Pop Up Plug Socket Black Top With 2 x USB and 3 x Plug Sockets

Input Voltage
Input Voltage
Cut Out Hole
Cut Out Hole
1 Year
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  • 3 x 13 AMP sockets
  • 2 x USB ports for charging mobiles, iPods and other compatible devices
  • No wiring necessary comes with 1.5m cable with standard wall plug on the end
  • Flush with the surface when not in use
  • Height adjustable dependent upon sockets required
  • 1-year warranty
£29.99 £35.99 Was £47.95 Save £11.96
Pop Up Plug Socket Black Top With 2 x USB and 3 x Plug Sockets
£29.99 £35.99 Was £47.95 Save £11.96

Clever and space-saving pop up plug socket for your kitchen!

Sometimes, your kitchen island does not have enough sockets to accommodate all the appliances you need to prepare your meal. However, having a regular extension cable is also not an ideal solution as it may pose some threats, especially when using a lot of liquid ingredients. So, how do you go about this? Well, you can just get our kitchen pop up socket for a space-saving and kitchen-safe gadget!

Our kitchen pop up socket is a clever way of adding more sockets in your space while keeping the area clean and tidy after a day of meal preps. Once installed, just push down on the top of the socket, and it will pop up enough for you to lift the rest all the way up, revealing the plug sockets. When you're finished using it, just push the top down, and it will retract back into place on a flush level with your worktop. It's a convenient trinket to have in your kitchen!

This kitchen pop up socket is one of our most popular products, and it has three standard UK plug sockets and two USB ports, allowing you to charge your phone or other devices while using other kitchen gadgets at the same time. It's there when you need it and hidden when you don't. Has the battery on your phone ever gone flat when you're trying to follow a recipe? Well, with this handy pop-up plug socket, that never has to happen again!

Our kitchen pop up socket is black and silver in colour and has a black coloured top. If you find the black top too out of place on your countertop, we also have a satin chrome top which is a lighter shade. In addition, it’s straightforward to install, and it comes pre-wired with a 1.5-metre cable with a standard UK plug on the end that you just plug into a spare plug socket.
Please note that this kitchen pop-up socket can't be installed where there are drawers under your worktop. Remember to double-check what is below where you plan to install it and make sure you have at least 300mm of free space underneath before cutting out the installation hole. Also, it has a 115mm diameter that requires a 102-105mm cut-out hole. If you need an automatic, electrical pop up socket that fully opens, you can check out our motorized pop-up socket.

We offer a 1-year warranty for this kitchen pop up socket so you can use them for a long time with peace of mind.

More Information
Cable Length 1500mm
Diameter 115mm
Height 300mm
Input Voltage 220-240v
Number of Sockets 3
Number of USB Ports 2
Cut Out Hole 102-105mm
USB Port Power 1000mA
Finish Black
Warranty 1 Year
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