Trendi Switches & Plug Sockets

If you think switches and sockets have to be simply functional and basic, think again and get a Trendi Switch! This collection features luxurious designer switches and sockets, showcasing an unconventional colour palette and a diverse product line. Aside from the famous Trendi light switches, the line includes dimmers, cooker switches, plug sockets, fused spur switches, PC sockets, television sockets, and USB Sockets.

Trendi Switch products are perfect anywhere in your home be it in your bedroom, kitchen, dining room, living room, or home office. Since there’s a Trendi Switch for everything that you need, you’ll be able to match all your sockets and switches, creating a cohesive and clean look in your interior! Plus, they can elevate the visual appeal of your space and make your lighting and electrical setup more functional and put together.

Are Trendi Switches any good?

Getting a Trendi Switch is not a waste of investment. Every light switch and socket is made from high-quality ABS Plastic module casing and faceplate, which is fire-resistant, scratch-resistant, and incredibly easy to clean! In addition, they’re not a hassle to install. It’s like mounting a regular light switch or socket - no fancy or advanced wiring techniques are needed. Plus, they all have a screwless finish, so all you get is a clean and seamless look - like a fancy hotel!

Although Trendi Switches are associated with luxury, they’re not as expensive as you think! Even though they’re a designer series, the prices are nowhere near that level. It’s made available for everyone, so anyone can have gorgeous switches and sockets in their home!

How do you change the faceplate of a Trendi Switch?

Trendi switches have a dual plate system that allows you to swap faceplates and create a screwless look. The first plate is the one you install into the wall as usual and the second plate is the interchangeable part. So, every time you fancy a change and buy a new colour, you only have to remove the top part (second plate) and attach the new one. Easy peasy!

Does a Trendi Switch fit a standard back box and how deep should it be?

Yes, Trendi light switches and sockets are suitable for a standard back box, but for them to fit comfortably, a 25mm back box is ideal. As for the depth, it requires 16mm. Although, the bigger the space around, the better the airflow which promotes cooling.

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