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At Simple Lighting, we're proud to be able to offer a wide range of LED Bulkhead Lights. Suited for commercial settings of all types, LED bulkhead lights can be used indoors and out, for contemporary buildings and in emergency lighting situations. Use them in the kitchen or outdoors; they'll give your business credibility! They're the perfect way to finish your outside business space, but they'll also bring you light and direction in your corridors - especially if your business is in an industrial environment. You should only buy LED Bulkhead Lights from the best, which is why you should talk to the experts at Simple Lighting today

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Why Buy LED Bulkheads From Simple Lighting?

LED bulkheads are the economical, practical way that you can light up your outside space or corridor. They're functional and stylish, and as the light is contained within the parameters of the bulkhead, you get an industrial look with simple lines - perfect for a commercial space. At Simple Lighting, we will only stock LED Bulkhead Lights from the best brands in lighting. You'll find products from COAST, Saxby and SLG Lighting in our range, and our expert team can talk you through which would suit your premises the best. LED Bulkhead Lights are known for their ability to last, and they're also known for their efficiency. If you're looking for lights that will look good on brick or plaster, LED Bulkhead Lights are the ones you want to try.

At Simple Lighting, we can cater for a wide range of industrial and commercial premises, and if you're looking to refit or refurbish your store, or you need better lighting in your warehouse, then look at LED Bulkhead Lights. You can use them outside or in, and they'll look good wherever you fit them. We have a team of bright experts on hand to help and guide you through which lighting options will suit a commercial environment, and our LED Bulkhead Lights will enhance that environment well!

Why Choose Our Range of LED Bulkheads

With Simple Lighting, we make lighting choices simple ones! Our LED Bulkhead Lights are efficient and work to brighten up your space, but they'll also be the choice for you when you need different designs and finishing options. You need your lighting choice to suit your business premises, and our LED Bulkhead Lights come in more than one style for you to choose from.

Our range has lighting with:
Dimmable functions
Motion/microwave sensors
Emergency battery packs for back-up lighting during an outage - up to 3 hours!
Gear trays with different lumen options
And more!

Our LED Bulkhead Lights are activated when your staff and customers move around, which reduces your energy expenditure and adds better security to your business. Whether you need round or square LED Bulkhead Lights, Simple Lighting has both on offer. We also offer LED bulkheads that are IP65 rated, which can withstand water and dust conditions. Not only is this perfect for environments in a manufacturing setting, but it's also great if you're working outdoors!

What Does The LED Bulkhead Lights Range Include?

If you're looking for LED Bulkhead Lights with different coloured LED bulbs for your industrial or commercial facility, we can help! From warm white and neutral white to cool white options, we have the range that you need. The warm white lights that we have emit a 3500K light temperature and the neutral white and cool white come in 4000K and 6000K respectively. Some of these LED bulbs are dimmable, and you can change the brightness of the LED Bulkhead Lights as you need. With the motion and daylight sensor capabilities, you can dim the lights when there is no one around!

At Simple Lighting, we offer an ideal choice for your outdoor spaces and staircases. Keeping people safe is a priority for your business, and with our help, you can ensure that you are meeting your safety objectives.

Contact Us Today!

Don't hesitate to give us a call today with more questions about our bespoke LED bulkhead range. Let us help you to light up your business! If you'd like to order from our LED Bulkhead Lights range, or you'd like to talk more to an expert about how we can help you to do better for your commercial space, give us a call now on 0333 443 2465. We'll advise you on the best options for your environment, and we offer next day delivery, too. If you're ordering over £75, we'll throw in free delivery, also!

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