LED Tape, RGBW 19.2w P/M, 60 LEDs Warm White

Average Life (Hours)
Average Life (Hours)
IP Rating
IP Rating
Beam Angle
Beam Angle
A measure to the brightness of a LED Light. Example being 320 lumens would be the equivalent in brightness to a old fashioned 50w Halogen spot light.
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  • Select from hundreds of different LED colours
  • Cut To Measure - personalised to your requirements
  • 1m long wire soldered onto the end of each LED Strip
  • Available in any length between 0.1m to 10m long (100mm to 10,000mm)
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • High Power LED Strip - Super Bright!
  • Can be controlled using a remote control, mains wall plate or through our App and Smart speaker (Sold Separately)
£9.17 £11.00 (£11.00 per metre) Was £12.00 Save £1.00
Compatible When Used With Our Smart Home Module
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Up to 5 year guarantee on lightbulbs
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LED Tape, RGBW 19.2w P/M, 60 LEDs Warm White
£9.17 £11.00 (£11.00 per metre) Was £12.00 Save £1.00
19.2w RGBW LED Strip Light - RGBW Colour Changing LED Tape 19.2w RGBW LED Strip Light - RGBW Colour Changing LED Tape

RGBW Colour Changing LED Tape

Are you one of those people whose home is always the venue for parties? If you are, then you should get our RGBW LED strip! This RGB + Warm White LED tape gives you all the creative flexibility of having colour-changing LED tape while still keeping the option of a static and relaxing warm white light. With this, you’ll be able to create the perfect atmosphere for when you have themed parties or when you’re relaxing with your family. 

Also, this LED strip light includes a fuss-free and trouble-free 5-year warranty! With this, we hope that the confidence we have in this strip light will be reflected and, in turn, encourage you to purchase it!

24v DC - Needs an LED Driver

This LED strip light is 24v DC, so you’ll need a 24v DC LED driver to power it. To choose the correct driver, you must know exactly how many metres of LED strip you will use to light a particular area. You may need more than one LED driver for the job (if you’re installing LED tape on opposite ends of a room, for example), but also note that you can connect several strips of LED tape to the same driver.

If you want to power three metres of this RGBW LED strip, simply multiply three metres by the wattage per metre (in this case, 19.2w). So, you will be using a total of 57.6w for three metres. Therefore, choose the driver closest to this wattage, always rounding up.

19.2w RGBW LED Strip Light - 24v DC - Needs an LED Driver 19.2w RGBW LED Strip Light - 24v DC - Needs an LED Driver
19.2w RGBW LED Strip Light - Diverse Control Options 19.2w RGBW LED Strip Light - Diverse Control Options

Diverse Control Options

There are many ways to manage this LED strip light, so you can find one that suits your needs. You can pair it with a remote control with a standard LED driver to remotely utilise all the settings on your RGBW LED strip, including changing mode settings, dimmer settings, and colour-changing settings. There’s also the option to use an RGBW wall controller with a standard LED driver, so you can use a touch panel colour wheel to access hundreds of stunning LED colours available with RGB tape through. This also allows brightness control, colour-changing modes and four-zone control, so you can power four different areas or rooms using one controller. 

For something more advanced, you can use a smart controller to control your lights using Alexa or Google Home or an App and Smart Home module. You need to add the Smart Home receiver, and you’ll have access to this! 

Quick and Easy to Install

Mounting this LED strip light is quick and easy since it has an adhesive backing which sticks to almost any surface. You only need to wipe the area clean, remove the cover of the 3M double-adhesive and attach it to where you want to put your strip lights! As for the wiring and powering, follow the installation instructions and get the appropriate LED driver for the control option you want.

You can also use an LED profile to protect this LED strip light from dust, dirt and curious finger, giving it a more polished and finished look! Although installing this strip light is pretty straightforward, call for an electrician if you’re not confident doing it yourself.

19.2w RGBW LED Strip Light - Quick and Easy to Install 19.2w RGBW LED Strip Light - Quick and Easy to Install
19.2w RGBW LED Strip Light - Energy Efficient! 19.2w & 420 Lumens (per Metre) 19.2w RGBW LED Strip Light - Energy Efficient! 19.2w & 420 Lumens (per Metre)

Energy Efficient! 19.2w & 420 Lumens (per Metre)

LED lights are famous for being low maintenance, cost-effective, and eco-friendly. But most importantly, their unparalleled efficiency sets them apart since they can convert most of the power they consume into light with minimal waste. With this, LED fixtures only need a small amount of energy to produce outstanding brilliance! Powered by that same technology, this RGBW LED strip light only requires 19.2w per metre to make 420 lumens maximum brightness with a wide 120-degree beam angle

Aside from that, this LED strip light has a long average lifespan of 50,000 hours which is ten times longer than a non-LED fitting! So, aside from saving from reduced electrical consumption, your maintenance expenses will also be lessened!

Free Bespoke Cutting Service

We offer a free bespoke cutting service when you purchase this LED strip light. Just let us know the length you require, so you don’t have to buy more than you need. Also, every individual LED strip will have a one-metre-long wire soldered at the ends of each strip free of charge, which you can cut shorter during installation if needed. If you require a longer wire, you can call us before placing your order, and we’ll make the necessary arrangements. 

This LED tape is cuttable in 100mm increments to a maximum continuous length of 10 metres, so remember to round down to the nearest 100mm when placing your order. If you need custom cutting, kindly call us as well to discuss further!

19.2w RGBW LED Strip Light - Free Bespoke Cutting Service 19.2w RGBW LED Strip Light - Free Bespoke Cutting Service
More Information
Average Life (Hours) 50,000
LED Strip Type RGBW
IP Rating IP20
LED Colour RGB + WW
Beam Angle 120°
Length Max 10m
Lumens 420
Dimmable Dimmable
Input Voltage 24v DC
Power 19.2w
Cable Length 1000mm
Warranty 5 Years
Width 12mm
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