LED Flood Lights and Security Lights

Illuminating huge areas, either commercial, domestic or residential, can pose more than a few problems for property owners. Finding the right lights that are bright enough for the task but that won’t cost you a fortune in energy bills is the key.

That is where Simple Lighting LED flood lights come in. Our selection of outdoor LED lights is the perfect lighting solution for illuminating wide-open spaces.

What are LED Flood Lights?

An outdoor LED floodlight is highly popular for outdoor lighting as it can be used to illuminate virtually any outdoor open space. They are designed to have a direct and intense beam angle to highlight specific but large areas.

Depending on the wattage you choose, you can get a floodlight that is comparable to the level of light that you get at midday. Not only are they super powerful, but our collection of outdoor LED floodlights is built to last. They are specifically designed to withstand harsh environments, adverse weather conditions and are protected against moisture or dust.

What are LED Flood Lights Used For?

An outdoor LED floodlight can be used for a multitude of applications, including both personal and commercial uses. Find the main uses below:

Intense Light for Expansive Areas

Our outdoor lights can be used to illuminate large, expansive exteriors and brighten up the surrounding premises of your property. One or two LED floodlights can light up the same area, which would take multiple smaller lights.

Safety and Security

Use our outdoor LED floodlight to protect a business office or industrial property by removing any shadows or blind spots from around your building. Empty office buildings can be targets for thieves, vandals and criminals, but with this intense light fitting, you can keep your business safe.

You can also install an outdoor LED floodlight with a motion PIR sensor that can act as a deterrent for any trespassers or intruders, giving you peace of mind when you and your family are safe in bed or away from home.

Whether you want to keep people out for their own safety or you wish to protect your family, property or valuable assets, a powerful LED floodlight is the ideal solution.


A LED floodlight can be used in multiple settings and are as versatile as your creativity allows. You can even pair them up with LED Tape for an extra wow factor.

Some common uses include:

  • Domestic uses, e.g. around driveways and lawns.
  • Commercial lighting projects, e.g. public parks and car parks.
  • Commercial buildings, e.g. warehouses and agricultural buildings.
  • Outdoor advertising to draw attention.

Save While Keeping your Area Secure

An outdoor LED floodlight may need to stay on for hours at a time in order to keep a property fully secure or, it may need to shine when triggered by a PIR sensor. With standard lighting, the running costs could give you serious cause for concern for your budget, but with LED technology, you have no need to worry.

With these lights, you can keep your business or home safe and secure while saving a fortune on energy. An outdoor LED floodlight provides high-level lighting at a fraction of the energy use and cost of traditional lamps. Not only that, but their longevity means less spent on maintenance and replacements.

Practical Lighting

A LED floodlight provides practical lighting solutions for your home or business. Features such as motion sensors and remote controls help to make flood lights practical and easy to use.

Design Feature

An outdoor LED floodlight is stylish, meaning it can be used to create a design feature or highlight a particular outdoor design feature. These lights, plus a cool white or natural white LED colour, will help to illuminate your space, making the feature eye catching at any time of day or night. What’s more, dimmable features will allow the exact atmosphere that you want to be created.

LED Flood Lights and Services from Simple Lighting

If you are looking for a high-quality intense outdoor light that won’t make your electricity bills soar, then we have what you need. You can browse through our full range of LED floodlights and select from the different lumens, finishes, sizes and styles to get the right light for your lighting project.

If you have any questions at all about your outdoor LED floodlight and other services we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of friendly lighting experts will be on hand to talk you through your option and help you choose the best lighting solution. Whether you’re looking to light up your home exterior, protect your office, or keep a warehouse safe, Simple Lighting has you covered.

