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LED Fire Rated Downlights

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LED Fire Rated Downlights are a long lasting and energy-efficient alternative to halogen bulbs, saving you money on your bills and reducing your carbon footprint.

At Simple Lighting, we have one of the most extensive ranges of fire-rated LED downlights on the market today, including waterproof IP65 downlights for use in the bathroom or other wet areas, and GU10 dimmable downlights.

When fitting downlights into any ceiling, one must consider the added risk of fire being able to spread throughout the building - when you cut the hole for the LED Downlight to be recessed into the ceiling, you naturally provide a route via which fire can spread easily.

Simple Lighting supply a range of LED Fire Rated Downlights that are specifically designed to inhibit the spread of fire. Each light is fitted with an intumescent pad which swells up when it reaches a certain temperature, actively preventing the fire's progress through the building's ceilings.

Plasterboard acts as a natural barrier to fire, holding it back long enough for people to evacuate, but you would be surprised by how many people fit non-fire rated downlights. Non-fire rated downlights leave the building's upper floors and residents at quite considerable risk - whenever you cut a hole into a ceiling in order to fit a recessed downlight, you MUST ensure that you always choose a certified Fire Rated LED Downlight.

To order your Fire Rated LED Downlights or to discuss any of the other lighting fixtures and fittings supplied by Simple Lighting, give us a call today on 0333 443 2465 and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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LED Fire Rated Downlights