GU10 Downlight, Tilt, Die-Cast In Satin Chrome

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Input Voltage
Input Voltage
3 Years
IP Rating
IP Rating
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  • Tilt Downlight
  • Made from Die-Cast Aluminium
  • Stunning Satin Chrome Downlight
  • Twist and Lock Mechanism
  • 3-year warranty
£4.99 £5.99
GU10 Downlight, Tilt, Die-Cast In Satin Chrome
£4.99 £5.99
die-cast LED downlight - Tiltable Downlight die-cast LED downlight - Tiltable Downlight

Adjustable / Tilt Downlight

Before purchasing a LED downlight, you need to be aware of its types. Fixed downlights are those with a steady downward beam that is excellent for highlighting wall art and accent walls and adding depth and dimension to a space. 

On the other hand, a tiltable downlight (like this one) allows you to redirect the light beam wherever you prefer! It’s more functional and more useful for areas that have several purposes, like the kitchen, dining room, and bedrooms, which are both workspace and sleeping quarters. A tiltable downlight is more convenient to have since whenever you want to rearrange, you don’t need to reinstall your lights - just tilt the gimbal!

Quick & Easy Installation

Sometimes, complicated installations tend to make the product less appealing. Well, easy DIYs are always preferable over tedious procedures. Fortunately, this LED downlight is right on track with its quick and easy installation!

It’s designed with a twist and lock mechanism making bulb changes fast and effortless. Plus, it’s mains powered, so you don’t need to purchase an LED driver or transformer to make it work. Just wire it directly to the mains, add a bulb, and you’re done!

If you plan to do the installation alone, guarantee that you prioritise your safety. Switch off the fuse box and ensure that you have prior experience and are knowledgeable about the process. However, if you’re not confident, call for an electrician. Although you’ll pay extra, at least you are sure your lights are correctly mounted and safe!

die-cast LED downlight - Quick & Easy Installation die-cast LED downlight - Quick & Easy Installation
die-cast LED downlight - High Quality! Made from Die-Cast Aluminium die-cast LED downlight - High Quality! Made from Die-Cast Aluminium

High Quality! Made from Die-Cast Aluminium

Durability is an essential characteristic of lighting because it can be expensive and exhausting if you have to change it every now and then. Imagine the time and money it will consume if your lights break annually! 

With this LED downlight, durability is the least of your concern. It’s made of high-quality die-cast aluminium, guaranteeing that it with last long. In addition, even if you have had it for years, this fixture will not rust or tarnish, so you don’t have to worry about it looking too old and worn out. Just do a quick wipe every once and a while to remove any dust build-up, and your lights will return to looking good as new!

Stunning Satin Chrome Downlight

If you are particular about aesthetics, styling and interior design, this LED downlight will make your work easier! It's made with a beautiful satin chrome bezel which in itself looks breathtaking and elegant.

Because of the simplicity and minimalist appearance of this LED downlight, you won’t have a hard time incorporating it with whatever design schemes you have in mind. Whether you go for a modern mid-century look or a chic rustic styling, this LED downlight will flawlessly blend in and help elevate the visuals of your space. It’s the perfect lighting fixture to have if you love rearranging and redecorating whenever you feel inspired or during holidays and festivities!

die-cast LED downlight - Stunning Satin Chrome Downlight die-cast LED downlight - Stunning Satin Chrome Downlight
die-cast LED downlight - 3 LED Colour Selections (Optional) die-cast LED downlight - 3 LED Colour Selections (Optional)

3 LED Colour Selections (Optional)

This LED downlight is dimmable when paired with a dimmable GU10 bulb and a compatible dimmer switch. As for the GU10 bulb, you can get it in cool white, natural white and warm white light. If you don’t know how they differ, here’s a simple guide!

Cool white and natural white are both used for task lighting. The only difference between the two is that cool white has a crisp bluish tone, while natural white is similar to a cloudless sunny day with no hints of blue or yellow. If you like a brilliant environment, go with cool white but if you want something bright yet more comfortable on the eyes, get natural white. Alternatively, warm white light is used for ambient lighting. It has a yellowish shade that creates a relaxing and cosy atmosphere!

The Dimensions

For recessed downlight installation being aware of the dimensions of the fixture is critical because it can indicate whether the end result will fail or not. If you just wing the trimming and positioning of your lights, they may not fit, leaving your fixtures protruding or falling off your ceiling!

This LED downlight is 120mm tall with a 92mm diameter and requires an 82mm cut-out hole. Make sure that you measure accurately, and even if you’re not doing the installation, keep this in mind and inform your electrician. Although the dimensions are included in the packaging, it’s still better to be sure and double-check than be sorry later and regret it!

die-cast LED downlight - The Dimensions die-cast LED downlight - The Dimensions
More Information
Downlight Type Adjustable/Tilt
Base GU10
Height 120mm
Diameter 92mm
Dimmable Dimmable
Input Voltage 220-240v
Warranty 3 Years
IP Rating IP20
Cut Out Hole 82mm
Finish Brushed Chrome/Nickel
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