Infrared Hand Movement Sensor Switch

Input Voltage
Input Voltage
IP Rating
IP Rating
The total electrical power used of the light. A higher wattage no longer guarantee’s that the light is brighter. EG: there are LED products which are 5w which is equal in brightness to a 50w incandescent bulb.
Max 250w
3 Years
In stock
  • Maximum Wattage: 250w (incandescent/halogen) 70w LED
  • Controls: LED, Halogen, Drivers/Power Supplies, Tungsten
  • Sensor: IP44; Casing: IP20
  • Cable Length: 1500mm from white box to sensor
  • Sensor Diameter: 15mm
  • Cutout Hole of the Sensor: 12mm
  • Detection range: 5-6cm
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Infrared Hand Movement Sensor Switch
£13.04 £15.65 Was £29.95 Save £14.30

An infrared sensor switch, suitable with your modern lights!

Smart home devices are steadily gaining popularity because of the convenience it brings to the home. That is why more and more people are investing in upgrading their home with this latest technology. If you're not yet ready to commit to a complete Smart home upgrade, you can start by adding our infrared sensor switch with your lights. Using this will help you conveniently operate your lights without having to touch them.

infrared sensor switches are perfect for the kitchen and other areas in your home where you tend to get your hands dirty. You don't want to get any of that flour or grease on your light switch, or you don't want to touch them with wet hands. It's not even an option to work in the kitchen without turning on your lights! That will be much more dangerous. With this infrared sensor switch, you can quickly turn on and off your lights without having to touch them with your wet or dirty hands.

Our infrared sensor switch is integrated with a small infrared sensor that allows the touchless activation of your lights. This sensor switch is also mains powered, so you don't need any transformers or other devices to make them work. Also, if you pair them with any mains powered LED lights, the installation will be simpler and faster to finish.

This infrared sensor switch is perfect to pair with under cabinet lights or over cabinet lights. Since these lights are within reach, you'll be able to utilise this sensor with them more compared to other types of lights. This sensor switch has a maximum power of 250w and a size of 35mm x 20.16mm x 75mm.

We offer a 3-year warranty for this product so you can continue to enjoy them for a long time without any worries.

More Information
Input Voltage 220-240v
Width 35mm
Height 20.16mm
IP Rating IP20
Length 75mm
Power Max 250w
Warranty 3 Years
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