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2m or 5m Extension Cable For LED Cabinet Lights & LED Tape

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  • 2 or 5m long extension cable
  • Used with all of our single colour LED Cabinet Lights & LED Tape
  • Simple plug and play system
  • Maximum cable extension can be 8 metres including the wire of your LEDs
  • Clean white colour
£2.50 £3.00 Was £4.99 Save £1.99
2m or 5m Extension Cable For LED Cabinet Lights & LED Tape
£2.50 £3.00 Was £4.99 Save £1.99

The cable that you need to wire your LEDs wherever you want!

LED lights are the hottest item in the lighting industry, so if you want to keep up with the trend, better change out those old fluorescent and incandescent bulbs to the latest LEDs! However, you might sometimes hit a bit of a bump when you do the switch, which is wiring. Well, don’t worry because we’ve already foreseen this problem, that is why we present our extension cable for LED cabinet lights and LED Tape! With these extension cables, your wiring troubles disappear, and you’ll be able to place your lights wherever you want!

This extension cable is designed explicitly for our single colour LED cabinet lights and LED Tape. It will not be compatible with other types, so make sure that you check if your LED tape or cabinet lights are single coloured before buying. You might waste your money if you end up having incompatible products.

Our versatile extension cable is available in two lengths - 2m or 5m long. These options will allow you to add enough extra cable to your LED cabinet lights and LED Tape to reach back to your LED driver. Plus, they have a simple plug and play system that makes extending cables quick and easy. You can DIY it if you want since it is pretty straightforward. But if you’re doing a complicated lighting layout, you may be better getting an electrician to help you.

The maximum cable length that you have between your LED cabinet light or LED Tape and your LED driver is 8 metres, this length INCLUDES the length of the cable that comes already attached to the LED cabinet light or the LED Tape (which is usually 1.5-2.5m). This is perfect, especially if you're targeting areas that are pretty far from the power supply. Also, if you have limited power sources, you should have no problem wiring your lights since these extensions should give you more than enough cable to work with.

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