Pop up Plug Sockets: Safety Features And Advantages

Pop up plug sockets are a modern alternative to regular sockets in the present-day home. Many people are finding fantastic uses for these handy and extremely useful plugs. Ideal for large areas, perfect for smaller kitchens and other rooms with limited space available. Say goodbye to messy extension leads, wires and cords everywhere with the help of a pop-up plug socket.

The declutter solution is right here - free your counter spaces, worktops, or desks of mess and keep unwanted wires and cables to a minimum, thanks to these great devices.

Pop up plug sockets have proven to be extremely popular for people's kitchens and home offices, in particular. These rooms in the house require a lot of power supply and therefore a need for many plug sockets. A pop-up socket helps to eliminate the mess of cables that often come with the need for lots of plug sockets.

For those who wish to achieve a minimal aesthetic for their home, the answer is here, so why not invest in a pop-up plug socket today? You will not regret it.

Check out our range of pop up electrical sockets for kitchens, work spaces, living rooms and more down below and keep reading for more information on these clever plug sockets. 

What Are Pop-Up Plug Sockets?

Pop up plug sockets are a modern and space-saving method of supplying power sockets to an area with traditional and alternative regular plug sockets along with extension leads.

They are perfect for kitchen countertop spaces, kitchen islands or any area with limited space for sockets. Also referred to as ‘pull-up sockets’, these handy plug sockets are available whenever you need them.

Simply pull on the socket to make it ‘pop up’ whenever you need it, and you push it down and away out of sight when not in use for a clean and tidy work surface.

These retractable sockets add a totally sleek vibe to a room and can make a workspace appear so much tidier.

Simple yet effective, if you use a lot of plugs and extension leads in an area that needs tidying away at certain times, then pop up plug sockets are the perfect solution for you.

Why Use Pop-Up Plug Sockets?

Many people find themselves needing plug sockets more and more, especially kitchen island pop up sockets, where the number of appliances and kitchen gadgets is considerably higher than in other rooms in the house.

Lots of houses were built decades ago and often lack enough electrical sockets in a particular area or room. This is where pop-up sockets are a great solution. Don’t continue with the hassle of unplugging and plugging certain appliances, simply invest in a handy pop-up plug socket to accommodate the multiple electrical devices you need to plug in at once.

There are many other reasons why you should choose to use pop up plug sockets, you can read all about their benefits here. 


A pop-up plug socket is the safer option when it comes to needing a supply to the mains. Having open sockets can be risky in the kitchen, there is always the potential that they could get wet or splattered with food or liquid.

Having the option to conceal your plug sockets is a great added safety feature, as well as being neat and tidy. This is also ideal if you have small children and want to protect them from electricity. 


Of course, pop up plug sockets are the ultimate space saver. Typically, you will have three or more spaces available for electrical appliances to be plugged in, usually along with a couple of USB ports on top of that.

Say goodbye to unwanted and messy-looking extension cords and wires everywhere cluttering up your space. Practical and minimal looking, if you love that clean, sleek vibe in your home,  adding pop up electrical sockets for kitchens, living rooms, workspaces, etc. is the way to go. 

Easy to Install

Adding additional wall sockets to a kitchen can be difficult and messy. If you have tiles, installing additional sockets into them could mess them up, resulting in you needing to re-tile your whole wall again. Eliminate the unwanted hassle and stress with pop up plug sockets, they are surprisingly simple to install.

All you will need to do to install a pop-up socket is to drill a hole in your kitchen countertop, making sure it is the right size for your chosen socket and in the right location. Ensure it is not too close to sinks, taps, existing cupboards or pipes underneath the counter. Once this is complete, the hard bit is done.

This shows us that pop-up sockets are a great addition to your home and have a lot less disruption for you and your family. 

Why Choose Pop-Up Plug Sockets With Simple Lighting?

At Simple Lighting, we offer a large range of pop up plug sockets for you to choose from, including a pop up socket with USB ports and pop up sockets in different colours. Buy from us with confidence - we only supply quality products from top brands.

Whether you are thinking about a pop-up plug socket for your kitchen, office or other rooms in your house, you can add that extra connectivity hassle-free and at a low cost.

Once you invest in a pop-up socket, you will not look back, you will find it very useful. Chosen from a range of colours and finishes to suit your home and interior. We have matte black, stainless steel or silver pop up plug sockets so that you can decide on the perfect finish for you depending on your preferences.

Looking stylishly sleek and practical, there are so many reasons for you to choose a pop-up socket today. Also, this handy device comes with a warranty, so invest with ease in our quality pop-up sockets.

Browse our range of pop-up sockets below, and don’t forget to take a look at our other home solution products that we stock, including our LED Strip Lights, Smart Home products, our Trendi Switches & Plug Sockets, or our beautiful LED Bathroom Mirrors.

If you would like any help choosing a pop up plug socket that's right for your home or any other product you would like help with choosing, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Simple Lighting. One of our experts will always be happy to help you.

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