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Here at Simple Lighting, as the leading provider of LED lighting in the UK - we’re extremely proud to offer you the widest range of LED Downlights in the industry. Our mission is to provide you with the broadest range of LED lighting so that you can make the right decisions moving forward - saving you money and the environment by reducing carbon footprint.

View our extensive storage of fire-rated downlights within this collection to add a sense of finesse and unique style to your household’s ambience.

With countless hours spent crafting the best-LED lighting available - our wonderful team is here to assist you in your decisions about what will suit your home best. Doing your due diligence and researching the products below will give you the ultimate probability of finding the fitting product.

However, if you’re completely unsure on where to begin if you’re wanting to revamp your household lighting and take it to the next level, please contact our experienced team today and we’ll be more than happy to help!


What Are Fire-Rated Downlights?

Using either your own tools or calling a professional, you will have the ability to cut a hole through your ceiling in which the light can be placed. For the most effective job, you will need to leave a small amount of space between the hole and light - should you have issues with the bulb, it can be easily taken out and fixed.

With these lights being a recessed option, they will slide nicely into your home’s decor without any fuss or mess. These downlights are only mandatory if they’re recessed (or semi-recessed). If they were surface-mounted lights or lamps, they wouldn’t need a hole in the ceiling for installation.

You may be wondering why they are called ‘fire-rated’ downlights. If you’re unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity or forefront of a fire and you have these lights installed - a fire-rated LED downlight will seal off the hole in your ceiling which will slow down the process of the emergency fire spreading.

Not only that but if you have wooden ceiling joints, this will act as structural protection. However, if you have traditional lighting or conventional recessed lights - the fire could potentially easily collapse your household or commercial building.

Fire-rated downlights compared to conventional recessed downlights will seal that hole when fitted with an intumescent pad - whereas, normal recessed lights do not cover up the hole which will cause the fire to spread at the normal rate.

Therefore, in the case of a fire, the fire-rated downlights will give a lot more protection for your household or commercial property. Not only will they present this benefit, but they will offer a seamless and sleek look to add to your lighting display.


Colour Temperature Chart For Fire-Rated Downlights

Whether you’re looking suggestively for indoor or in a few cases, outdoor fire-rated downlights - electrical panels will be needed to control the temperature and power of your LED lighting display.

High and low ceilings are applicable, but this may change the outcome of the brightness you want or need for specific daily tasks. Consequently, thorough research through our options below is a vital duty to act upon before purchasing randomly.

Being a visitor or an owner of a household requires you to provide the right lighting for each setting and environment. Anywhere from a warm orange-like colour to a cool blue/ white colour is what you’ll find when purchasing your LED fire-rated lights.

Consequently, when you’re picking a location for these lights to go - you need to consider the aesthetic and ambience it is going to present. Will an LED fixed fire-rated downlight (white) be too bright in a certain scenario and will you need more natural lighting in that area?

If you’re unsure, you can either have a detailed session looking through our options below, matching up your downlights (fire-rated) to the ambience you’re trying to set. Or, you can invest in a CCT switch - by purchasing one of these tools, it will permit users to flick between opposing colour temperatures.

Thus, you will have the capability to complement the room’s setting with the colour temperature whenever needed. Although this feature will cost more, it may be worth investing in if you want to switch up the vibe of your room every so often.


Why Choose Simple Lighting’s Fire-Rated Downlights?

With a multitude of options for your household, we have one of the most extensive ranges of fire-rated downlights for our customers to choose from. We provide you with the availability to be able to choose the finish of lighting to match your home’s decor - due to our wide range of products, there are bound to be items that measure up with the colours in your room.

After years of extensive research, our Wirral-based LED lighting company is constantly adding new technology and products to our finely constructed collection. Our innovative fire-rated LED downlights not only prevent fire from spreading at a concerning rate - but the LED lights will give you up to 25,000 hours of life.

This LED lighting alternative will save you countless amounts of money each year and preserve your bulbs from being changed every few months. A life with LED bulbs will help you to forget about the dull task of changing light bulbs, but also appreciate the beauty of each individual aesthetic.

LED fire-rated downlights will also present little to no carbon/ gas emissions when turned on compared to traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs - considering this, you will be living a much healthier and safer life in your home every single day.

With our unique plethora of LED fire-rated downlights, most of our options are dimmable - meaning that you will be able to turn down the brightness on your command. If you wanted to chill out and read a book, then this would be a perfect example of how this function could aid you.

Or, if you are preparing and cooking up a meal for your family and need the brightness to be higher - they will suit this situation also. The flexibility of our lighting options represent all our hard work and research - so that our customers have the greatest lighting experience possible, in any scenario.

Additionally, not releasing as much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as a unity will aid the environment massively and slow down global warming immensely. If we all choose LED downlights, our future generations will thank us! Choose wisely below and if you’re unsure about your decision - don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert team.

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  1. Fire Rated Downlight, GU10, Fixed - White Finish, With Quick Connectors
    Fire Rated Downlight, GU10, Fixed - White Finish, With Quick Connectors
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  2. Matt Black Fire Rated GU10 Downlight, With Quick Connectors
    Matt Black Fire Rated GU10 Downlight, With Quick Connectors
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  3. Multi Pack 10 Fire Rated Downlights - White Finish, With Quick Connectors
    Multi Pack 10 Fire Rated Downlights - White Finish, With Quick Connectors
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  4. 50 pack of LED downlight in a white finish
    Multi Pack Of 50 Fire Rated Downlights - White Finish, Includes Quick Connectors
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