LED Bulkhead Lights: Choose Efficiency With Commercial Grade Lights

Shop with us at Simple Lighting for all your lighting needs. Whether you need commercial lighting or domestic lighting solutions, we can be your lighting provider for all types of lights. We won’t be beaten on the quality of the products we sell, and we are proud to provide a range of LED bulkhead lights as part of one of our lighting collections.

A bulkhead light fittng is suitable for a whole range of commercial lighting settings - and what's even better is that LED bulkheads can even be used indoors and outdoors too. They can illuminate a contemporary building at night, light up walkways or paths or be used as emergency lighting. These handy lights should not be overlooked in their uses, for they do go on.

Using LEDs for any lighting need is the way to go, as LED bulbs can last for decades compared to other types of lightbulbs. Shining bright, LED bulkhead lights will easily light up any area you need. Their durability and long-lasting nature, combined with their dust-proof and water-proof features, mean they can be placed inside shower cubicles and bathrooms, in stairwells, corridors, factories, hotels, care homes, schools, offices, recreational areas, supermarkets - the list goes on. You can attach them to the wall or ceiling - the choice is yours.

Many of our bulkhead lights come with motion sensors, corridor sensors or microwave sensor functions, detecting motion and radiation motion-detecting to light up. This is great for communal commercial areas but also for outdoor security lighting. Many of our models are suitable and perfect for emergency lighting, too, putting individuals' safety first with these clever and practical lights.

Brighten up your indoor or outdoor areas today and shop for LED bulkhead lights down below. Let our bright lights light up your indoor and outdoor spaces. Buy from Simple Lighting today - browse our range of quality and functional LED bulkheads down below. You can also read on to find out more information about LED bulkheads.

Best LED Bulkhead Lights

LED bulkheads get their name from their large bulkhead fittings. They are also a tough and robust lighting option. They can withstand difficult environments, including tough weather conditions and busy spaces, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

The light casing of these LED bulkhead lights is what connects them to the wall or a surface. They are often used by businesses and in industrial areas, too - they provide bright light, so they are great for areas that require a bright and continuous light shining constantly.

Bulkhead lights are durable enough and can withstand dirt, dust and even water and vandalism. They are hard to break and so are versatile and suitable for a variety of locations.

Why Use LED Bulkheads?

Firstly, LED bulkheads are practical and extremely economical. You will not have to worry about the replacement of LED bulkhead lights for many years to come, thanks to their durability, long-lasting nature and the long lifespan of LED bulbs in particular.

There are many uses for bulkhead lights, as mentioned above. They certainly are a practical and foolproof lighting solution for many spaces and locations. Indoors or outdoors, they are functional and stylish, too.

Round outdoor LED bulkhead lights have a simple nature, which means you cannot go wrong, and they also will not date. Put them up, forget about them, and let them perform. No maintenance is required, and their resilience to dust and dirt means you can just leave them to do their thing.

The bulbs themselves are contained within the parameters of the LED bulkhead design. If you are looking for a commercial lighting option, these could be your solution. Known for their ability to last and their efficiency, there are not many bad things to say about LED bulkhead lights.

They look great mounted on the ceiling or wall, and they look at home on standard plaster or brick in an outside location. LED bulkheads are the lighting option you need to try.

The Key Features of LED Bulkheads

With the broad range of bulkhead light fittings available to you from us at Simple Lighting, many of them hold a range of features, and each one will differ from the next. Be sure to check through the product description and specification on each product when comparing products to purchase.
We have a selection of designs, styles, brightnesses, shapes and colour finishes to choose from, so we are sure there will be the perfect lighting option to suit you.

Some of the key features of our range of LED bulkhead lights include the following:

  • Motion sensors
  • Microwave sensors
  • Dimmable
  • Emergency lighting - including backup battery pack during an electrical outage
  • Choice of cool/warm/natural white lighting
  • Dome or circular shape options
  • Gear trays
  • Range of brightnesses - rated in lumens
  • Dust and waterproof - ranked with IP ratings
  • Long life span

Why Choose LED Bulkheads With Simple Lighting

At Simple Lighting, we not only stock a range of different products, but we also supply LED bulkheads from a range of different brands. Stocking brands from the likes of Saxby COAST and our very own brand, too.

Whatever lighting you are after, you can buy with us with confidence. Choose from many of our lighting ranges - if LED bulkhead lights are not quite what you were after, then check out our other types of outdoor lights, indoor lights, as well as many of our LED bulbs to go in many of your existing lighting fixtures and fittings and even lamps too.

We only stock quality lighting products, and to give you peace of mind, most of our lights come with a warranty of up to 5 years! The outdoor LED bulkhead lights and other lighting solutions on our site are endless, so be sure to check out all of our lighting options there and see them for yourself.

If you need some help with your lighting choices, it is not a problem. We have an expert and knowledgeable team and specialists in all types of lighting who are here to guide you if you need help or advice.

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  1. Side view of a round dome LED bulkhead
    18w LED Polo Twist & Lock Bulkhead / Dome Light
    £12.49 £14.99 Was £39.99 Save £25.00
  2. polo bulkhead with emergency module
    18w LED Polo Twist & Lock Bulkhead / Dome Light With 3hr Emergency Module
    £26.66 £31.99 Was £79.99 Save £48.00
  3. 18w LED bulkhead light
    18w LED Dome/Polo Bulkhead Light, 300mm
    £10.42 £12.50 Was £15.60 Save £3.10
  4. 18w polo bulkhead light with microwave sensor
    18w LED Polo Twist & Lock Bulkhead / Dome Light With Microwave Sensor
    £18.32 £21.99 Was £59.99 Save £38.00
  5. 24w LED bulkhead light
    24w LED Dome/Polo Bulkhead Light, 350mm
    £16.00 £19.20 Was £24.99 Save £5.79
  6. Round LED bulkhead fitting
    13w LED Polo Bulkhead Fitting - Natural White
    £25.82 £30.99 Was £39.99 Save £9.00 As low as £24.99
  7. 12w LED bulkhead light
    12w LED Dome/Polo Bulkhead Light, 230mm
    £9.58 £11.50 Was £14.99 Save £3.49
  8. 18w LED polo bulkhead light
    5 x 18w LED Polo Twist & Lock Bulkhead / Dome Lights
    £62.46 £74.95 Was £199.95 Save £125.00
  9. 18w LED polo bulkhead light
    10 x 18w LED Polo Twist & Lock Bulkhead / Dome Lights
    £124.92 £149.90 Was £399.90 Save £250.00
  10. Wilson 22w LED Bulkhead - White Body
    Wilson 22w LED Bulkhead - White Body
    £59.99 £71.99 Was £89.99 Save £18.00 As low as £63.99
  11. Pack of 3 LED bulkhead lights
    3 x 18w LED Polo Twist & Lock Bulkhead / Dome Lights
    £37.47 £44.97 Was £119.97 Save £75.00
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