10w, IP65 Warm White LED Tape 120 LEDs Per Metre - 3000K

Average Life (Hours)
Average Life (Hours)
IP Rating
IP Rating
Beam Angle
Beam Angle
A measure to the brightness of a LED Light. Example being 320 lumens would be the equivalent in brightness to a old fashioned 50w Halogen spot light.
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Product Discontinued.

We highly recommend that you buy our new dotless COB LED Strip which is a much better specification.

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Compatible When Used With Our Smart Home Module
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Up to 5 year guarantee on lightbulbs
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10w, IP65 Warm White LED Tape 120 LEDs Per Metre - 3000K
£8.33 £10.00 Was £14.00 Save £4.00

Functional LED strip light you can use for every application

If you want to have the best LED strip lights for your home, you should check out our IP65 LED Tape! They feature 120 high-quality LEDs per metre, and produce a warm white colour temperature which is easier on the eyes and more relaxing than cooler colour temperatures. They’re perfect for creating a cosy and friendly atmosphere in your home or business.

These IP65 LED strip lights can safely withstand splashes of water and jets of water from small nozzles, making them perfect for lighting areas where water is present. You can use them in zone 1 of your bathroom and kitchen, where the air and surfaces can become steamy and moist.

Key Features

  • FREE Bespoke Cutting Service – We’re here to help you! We can cut your tape to the nearest 25mm, to suit your specific requirements. We’ll also solder on a 2m cable to make installation even easier.
  • Warm it Up – Warm White LED light generally gives a similar light to traditional incandescent bulbs.
  • Protected – IP65 rated tape is excellent for applications that may encounter liquids; bathrooms, kitchens and many commercial applications.
  • 5-year Warranty – Safe and made to last, unlike cheaper tapes on the market.
  • Low Energy Costs – Businesses will quickly see the monetary benefit of LED strip lights. Not only is it low wattage and uses less power, but they allow you to easily and economically light large areas.

How can I control and power these best-selling LED strip Lights?

  • Switch on/off from the light switch on the wall or the plug socket. Use standard LED Drivers.
  • Remote control – Switch on/off and dim/increase the brightness of your strip from anywhere in the room. Use Standard LED Drivers.
  • Traditional wall dimmer (make sure it’s LED Compatible!). Use Dimmable LED Drivers.
  • Modern, touch control, glass-fronted wall dimmer. This allows you to turn your light on/off, control the brightness up/down, and give you 4 zone control to control the lighting in 4 different areas or rooms from this one wall controller. Use Standard LED Drivers.

How Do I Select the Correct LED Driver?

There’s a wide range of LED Drivers on the market that can make things confusing, but if you follow our advice, it should make things simpler! If you need a little more help, feel free to call our friendly expert team on 0333 443 2465, and we’ll guide you through it.

It’s essential to understand how many metres of LED strip lights will be connected to the LED driver. Remember, you may need more than one LED driver depending on the distance of the areas you plan to install your tape. However, you can also connect several strips of LED tape to the same driver as long as you’re careful not to overload it beyond its capacity.

Example: You want to power two metres of LED tape using an LED Driver. To calculate which LED driver is needed, simply multiply two metres by the wattage per metre (in this case, 10w), so you will be using a total of 20w for two metres. Choose the driver closest to this wattage. (Round up to the nearest powered LED driver, not down or you risk overloading it!).

More Information
Average Life (Hours) 50,000
LED Strip Type Single Colour
IP Rating IP65
LED Colour Warm White 3000K
Beam Angle 120°
Length Max 10m
Lumens 1069
Dimmable Dimmable
Input Voltage 12v DC
Power 10w
Cable Length 2 Metres
Warranty 5 Years
Width 10mm
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