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  1. 50w led flood light with a black body
    50w LED Floodlight in Cool White, With Samsung LEDs & a 5 Year Warranty
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  2. 30w led flood light with a black body
    30w LED Floodlight With Samsung LEDs - 5 Year Warranty
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  3. 10w LED flood light with a 1m long cable
    10w LED Flood Light, Samsung Chips - 5 Year Warranty
    £6.66 £7.99 Was £12.99 Save £5.00
  4. 100w LED Flood Light WIth Photocell Sensor in Black Body
    100w LED Flood Light With Photocell Sensor In Cool White
    £41.66 £49.99 Was £79.99 Save £30.00
  5. 10W IP65 blakc LED floodlight
    10w LED Flood Light in Cool White or Warm White LED
    £9.16 £10.99 Was £12.99 Save £2.00
  6. 50w LED flood light with a PIR sensor
    50w LED Floodlight With PIR SENSOR, IP67, 6000K IP65 Black
    £24.99 £29.99 Was £49.99 Save £20.00
  7. 10w LED Floodlight With PIR Sensor
    10w LED Floodlight With PIR Sensor, 6000K IP65 Black
    £14.99 £17.99 Was £22.99 Save £5.00
  8. 100w black led flood light in 6500K led colour
    100w Black LED Floodlight in Cool White, 6500K
    £24.16 £28.99 Was £43.99 Save £15.00
  9. 10w LED flood light
    10w LED Floodlight, 6000K IP65 Black
    £5.82 £6.99 Was £11.00 Save £4.01
  10. Front view of Dimmable Compact RGB Floodlight
    30w RGB LED Flood Light, Colour Changing With Remote Control
    £25.82 £30.99 Was £39.99 Save £9.00
  11. 100w LED flood light
    100w LED Floodlight, 6000K IP65 Black
    £33.32 £39.99 Was £59.99 Save £20.00
  12. 30w LED flood light with PIR sensor
    30w IP67, LED Floodlight With PIR Sensor, 6000K IP65 Black
    £22.00 £26.40 Was £39.99 Save £13.59
  13. 50w LED flood light
    50w IP65 LED Floodlight, 6000K IP65 Black
    £22.49 £26.99 Was £39.99 Save £13.00
  14. Full shot of a LED flood light in a black finish
    150w LED Floodlight in Black Finish, Cool White
    £82.49 £98.99 Was £119.99 Save £21.00 As low as £88.89
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Why Is It Called Flood Light?

Flood lights are fixtures that produce a massive amount of illumination, mainly catering to spacious areas. Typically, this fitting is installed outside or in an extremely large establishment because the brightness will be too overwhelming and uncomfortable if you put it in a small room.

When hearing the word flood, water is often the association. With an outdoor floodlight, that's not the case. It does not relate to water; instead, it's called that because it can flood an area with luminance. 

When purchasing flood lights, it's best to get an LED version because otherwise, the power consumption will be no joke. A fixture with poor power-to-light conversion will draw up a significant amount of energy to produce the brilliance flood lights are known for! 

Aside from that, an LED flood light has a cooler thermal output since its thermal management system puts out less heat. This feature is beneficial if you're managing a port or manufacturing plant where elevated heat raises an issue! 

Furthermore, an outdoor LED floodlight is eco-friendly because it contains no toxic substances like mercury and lead. If you plan to participate in the initiative to help preserve the environment, switching out traditional fixtures to LEDs is the best route to go!

What are the Applications of a Floodlight?

Why do you need outdoor flood lights, or do you actually need flood lights? Well, there's a reason why this type of fixture is invented. 

Illuminating Construction Sites, Manufacturing Plants and Prots 

In construction areas and manufacturing plants, high-intensity lighting systems are required for different purposes. Most of the equipment they have runs 24/7, so optimum illumination is necessary to keep the surroundings safe and easy to access should there be any issues. Outdoor flood lights are the best choice for these areas because of their high lumens output. 

Also, like construction sites and manufacturing plants, ports operate day in and out. Therefore, it requires maximum illumination at night, which can be easily supplemented by a LED floodlight!

Exterior Lighting

For buildings and homes to have extra curb appeal, they need proper façade lighting. An outdoor floodlight can supplement the necessary illumination to showcase a building's logo or a property's unique exterior features!

