LED Batten Lights

Shop our range of LED Batten Lights – an energy-efficient alternative to fluorescent tube lights, suitable for both industrial and commercial settings. Illuminate your warehouse, factory, or other business premises with these powerful batten light fittings, which can help to reduce costs by keeping your energy bills down.

Browse our full range below, from batten light fittings to LED batten light bulbs in a selection of sizes. We stock smaller 2ft bulbs, all the way up to 6ft LED batten lights, we have everything you need to design the ideal commercial lighting set-up for your premises. 

The Benefits of LED Batten Lights

There are a number of reasons that business and commercial property owners are choosing LED batten lights, rather than the traditional fluorescent tube lights we’re all familiar with. Here are just a few benefits that choosing a batten light fitting can provide:

  • Suitable for commercial environments. LED batten lights are highly popular for use in commercial settings such as offices, warehouses, schools, hospitals, and retail premises. They provide reliable, consistent lighting, and with large-scale batten light fittings, from 2 feet, 4 feet, all the way up to 6 feet, they are the perfect choice for lighting large, open-plan areas.
  • Health and Safety compliant. Due to their widespread use in environments such as factories and warehouses, it’s easy to find batten lights which are resistant to dust, humidity, and other potential hazards. Unlike traditional lighting, batten lights are often IP-rated, meaning they are suitable to light a wider range of indoor spaces.
  • Powerful. LED batten lights provide bright, unwavering light that reaches every corner of a room when properly placed. Unlike fluorescent bulbs, which can buzz and flicker, LED batten lights are highly reliable and last up to 90% longer than fluorescent tubes.
  • Energy-efficient. LED lighting is one of the most energy-efficient forms of lighting, as all of its energy is converted into light, rather than traditional bulbs which also generate a large amount of heat. LED bulbs mean you get more bang for your buck, waste less energy, and over time can help to reduce your business overheads.
  • Money-saving. Due to their long lifespan, LED batten bulbs rarely need to be replaces, saving you the costs of regularly purchasing new bulbs, as well as the labour costs of replacing them. With their unrivalled energy-efficiency, LED batten lights are one of the most cost-effective, and environmentally friendly lighting options on the market.
  • Emergency functions. Our comprehensive LED Batten Light range includes an emergency lights feature, or emergency battery backup. In the event of a power outage, the lights will keep running to keep you and your customers safe.

Types of LED Batten Lights

At Simple Lighting, we stock a wide range of LED batten lights, to help you to find the perfect batten light fitting for your space. Whether it’s an office floor, retail premises, or workshop, we have several sizes and types of LED batten lights available, at competitive prices.

6ft LED Batten Lights

Our 6ft LED batten lights are perfect for lighting large areas such as open-plan offices, factory floors, and more. Long, with a slimline design, these 6ft light fittings are made with high-quality LED chips, which emit a wide 120-angle beam. This diffused beam of light creates even illumination across your space, with a choice of colour temperatures to choose from.

Our cool white batten light fittings mimic daylight, and have been shown to have a positive impact on staff wellbeing. If this sounds like the right choice for you, why not take a look at our 6 Foot Cool White/Daylight Batten Lights to learn more?

5ft and 4ft LED Batten Lights

For slightly smaller spaces, which still have a lot of floor space to cover, we also have a selection of medium-sized LED batten light fittings. Suitable for smaller offices, workshops, and classrooms, these medium batten light fittings exude the same powerful illumination as the 6ft batten lights, but from a smaller fitting.

Enjoy all the energy-saving and cost-effective benefits of an LED batten light fitting with the medium-sized fittings that we offer, here at Simple Lighting.

3ft and 2ft LED Batten Lights

For even smaller commercial spaces, such as retail stores, offices with fewer than ten people, and small classrooms, 2ft and 3ft batten lighting may be the most suitable. These small fittings, when placed correctly, can provide full coverage lighting to small spaces, as well as all the benefits of LED batten lighting that we discussed above.

Spend less time ordering and replacing light bulbs, and focus on your organisation’s goals with a bespoke LED batten lighting set-up. If you’d like recommendations on how best to light your space, our team of lighting experts are on hand and ready to advise. Simply visit our contact page to arrange a callback with one of our team members.

IP-rated LED Batten Lights

IP-rated lighting refers to lights which have some degree of resistance against either dust, or water. IP-rated lights are most suitable for humid environments such as bathrooms, or premises which generate a lot of dust and debris, like workshops.

IP ratings consist of two numbers – the first, which denotes how high the resistance to dust is, and the second, which denotes water resistance.

We currently stock LED batten lights with a number of degrees of resistance, but our most common models have an IP20 rating (resistant to large pieces of debris, but not water-resistant) and IP65. IP65 rated batten lights offer total protection against dust, as well as protection against direct sprays of water).

If you’d like more information about the different IP ratings and what they mean, feel free to visit our total guide to IP rating and bathroom lighting.

Why Buy LED Batten Lights From Simple Lighting?

At Simple Lighting, we cater for a range of commercial and industrial settings. If you are looking to refit your store, or you need extra lighting in a part of your factory, our team of experts can talk you through all of the options available. Our LED Batten Lights range is designed to provide the same equivalent power that tube fittings and fluorescent batten lighting do, but without the cost or the energy consumption.

For reliable LED lighting for your commercial premises, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team via our Contact page. Our resident lighting experts can advise you on topics such as placement, type of lighting, and how to find the ideal light fitting for your space.

At Simple Lighting, we really do try to take the guesswork out of choosing a lighting set-up for your home, commercial premises, or garden. Browse our full lighting range, to see how you could upgrade your lighting today.

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