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Indoor lighting is a way to add a final flourish to your home or to completely change the mood of a room. It can draw attention to a great architectural feature or create a statement all on its own - and the right pendant light can really make an impact. But from style to size, there is quite a lot to consider when buying pendant lights.

Pendant lights hang from the ceiling, but they can use either a chain, a cord or a bar to channel power down to the light. Within that definition, there is a huge range of shapes, colours and styles to help you personalize your home and complement its style. 

Choosing a Pendant Light

These hang from a central fixture and can illuminate a certain point, such as a dining table or a kitchen island and you can really add a wow factor when paired with plinth lights around the island. This is useful for an area where you're likely to be doing a task, such as preparing food or playing a board game.

Should I Go For Multi- Light Pendants?

If you're looking to really make a style statement then a multi-light pendant is a great option. This gives a greater range in the cast of its light, meaning that it can illuminate a wider area - making it this style of light ideal for living rooms or hallways. You can find multi-light pendants in all sorts of configurations. Most popularly, people like them in groups of three or four, but arrangements with higher numbers of outlets can be found if you have an especially large space to light up.

Will Pendant Lights Will Suit My Home?

The right purchase really depends on one factor - the space that you are adding your pendant light to. Firstly combine them with led light bulbs because LED Lighting will save you money. Following this, think about the location, height and surroundings where you'd like to install your light. Consider if you need it to provide functional task lighting, illuminate a large area, or whether the space is already well-lit and your pendant light is only needed to add an ambient glow. Functionality is important, but so too is style - some people perfect something sleek and modern, others like a more traditional style of pendant light. You might want something low-key or a design that can really take centre-stage in the room. The scale is also critical in deciding which light to choose- anything too small will get lost in the room and anything too large will look crowded. Measure your source carefully before you make a decision so that you know what size of the pendant light would fit nicely and how long a cord it needs.

The Finishing Style

Your final choice is to do with materials and colours. Pendant lights come in pretty much every material you care to name, from fabric to glass, metal, plastic and even concrete. What you select will need to complement your choice of interior design as well, and add the perfect finishing touch to your decorating scheme. So think about the finish that will best enhance your home's style - from a dash of bold velvet to glamorous brass finishes or industrial-looking glass shades - there really is something for every home.

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