White GU10 Recessed Downlight

Input Voltage
Input Voltage
3 Years
IP Rating
IP Rating
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  • Mains powered, fixed downlight
  • Gorgeous white bezel
  • 80mm diameter that requires a 60-65mm cut-out hole
  • Includes a GU10 lamp holder
  • 3-year warranty
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White GU10 Recessed Downlight
£1.66 £1.99 Was £3.95 Save £1.96
White GU10 LED Downlight - Quick to Install White GU10 LED Downlight - Quick to Install

Quick to Install

Installing this LED downlight is quick and easy because it’s equipped with features that simplify the process. It’s mains powered, so you don’t need to purchase a separate LED driver or transformer to make it work. All you have to do is plot the placement of the fixtures, trim the cut-out holes, wire the downlights directly to the mains circuit and add a bulb of your choice. After you finish cleaning, you can relax in your stunningly bright space!

If you plan to DIY the installation of this LED downlight, ensure that you have the right tools and experience. Otherwise, it’s better to call for an electrician to avoid any accidents and risks.

Gorgeous White Bezel

This LED downlight is designed with a simple round bezel and a gorgeous white finish. It matches any aesthetics be it traditional, modern, rustic, minimalist, etc. Even with your existing furniture pieces and decorative elements, this LED downlight can blend in flawlessly as if it was there from the beginning!

While it’s tempting to fully customise a space to a certain theme, you should consider holding back if you know you won’t like it as much after a few months. If you push through, you’ll take more time to change everything, unlike if you have a neutral base where you can easily reset. So, think about using this LED downlight in your neutral ground to give you more creative freedom for the designs you want to try in the future!

White GU10 LED Downlight - Gorgeous White Bezel White GU10 LED Downlight - Gorgeous White Bezel
White GU10 LED Downlight - Works with a GU10 Bulb White GU10 LED Downlight - Works with a GU10 Bulb

Works with a GU10 Bulb

You can use this LED downlight with any GU10 bulb because it has a GU10 lamp holder. Although, you may want to consider using it with a dimmable GU10 bulb and a compatible dimmer switch since it’s a dimmable fixture!

As for the GU10 bulb, it comes in cool white, natural white and warm white light. Cool white and natural white are both suitable for task lighting. The only difference between the two colour temperatures is cool white has a crisp bluish tone, while natural white has no hints of blue or yellow. Alternatively, warm white light is ideal for ambient lighting because its yellowish shade can create a cosy atmosphere!

The Dimensions

Knowing the dimensions of the fixture is as important as learning its installation procedure, especially for recessed fixtures. If you wing it without looking at the measurements, there’s a high possibility that something may go wrong. Either the cut-out hole is too small to fit the downlight or too big that it will fall off. There’s also a chance that the downlight will protrude instead of sitting recessed because you did not consider the proportion between its height and the available ceiling void.

So, if you want to avoid any of this, take note that this LED downlight is 110mm tall with an 80mm diameter and requires a 60-65mm cut-out hole!

White GU10 LED Downlight - The Dimensions White GU10 LED Downlight - The Dimensions
White GU10 LED Downlight - 3 Year Warranty White GU10 LED Downlight - 3 Year Warranty

3 Year Warranty

While we're certain of the quality of this LED downlight, we understand that there's uncertainty when buying things online. So, we want you to know that this product comes with a fuss-free 3-year warranty! We hope that you'll see this extended guarantee as proof that this LED downlight is indeed worth your hard-earned money! 

If you have any issues or questions with this LED downlight or any of our products, feel free to drop us a call or send us an email. Our team is always prepared and enthusiastic to answer any of your inquiries and assist you with your concerns, so you can have the best and most ideal lighting system for your space!

IP20 Rated - For Indoor Use Only

You can only install this LED downlight inside your home, away from areas where water is frequent, because it is only IP20 rated. Nonetheless, there are still many areas where you can utilise it! You can install this LED downlight in your bedroom, dining room, kitchen, living room, storage room, hallway and more.

If you need a lighting fixture for bathroom and outdoor applications, you will have to look for one with an IP65 rating. Light fixtures with that IP rating are water-resistant, so jets and splashes of water will not decommission them! Although if you need a fitting for underwater applications, an even higher IP rating is required, not just IP65.

White GU10 LED Downlight - IP20 Rated - For Indoor Use Only White GU10 LED Downlight - IP20 Rated - For Indoor Use Only
More Information
Downlight Type Fixed
Base GU10
Height 110mm
Diameter 80mm
Dimmable Dimmable
Input Voltage 220-240v
Warranty 3 Years
IP Rating IP20
Cut Out Hole 60-65mm
Finish White
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