Multi Purpose Door/Swipe Sensor

Input Voltage
12-24v DC
Input Voltage
IP Rating
IP Rating
1 Year
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  • Door or Swipe Sensor
  • Recessed or Surface-Mounted
  • Suitable with many LED lights
  • 15W (12V) or 30W (24V) capacity
  • Endless compatibility
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Multi Purpose Door/Swipe Sensor
£16.66 £19.99 Was £29.99 Save £10.00
Door and Swip Sensor - Versatile Door or Swipe Sensor Door and Swip Sensor - Versatile Door or Swipe Sensor

Versatile Door or Swipe Sensor

Working in the kitchen can become very messy, especially if things are not going your way. Washing your hands whenever you need to switch on a particular lighting fixture can take a bit of time, and sometimes you just can't take your eyes off the thing you're doing. 

The solution to this problem is this sensor! This LED light sensor can be used as a door or swipe sensor. You can install it in your cupboard doors so whenever you open them; you'll be able to see everything inside, even those in the back! Also, you can add it with your under cabinet lights so when you are cooking, you can just swipe underneath you you'll have sufficient lighting!


Are you worried that adding this sensor may ruin your aesthetic or might stick out too much? Don’t be! It’s pretty small and discreet. You can easily high it behind the face frames of your cabinet or somewhere out of sight!

This LED light sensor is 62mm long with an 11mm height and 16mm diameter in the front and a 12mm height and  14mm diameter in the back. Also, this device is white, so if you have white cabinets, it will blend perfectly. However, if you don’t, there are various ways to hide them! You just need to look for the blind spots but still within the sensor’s detection range, and you’re all set!

Door and Swip Sensor - Dimensions Door and Swip Sensor - Dimensions
Door and Swip Sensor - Different Mounting Options! Recessed or Surface-Mounted Door and Swip Sensor - Different Mounting Options! Recessed or Surface-Mounted

Different Mounting Options! Recessed or Surface-Mounted

The more, the merrier, right? Well, with this sensor, you have two mounting options to choose from, recessed or surface-mounted. This is perfect because you don't need to rush with your decisions. If you suddenly change your mind, you can just do the other one!

Surface-mounting this sensor is super easy; just attach it to the surface, and you're good to go! As for recessed mounting, that's where it gets a bit tricky because of the cut-out hole. Although, once you cut it to the correct size, you don't have anything else to worry about! Switching from surface-mounted to recessed is easy, but if you decide to surface-mount your already recessed sensor, be prepared to patch some holes if it calls for it.

Suitable with Various LED Lights

Regarding compatibility, this LED sensor will not give you a headache! It pairs well with our various LED lighting solutions, allowing you to set up your automated lighting system conveniently. If you already have LED lights and want to upgrade them and make them motion activated, just get this, as it can help you save money!

Do you need motion-sensor lights? It’s not really a necessity, unlike bulbs, drivers, switches, etc. However, having this device with your lights can help you save on electricity. If you put it in your cupboards, it will automatically turn off when you close the door. If you choose the swiping method, you won’t forget to turn off your lights because you can just do it on the spot without walking to the wall switch!

Door and Swip Sensor - Suitable with Various LED Lights Door and Swip Sensor - Suitable with Various LED Lights
Door and Swip Sensor - 15W or 30W Capacity Door and Swip Sensor - 15W or 30W Capacity

15W or 30W Capacity

What’s excellent about this sensor is the options you have to accommodate your needs. It can load a 12v DC or a 24v DC fixture, so it’s practically suitable for any fitting that you have!

If you’re going to use a 12v DC LED light, you can load a maximum capacity of 15w power. Alternatively, if you’re using a 24v DC fitting, you can connect a maximum capacity of 30w power. Ensure that you follow this because if you don’t and it overloads, it can ruin your lights! Don’t let all the hard work that you did to design your lighting system go down the drain. So be extra careful! 

Use Anywhere in Your Home

While a busy kitchen can maximise the use of this sensor, you can still install it throughout your home! Just be mindful of where you put them, and try to avoid placing them in areas where liquids can reach them.

Say you have a walk-in closet. You can add this sensor so that your lights will automatically switch on when you open the door! Another application you can do is put it under the shelf of your work area. This way, if you need task lighting, you just have to swipe your hands under, and you’ll have a well-lit workspace! It will lessen the distractions and allow you to keep your focus on what you’re doing!

Door and Swip Sensor - Use Anywhere in Your Home Door and Swip Sensor - Use Anywhere in Your Home
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Input Voltage 12-24v DC
Width 16mm
IP Rating IP20
Length 62mm
Warranty 1 Year
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