White GU10 Tilt Downlight. Die-Cast Twist & Lock

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Input Voltage
Input Voltage
5 Years
IP Rating
IP Rating
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  • Constructed from die-cast aluminium
  • Tilt downlight with a twist and lock bezel
  • Stunning white finish
  • 82mm cut-out hole requirement
  • 5-year warranty
£5.71 £6.85 Was £7.99 Save £1.14
White GU10 Tilt Downlight. Die-Cast Twist & Lock
£5.71 £6.85 Was £7.99 Save £1.14
Tilt White Downlight - Tilt Downlight Tilt White Downlight - Tilt Downlight

Tilt Downlight

Multi-function spaces require flexible lighting solutions to keep up with the variety of activities that takes place. If you only have a single static light source, it may not be enough to supplement all your lighting needs! 

This LED downlight has an adjustable gimbal, allowing you to redirect the light beams wherever you please. This is perfect for dining rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms that are used as sleeping areas and workspaces. Also, tilt downlights are ideal if you like rearranging and restyling your home. You don’t need to be boxed in a particular look just because you cannot reposition your mounted lighting. So, if you’re debating whether to get a tilt or fixed downlight, a tilt downlight can give you more freedom!

Three LED Colour Selections (Optional)

The GU10 LED bulb that you can pair with this LED downlight is available in three LED colours: cool white, natural white or warm white light. If you don’t know which to get, here’s a simple guide!

Cool white and natural white light are most suited for task lighting. Both are exquisitely bright, causing you to be alert and focused. The only difference between the two is cool white has a crisp bluish tint, whereas natural white resembles a cloudless sunny day (no hints of blue or yellow). On the other hand, warm white light is ideal for ambient lighting because its yellowish shade can help stage a relaxing and cosy atmosphere!

Tilt White Downlight - Three LED Colour Selections (Optional) Tilt White Downlight - Three LED Colour Selections (Optional)
Tilt White Downlight - Premium Quality, Made from Die-Cast Aluminium Tilt White Downlight - Premium Quality, Made from Die-Cast Aluminium

Premium Quality, Made from Die-Cast Aluminium

If you’re looking for hardwearing lighting fixtures, you should include this LED downlight in your list! It’s constructed from die-cast aluminium, so expect it to last for years without tarnishing or rusting. Just remember to wipe the bezel every time you clean, so no dust build-up can cover its gorgeous white finish!

Because of the neutral colour of this downlight’s bezel and its adjustable gimbal, restyling your home will be a piece of cake since this fixture can adapt well. Whether you choose a classy traditional interior or a modern aesthetic, this fixture will blend well and not look out of place. With this, you can let your creativity flow and make your vision come to life!

GU10 - No Transformer Needed

When it comes to installation, this LED downlight will not give you any problems because it’s mains powered and has a twist and lock mechanism (quick bulb changes)! All you need to do is wire your fitting directly to the mains circuit, add a GU10 bulb, and you’re done!

Just be extra careful and ensure that you prioritise your safety. Switch off your circuit breaker before connecting anything. Also, if you’re not confident doing it yourself, call for an electrician. Although you’ll pay extra, at least your safe and your lights are installed correctly.

This LED downlight is designed with a GU10 holder, so it’s compatible with any GU10 bulb. However, since it’s dimmable, pairing it with a dimmable GU10 bulb and a compatible dimmer switch will enable you to utilise its dimming function!

Tilt White Downlight - GU10 - No Transformer Needed Tilt White Downlight - GU10 - No Transformer Needed
Tilt White Downlight - The Dimensions Tilt White Downlight - The Dimensions

The Dimensions

Before going to the installation part, you first need to plot and identify the positioning of your lights. In line with this, you have to look for areas where the fixture will fit and maximise its potential. With recessed lighting, getting the correct measurements is crucial because one misstep can either result in your lights protruding from your ceiling or falling off!

So, note that this LED downlight measures 120cm tall with a 92mm diameter and requires an 82mm cut-out hole. Prior to cutting, plot and mark first because markings are easier and faster to remedy than patching a hole! This will save you time, effort and money since you’ll minimise any mistakes.

Suitable Indoors Only - IP20 Rated

This LED downlight is suitable for indoor use only since it’s just IP20 rated. You’re free to use it anywhere in your home, given that it’s away from any water sources. If you want to install a downlight in your bathroom or outside, you need to look for one with a higher IP rating. It may get damaged if you risk using this downlight in those areas!

So, a fixture with an IP65 rating is the most suitable for outdoor and bathroom use. Those fittings can survive against jets and splashes of water. However, if you’re looking for a lighting solution that you can submerge underwater, you’ll need to look for one with an even higher IP rating.

Tilt White Downlight - Suitable Indoors Only - IP20 Rated Tilt White Downlight - Suitable Indoors Only - IP20 Rated
More Information
Quick Order Code HP/TW
Downlight Type Adjustable/Tilt
Base GU10
Height 120mm
Diameter 92mm
Dimmable Dimmable
Input Voltage 220-240v
Warranty 5 Years
IP Rating IP20
Cut Out Hole 82mm
Finish White
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