met with our extensive LED Batten Light range.

Simple Lighting truly does make lighting simple, with a range of models in different wattage ratings. Talk to one of our experts today, and we'll ensure that you have the right wattage for your LED Batten Light. Lastly, our comprehensive LED Batten Light range includes an emergency lights feature - emergency battery backup. In the event of a power outage, the lights will keep running to keep you and your customers safe. Nifty!

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