LED Tape Kit, Cool, Warm & Natural White 1 to 6 Metres

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Average Life (Hours)
Average Life (Hours)
Beam Angle
Beam Angle
The total electrical power used of the light. A higher wattage no longer guarantee’s that the light is brighter. EG: there are LED products which are 5w which is equal in brightness to a 50w incandescent bulb.
Input Voltage
12v DC
Input Voltage
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  • Maximum of 6-metre LED tape
  • 5W per metre with a 120-degree beam angle
  • 5-year warranty
  • With a compatible LED driver 
  • Customizable based on you preference
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LED Tape Kit, Cool, Warm & Natural White 1 to 6 Metres
£12.49 £14.99 Was £19.99 Save £5.00
LED tape kit - Available In Lengths Between 1m & 6m Long LED tape kit - Available In Lengths Between 1m & 6m Long

Available In Lengths Between 1m & 6m Long

LED strip lights are a versatile lighting solution that you can incorporate anywhere. You can use it as a task, ambient or accent lighting to elevate and rejuvenate the visual appeal of your space. Because of the functionality of strip lights, you will encounter a variety of options which can be overwhelming for first-time buyers. So, opt for our LED tape kit if you’re starting out with this type of lighting!

When you buy this beginner-friendly pack, you’ll be able to get it in lengths between 1 metre to 6 metres max. With this, you’ll only pay for what you need, and you don’t have to worry about storing the excess, especially if you don’t extra have room to spare.

Suitable For Indoor and Outdoor Use - IP20 or IP67

You won’t be restricted when you try this LED tape kit because you can choose between an IP20-rated or IP67-rated strip. How are they different?

An IP20-rated LED strip is suitable only for indoor use. It has minimal protection against water and dirt, so you need to keep it away from areas where those elements are frequent. Instead, you can install them in your bedroom, living room or storage rooms away from the splash zones.

On the other hand, the IP67-rated strip light is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use as it has adequate protection against liquids, dirt and dust. You can add this in your bathroom, deck/patio or garage!

LED tape kit - Suitable For Indoor and Outdoor Use - IP20 or IP67 LED tape kit - Suitable For Indoor and Outdoor Use - IP20 or IP67
LED tape kit - Available In Cool, Natural or Warm White LED LED tape kit - Available In Cool, Natural or Warm White LED

Available In Cool, Natural or Warm White LED

Aside from the IP rating, you can also choose the colour temperature of the strip light in this kit. You can pick between cool, natural or warm white light. If you don’t know how they look in a space, here’s a gist!

Cool white light and natural white light are ideal for task lighting. The only difference is that cool white has a crisp bluish tone, whereas natural white has no hints of blue or yellow. If you want something more clear-cut, get cool white but if you prefer something more comfortable, get natural white. Alternatively, warm white light is suitable for ambient lighting as it produces a yellowish tone, creating a cosy vibe. This colour is perfect for your bedroom, living room and other areas you relax!

Easy & Quick To Install

One of the reasons why many people are leaning towards strip lights is their easy installation. This strip light has an adhesive backing that sticks securely to almost any surface. Please ensure that before attaching the LED strip, you have already cleaned the area where you’ll mount it since dust and dirt can loosen its grip.

So, when you’re done planning and preparing, just cut the strip according to the sizes you need (cuttable every 1-metre increments), connect it to a compatible LED driver, wire the driver to the mains circuit or add a plug at the end!

If you’re unsure about doing the installation alone, it’s best to call for a professional. Although you’ll pay extra, at least you’re safe, and your lights are installed correctly!

LED tape kit - Easy & Quick To Install LED tape kit - Easy & Quick To Install
LED tape kit - Supplied Including a LED Driver LED tape kit - Supplied Including a LED Driver

Supplied Including a LED Driver

The LED strip in this kit is low-voltage. Because of that, you cannot wire it directly to the mains circuit. You’ll need to connect it first to an LED driver so it can regulate the electricity that will flow through your lights.

Finding the appropriate LED driver for strip lights can be confusing since you need to do some math. You cannot get the first thing you see because it may be too low for the number of strips you’ll use! Fortunately, you’ll never have to go through that difficulty because this kit includes a LED driver. Once you receive it, you can immediately proceed with the installation and enjoy the beautiful brilliance these strip lights bring!

Five Year Warranty

Regarding the quality of this LED strip, we guarantee you will not be disappointed. It’s made from high-quality materials and can last 50,000 hours which is ten times longer than a traditional fixture! Because of this, you can continue using this strip light for years, lowering your maintenance fee.

Although, if you have any inhibitions about buying this LED tape kit, we totally understand because you cannot physically examine the product. We know that buying online can be tricky. So, to give you extra assurance and more confidence in our product, we’re offering a fuss-free 5-year warranty for the LED strip and a 1-year warranty for the LED driver! If you have any concerns, feel free to email or call us, and we’ll happily assist you.

LED tape kit - Five Year Warranty LED tape kit - Five Year Warranty
More Information
Average Life (Hours) 50,000
LED Strip Type Single Colour
Beam Angle 120°
Length Max 6m
Dimmable Non-Dimmable
Input Voltage 12v DC
Power 5w
Cable Length 1000mm
Warranty 5 Years
Width 10mm
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