3 x Recti Superslim 5w LED Cabinet Lights

Average Life (Hours)
Average Life (Hours)
IP Rating
IP Rating
Beam Angle
Beam Angle
A measure to the brightness of a LED Light. Example being 320 lumens would be the equivalent in brightness to a old fashioned 50w Halogen spot light.
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£37.41 £44.89 Was £53.20 Save £8.31
3 x Recti Superslim 5w LED Cabinet Lights
£37.41 £44.89 Was £53.20 Save £8.31

3 under cabinet lights featuring a superslim design that produces natural white light and a 12Vdc LED power supply with a fast plug-in system.

Are you looking for a lighting solution for your dark under cabinet areas? Don’t go anywhere because we’ve got you! Our Recti Superslim 5W LED Cabinet Lights & 12Vdc LED power converter bundle is the answer to your problems. With this 3 pack of Recti Superslim 5W LED Under Cabinet Lights, your kitchen will have the best lighting, perfect for meal preps or entertaining guests. They will brighten up your space and add aesthetic visual appeal with their anodized aluminium finish.

Our Recti Under Cabinet Lights have an average life of 30,000 hours, an IP rating of IP20, a 120-degree beam angle, and a brightness of 380 lumens. Long-lasting, check. Safe, check. Wide-coverage, check. Bright, check. If you’re still not convinced, then here’s more... They measure 190mm x 70mm X 4mm and only consume 5W per light, making them super cheap to run. They produce a natural white light that gives you a clearer view of your surroundings, great for kitchen safety.

If you are worried about installation, don’t be. Setting-up the fixtures is simple and easy. All you have to do is wire the 2-metre cable from the light to the LED driver. Fix the lights to the bottom of your cabinets & either have your LED driver wired into your light switch or pop a plug onto the end of the driver cable and plug it into an empty plug socket. That’s it! You won’t even break a sweat. We offer a 3-year warranty on these lights, just in case.

The Recti Superslim 5W LED Cabinet Lights can be controlled in different ways:

Basic Set-Up - This is how we supply this kit as standard. Switch the lights on and off using a light switch or plug socket by having your LED power supply wired directly into your light switch or simply popping a plug onto the end of the cable and plugging it into an empty socket.

Remote Dimming - By purchasing one of our unique remote controls, you’ll be able to dim the brightness from 1-100% and turn the cabinet lights on & off from anywhere in the room. Product Code SLG3DIM.

Simple ‘plug-and-play’ extension cables of 2 meters and 5 meters long are available for the Recti cabinet lights if you find that you need more length between your lights and your LED power converter. Product Code 7183.


The Recti Superslim 5W LED Cabinet Lights cannot run without an LED power supply. That is why we included in this bundle a 15W 12Vdc LED Power Converter to keep your lights alive. It has six ports, a 15w maximum power capacity, and an IP rating of IP20. Additionally, it is 123mm long, 43 mm thick, and 19 mm tall. We’ve also got you covered with a 1-year warranty for this product. Now, you can enjoy a bright space without worrying about the power.

More Information
Cable Length 2 Metres
Length 190mm
Width 70mm
Average Life (Hours) 30,000
Height 4mm
IP Rating IP20
Finish Anodized aluminium
LED Colour Natural White 4000K
Beam Angle 120°
Lumens 380
Dimmable Non-Dimmable
Input Voltage 220-240v
Power 5w
Warranty 3 Years
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