Led Batten Lights: Brighten Any Space And Corners

Compared to a tube light, LED batten lights are a much more eco-conscious alternative. LED batten lights are suitable for both commercial and industrial settings and are able to illuminate and brighten large spaces such as factories or warehouses.

An LED batten fitting has the ability to last for an extensive period of time, meaning it doesn’t require much upkeep and doesn’t need to be replaced regularly, unlike regular battens. Comparing an LED batten light to LED downlights or LED panel lights, batten lights provide a white strip of illumination instead of filling the whole area with a beam of light.

Found in an array of places, including garages, schools and general commercial space, LED batten lights are used daily up and down the country. If you’re interested in finding out the benefits of LED battens and how they can be integrated into your commercial or industrial space, read on to find out more information about our range.

What Are the Best LED Batten Lights?

In recent years, LED battens have proven immensely popular with those who own businesses or have commercial properties. Not only are LED battens health and safety-compliant, energy-efficient, robust and money-saving, but they also offer a sleek design thanks to their simple structure.

Made with integrated LED bulbs, our batten lights last for an extensive period of time, thanks to their long life span. Compared to incandescent-run batten lights, LED batten lights can run in commercial properties for longer because of their ability to stay on for longer periods without getting dimmer.

Just one non-dimmable or dimmable LED batten light can provide powerful illumination that can reach every corner of a room. LED lights can last up to 90% longer than a fluorescent batten tube light, providing efficient, constant light for your commercial space.

One of the greatest things about LED battens is that they’re resistant to dust, humidity and other hazards. The majority of our batten lights are IP-rated, making them perfect for a variety of different indoor spaces - this includes bathrooms.

There’s no specific LED batten light that triumphs over the others because it will depend on your lighting requirements. Just ensure that you’re buying from trusted suppliers like Simple Lighting to guarantee that you’re only getting top-quality products!

How to Choose the Right LED Batten Light

Whether it’s an office floor, supermarket or school, Simple Lighting provides an array of different-sized LED batten lights. We understand that commercial spaces can come in all different shapes and sizes, which is why we provide so many batten light options.

With a variety of sizes ranging from six feet, five feet and two feet, there is an LED batten fitting for every business owner. Our bigger models have a slimline design and are made with LED chips, which help to emit a wide angle of light.

Opting for the larger batten light option is great if you have a big commercial space, similar to a factory or warehouse. LED batten lights create excellent illumination regardless of the size and space in which they’re installed. No matter the length of the batten light you go for, you can rest assured that the quality will still be the same.

Are LED Batten Lights Eco-Friendly?

If your light structure is LED-powered, then it means that it’s considerably better for the environment compared to regular lighting solutions. The great thing about batten lights is that they offer quick, efficient lighting while being incredibly eco-conscious.

LED battens aren’t prone to overheating, meaning they’re safe to have installed. Because our LED products are beneficial for the planet and last for such a long time, they don’t contribute to landfills anywhere as much as regular LED batten lights do.

Because of their long life span, you won’t have to worry about regular upkeep or replacement. Being one of the most energy-efficient forms of lighting, LED structures offer reliability and incredible brightness. All of an LED batten light’s energy is converted into light, making them the best style to go for when it comes to looking for lighting for your commercial space.

With more companies and corporations making an effort to switch up their lifestyle and make eco-conscious decisions around the workplace, it’s no surprise that LED batten fittings are becoming increasingly popular. Switching to LEDs, in general, will help you become eco-friendly within your business, but choosing batten lights is a great way to start.

Although LED batten lights add a sleek appearance and top-quality lighting to your commercial space, accidents can happen, and things are prone to going wrong now and then in a work environment - because of this, we’ve included emergency functions within all of our batten lights.

Emergency battery backups and features are available within our collection, meaning you won't have to worry about your staff or customers being left in darkness if a power outage ever occurs. If you’re unsure how our emergency features work, feel free to contact a member of our team to find out more.

LED Batten Lights at Simple Lighting

Simple Lighting is one of the best lighting suppliers in the UK, having provided customers with quality lighting solutions, including LED batten lights, for numerous years. Not only does Simple Lighting care about its customer's opinions and value feedback, but the team also works tirelessly to improve its products and bring out more collections.

With quick-find features across our collections, it’s easier than ever to view and add your chosen non-dimmable or dimmable LED batten lights or lighting products to your wish list or checkout. Simple Lighting has obtained an excellent rating from customers who have previously shopped with us.

We aim to make our customer's shopping experience the best that it can be, which is why we work collaboratively as a company to strengthen our website and user experience. With five-star reviews, it’s safe to say that our method is working - we’ve supplied white LED battens to residents of the UK all year round.

At Simple Lighting, we try to be as affordable as possible, offering great prices for LED batten lights. To shop our collection, we encourage you to explore our products by scrolling down - with just one simple click; you could have your batten lights in the postage.

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  1. 6 Foot, 1800mm LED Batten 60w With Samsung Chips close view
    6 Foot, 1800mm LED Batten 50w, Cool or Natural White
    £20.82 £24.99 Was £59.99 Save £35.00 As low as £21.99
  2. 2 Foot, 600mm LED Batten 20w 4000K Natural White With Samsung Chips
    2 Foot, 600mm LED Batten 20w 4000K Natural White With Samsung Chips
    £9.16 £10.99 Was £19.99 Save £9.00
    Out of stock
  3. 2 Foot, 600mm, 20w LED Batten 6000K, Cool White With Samsung Chips
    2 Foot, 600mm, 20w LED Batten 6000K, Cool White With Samsung Chips
    £9.16 £10.99 Was £13.89 Save £2.90
  4. black linear hanging light
    Black 40w LED Linear Hanging (Suspended) Light
    £80.00 £96.00 Was £118.99 Save £22.99
  5. front of a 60w LED batten, 150cm
    5FT, 60w CCT LED Batten Light, 150CM, Colour Adjustable
    £19.99 £23.99 Was £37.15 Save £13.16
  6. 60w LED batten light, 180cm
    6FT, 60w LED Batten, 180CM, Colour Adjustable
    £24.99 £29.99 Was £43.99 Save £14.00
  7. 150cm IP65 NCF batten light
    60w, 5FT, NCF IP65 LED Batten Light, 150CM - Colour Adjustable
    £28.32 £33.99 Was £49.99 Save £16.00
  8. side of a 60w CCT IP65 LED batten with emergency module, 150cm
    60w CCT IP65 LED Batten Light, 5FT with Emergency Module, 150CM
    £49.16 £58.99 Was £85.85 Save £26.86
    Out of stock
  9. 60w LED batten light with microwave sensor
    60w CCT LED Batten Light with Microwave Sensor, 180CM/6FT
    £32.49 £38.99 Was £55.79 Save £16.80
  10. 60w LED batten light with emergency module and microwave sensor
    60w LED Batten with Emergency Module and Sensor, 150CM/5FT
    £49.99 £59.99 Was £85.99 Save £26.00
  11. 60w LED batten light with microwave sensor
    60w CCT LED Batten Light with Microwave Sensor, 150CM/5FT
    £29.16 £34.99 Was £49.99 Save £15.00
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