Remote Control Dimmer Switch For LED Lights: Shop and Save on Our Wide Selection

Using an LED dimmer remote control to manage your lighting is a great way of achieving the exact amount of illumination you want at any given time, you can make your lights brighter for those times when you need task lighting, like cooking or reading, and turn them down lower when you just want some ambient lighting to relax by.

When installing products such as LED tape and LED Strip lights, you can choose a remote control dimmer switch for LED lights to manage your fixture from anywhere in the room with the press of a button, which includes functions such as: 

  • Switching on/off
  • Dimming the brightness

At Simple Lighting, we also have a high-quality range of smart home accessories and LED dimmer remote control. When using these, you can control your lighting from a mobile phone APP or a smart speaker. Most of our under cabinet lighting can be installed in conjunction with LED dimmers.

Commonly Available LED Dimmers

Simple Lighting offers a wide selection of LED dimmer remote controls, as well as leading and trailing edge dimmers, that suit a variety of fixtures. Some LED light bulbs can work with both leading-edge and trailing-edge dimmers. However, to ensure that you’ll succeed in dimming your lights, opt for a trailing edge dimmer. 

The primary reason for this is leading-edge dimmers have a high minimum wattage requirement. So, if you're only dimming the cabinet lights and kickboard lights in your kitchen using fixtures that have a low wattage count, the dimmer may not function properly.

Remember to check first the minimum wattage requirement of your dimmers and the total wattage of the lights you’ll connect to guarantee that the dimming function will work.

Also, some LED lights are not compatible with traditional wall dimmers. If you plan to use a wall dimmer, it should be LED-compatible. If you have any questions regarding this, you can give us a call, and we will be happy to help you find the best dimmer and light combo that will suit your preferences!

Do I Need a Special Dimmer Switch for LED Lights?

As mentioned before, LED lighting requires an LED-compatible dimmer. What will happen if you connect the dimmers you used before? If it’s not LED-compatible, the LED lights will not completely dim, or they will flicker. This is bad for your lights and can potentially ruin them. 

You see, your existing dimmers will typically have a 50w minimum power requirement. However, LED lights, with their low wattage consumption, can not meet that minimum, confusing the dimmer. Because of this, your lights will, as mentioned, flicker or create a buzzing sound. In worst-case scenarios, your lights will overheat and get damaged.

Remote control dimmer switches for LED lights and other LED-compatible dimmers are designed to accommodate the lower power of LEDs, allowing them to function smoothly and correctly. If you have the right LED fixture and LED dimmer remote control and switch combination, you will be able to enjoy a complete dimming capacity (0% to 100% dimmed)!

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