Highlights Monuments and Architectural Structures

Monuments and architectural structures can increase an area's worth. Some of these are important landmarks and a reminder of a country's culture and pride. With a LED floodlight, those structures will continue to steal the show even at night!

Lighting techniques like wall washing and accenting are often utilised to spotlight monuments. The accurate broad beam produced by a LED floodlight can achieve such methods, creating the perfect picture for those prominent and essential structures.

What is the Difference Between Flood Lights and Security Lights?

You may come across different types of outdoor lights through research and browsing online stores. This may include flood lights, security lights, wall lights, and others that cater to the outdoors.

You may be wondering, what is the difference between a floodlight and a security light? Short answer, there's no difference at all. However, there are different categories of flood lights - some with a sensor and some without. Security lights might mean that it includes a LED PIR sensor. 

What are PIR motion sensors? It's an electronic sensor that measures the infrared light from the object within its field of view. In simpler terms, it detects the presence of someone or something within its detection range.

If a floodlight comes with a PIR sensor, it’ll be an effective security measure for your perimeter. When a person breaks in, the floodlight will switch on once they are within range. This will startle the person and alert you that someone has entered your premises. 

Having a security light system like that will make trespassers more cautious and avoid your property altogether. Just ensure you have no blind spots and add cameras to solidify your security.

What is the Difference Between Flood Lights and LED Lights?

It’s hard to determine the difference between the two because you simply cannot compare apples with oranges. An LED light is a type of artificial light source. It’s the more energy-efficient counterpart of fluorescents, halogens, and incandescent.

On the other hand, a floodlight is a type of fixture similar to under cabinet lights, wall lights, garden lights, and other units that you install. There are various categories of floodlights, including a LED floodlight.

If you want to know how an LED floodlight differs from a fluorescent floodlight, here's a rundown! An LED floodlight, as mentioned before, is highly efficient. For minimal power consumption, it can produce an astounding amount of illumination! Because of this, enjoying that much brilliance is less problematic since your electricity bill will not suddenly shoot up.

In addition, an outdoor LED floodlight has a long average lifespan – some can last more than 30,000 hours! With this, your maintenance expenses will decrease, and you won't have a hard time maintaining your light system!

Can You Add a Motion Sensor to Flood Lights?

Are you considering using a PIR floodlight as a security light? If that's the case, you may be thinking of swapping out your existing LED floodlight. Well, if your current fixtures don't have a motion sensor, don't worry. You can simply add a PIR sensor to it without having to replace the fixture. Although, you need to consider the compatibility of the devices.

Before purchasing, ensure that you research if you can integrate a PIR sensor into the model you have. If you can, check what types of sensors are compatible with your floodlight. Follow the recommendations of the manufacturer because it’s guaranteed, so you won’t be disappointed or waste your resources.

Are Flood Lights Considered Outdoor Lights?

Because of the amount of illumination flood lights can produce, using them outdoors and in spacious areas is recommended. Putting a floodlight in a tiny space will do more harm than good because it can overwhelm your eyes and wash out everything inside the room.

As mentioned earlier, this fixture is perfect for façade lighting, highlighting significant structures and illuminating manufacturing plants, ports, and construction sites. Also, flood lights are designed to survive outdoor elements like dust, liquids, dirt, sudden weather changes and others. They have a higher IP rating and are constructed from hardwearing materials.

Information on Choosing the Right LED Flood Lights

There are many factors that can affect your choice, but most of them are derived from your needs and personal preference. So, when looking for an outdoor LED floodlight, aside from researching information, determine first what you’re looking for and the conditions that need to be addressed by the fitting. This way, you’ll have an overview of the results you want to see.

After identifying your requirements, check the price of the fixture. A LED floodlight is not that cheap. However, you still need to check if it's too much. When considering the price, please don't go for the cheapest ones because they’re most likely made from inferior materials. Remember, if you're investing in a floodlight, go for those in a reasonable range made from high-quality materials.

Also, consider the colour temperature (cool white, natural white or warm white) and lumens. Depending on where you'll place them, those two may affect the effectiveness of your lighting arrangement.

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