Pop Up Plug Sockets

Pop up plug sockets are a modern solution for small kitchens, rooms without many electrical sockets, or those who prefer a minimalist aesthetic for their home. Pop up plug sockets are power outlets which can be concealed in a kitchen worktop, or another surface, to keep your home looking tidy and clutter-free.

Popular for use in kitchens and home offices, these easily installed worktop sockets can be completely hidden from view, and popped up when you need to plug in any electric appliance.

Our range of pop up plug sockets come in a range of finishes to suit any kitchen, with several sockets having handy USB charging ports as well. Browse our full selection of pop up plug sockets below, to find the perfect one for your home!

What are pop up plug sockets?

Pop up plug sockets are a space-saving alternative to regular plug sockets and extension leads for your kitchen, or any room with limited space or sockets. Pop up plug sockets are built into your worktops and ‘pop up’ when you need them. When not in use, they’re concealed neatly below the counter, saving you space and making your room or workspace appear much tidier.

The benefits of pop up plug sockets

Many of us find that in the modern age, we’re using more electrical appliances than ever before – especially in the kitchen. Unfortunately, houses built decades ago are often lacking in electrical sockets.

Rather than having to plug and unplug all our appliance from a single wall socket, many people are opting for pop up plug sockets which can accommodate multiple plugs, and even USB cables! Being able to plug in your toaster, microwave and coffee maker, as well as charging your phone is a huge benefit of pop up plug sockets – but it’s not the only one!

Here are just some of the benefits of installing a pop-up plug socket in your kitchen, or home.


Having live wall sockets in the kitchen can be risky, as it’s a place where there is often food and water splatter, which can be unsafe around electrical sockets. A pop-up plug socket can be popped away when not in use, protecting it from splatter. This can also be helpful if you have small children, as you can protect their curious hands as well by putting the outlet away in your kitchen island or worktop.


Pop up plug sockets typically have three or more spaces to plug electrical appliances in, meaning you won’t have to have cables from extension cords littering your counters and getting in the way as you prepare food. Many homeowners love the clean, minimal look that can be achieved with pop up kitchen sockets, and being able to tuck them away also makes cleaning your worktops a breeze!

Easy to install

Whereas adding another wall socket to your kitchen can be a messy job that involved drilling into the wall and removing tiles from your backsplash, installing a pop-up plug socket is surprisingly simple!

Rather than battling to drill into mortar or brick, you can make a small hole in your kitchen worktop, and you’re already halfway there! That’s less disruption to you and your family, for a stylish power outlet that’s bound to get friends and family thinking about getting one themselves.

Choosing your pop up plug socket

At Simple Lighting, we offer a wide range of pop up sockets for kitchens and office spaces that are easily concealed beneath countertops and other work surfaces. Whether you want to add extra connectivity options to your kitchen or simply create a more minimalist interior, we have fixtures to suit your needs.

We know that every property owner has their own style and preferences when it comes to decor, which is why we provide a range of socket styles to choose from. From matte black to stainless steel or silver finishes, we’ve got the perfect design to suit your worktop, as well as pop up plug sockets for every budget.

Add more connectivity and convenience to your kitchen with pop up power sockets with USB slots. This feature gives you more options and allows you to connect your phone or other USB devices without taking up a plug socket.

If you are looking for a way to maximise your office space or kitchen surface, then our range of pop up plug sockets could be the ideal solution for you. If you’d like help on choosing the right socket solution for your home, then feel free to get in touch via our contact page. A member of our team will be on hand to talk through your options and find the right retractable socket for your room.

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