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B22 LED Bulbs: Features And Uses

Here at Simple Lighting, we pride ourselves on providing our customers and clients with the best LED light bulbs on the market to effectively showcase your property's aesthetic in its greatest form.

LED bulbs are beginning to gain recognition for their present features and benefits. However, with years of experience in domestic, residential and commercial environments, our categories and collections have been manufactured to suit everyone’s needs more than most - should you want an experienced team to work with.

See below for our available B22 LED bulb, which will become an integral part of the multiple ambiences you want to create within your home.

Understanding the Lifespan of B22 LED Bulbs

Besides the fact that these LED light bulbs are extremely cost-effective for businesses and homeowners all around the world (due to the energy-saving benefits of LED lighting), smart features such as beam angle and lumens are also considered.

Consequently, hefty prices no longer exist with this form of lighting. - along with this, you will find that B22 LED light bulbs are simple to install. For the most part, they will have a push and twist mechanism that can be exceedingly less complex compared to a traditional downlight system.

A B22 LED bulb is often used within household fixtures, where they’re extremely sought-after in many different rooms. Below, we will go into more detail about the opposing colour temperatures (with the items available) that you can purchase to make all the difference in your productive tasks throughout the day.

There is a much more comprehensive range of bulbs than people often realise. One of the vast options is B22 LED bulbs. The B22 bulb differs from the E27 LED bulb in a few ways. The B sockets are usually light bulb bayonet mounts, and the B22 LED or the BA22 has a 22-millimetre diameter.

The B22 LED bulb features 2 mounts on either side of the bulb and is often referred to as a ‘standard’ bayonet light bulb. Due to these having almost identical features with the diameter and installation process (push and twist), you will need to ensure that the light bulb you choose fits the specifications of your household or commercial property.

What Colour Temperatures do B22 LED Bulbs Come in?

When it comes to the colour temperature of your bulb, it will come down to a measurement called Kelvins. In general, the lower the Kelvin, the warmer the tone of the bulb, and the higher the Kelvin, the lighter and whiter the bulb will be.

It is often advised that rooms that you want to have as calming and comfortable are fitted with a lower Kelvin and a warmer tone. You’ll often find that in hotels and restaurants, the bulbs are one of the most significant parts of setting the ambience.

When it comes to the B22 LED bulb (cool white), is the type you are likely to see in an office space or a room where productivity is typical. In the home, this would likely be the kitchen.

What is the Difference Between an Incandescent Bulb and a B22 LED Bulb?

The biggest and most noticeable difference between a standard B22 bulb and an LED B22 bulb is how energy efficient an LED B22 bulb is and the savings you will see on your energy bills. LED light bulbs are also known for having a much longer lifespan.

In fact, it is estimated that by switching to LED light bulbs, you can reduce your energy consumption by 90%, which is not a small amount if you consider that lighting is often the second-highest energy consumer in the home.

On top of that, the lifespan of the B22 LED bulb is noticeably longer. LED bulbs, in general, can last up to 50,000 hours - with an average lifespan of 25,000 hours. This is in contrast to a conventional incandescent bulb, where the average lifespan is only a mere 750 hours.

Taking this fact into consideration, you will notice that you’ll have to spend a ludicrous amount of money more each year compared to a B22 LED bulb. Therefore, instead of getting your tools out every few months - if you shop for a B22 dimmable LED bulb or a non-dimmable B22 LED bulb, it is essentially a win-win for all parties (including our environment). 

Why Choose Our B22 LED Bulbs?

At Simple Lighting, over the years, we’ve had a collective amount of hard-earned experience within the lighting industry across commercial, domestic and residential properties. Consequently, we have become an extremely innovative company after seeing exactly what does and doesn’t work in certain scenarios.

Whether it is a cool white LED light, warm white LED light or any other colour temperature - they will come in many different shapes and sizes, such as a B22 LED candle bulb, globe LED light bulb, golf ball LED light bulb, etc, on our website.
Having the flexibility and choice of picking your favourite B22 LED bulb design with your ideal colour temperature is something that remains essential to us. As we know, our customers will all have different needs.

Some may want a more cool/ natural setting to look out at the stars in - whilst others may need a warmer white to be able to carry out their cooking for the day.

These dissimilar situations are what we have noticed over the years, and we believe this is why our product ratings and reviews are so highly recommended - due to the plethora of options available. Not only that, but certain lights in our range are dimmable, which will save you from making the big decision of which one you want.

Do you need help choosing your B22 LED bulb or want to know more about other lighting solutions? Simply contact Simple Lighting online, our friendly team is always on hand to help.

With our delivery time being between 3-5 working days, this ensures that you will be able to maximise your lighting potential as soon as possible for the most excellent lighting experience. View below to elect your favourite LED smart light bulb(s)!

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  3. 9W Smart WiFi Colour Changing LED Bulb
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  4. S14062 Energizer LED GLS B22 (BC) 806lm 8.5W 6,500K (Daylight), Box of 4
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  6. 4 x Energizer B22 LED Candle Bulbs, 4.9w Warm White 3000K
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