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Black IP65 Shower Fire Rated Downlight, GU10, Open Can

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Average Life (Hours)
Average Life (Hours)
Input Voltage
Input Voltage
5 Years
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  • 90mm diameter requires an 75mm cut-out hole
  • Stunning modern matt black finish
  • Independently tested to conform to all relevant British Standards
  • Suitable for solid joist, i-joist and web joist ceilings
  • 5-year warranty
  • Suitable for safe use directly above the shower or bath (bathroom zone 1)
  • Suitable to use in any room of the home
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Up to 5 year guarantee on lightbulbs
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Black IP65 Shower Fire Rated Downlight, GU10, Open Can
£3.91 £4.69 Was £9.99 Save £5.30

Includes a Matt Black Bezel

This LED downlight has a simple round bezel and a matt black finish. It’s suitable for whatever interior design theme you have in mind, be it traditional, rustic, modern, etc. Even if you have existing decor and furniture pieces, you don’t have to worry about this LED downlight not matching because it can blend in flawlessly!

If you plan to change styles often, a minimal ceiling light like this downlight is more beneficial than a fully customised one. This way, you’ll have a neutral base that you can easily transform into the theme you currently prefer. If you commit to a particular style from the get-go, it’ll take more effort, time and money to change it into something different.

Quick Installation

Installation is a breeze with this LED downlight because it's designed with features that simplify the procedure. It's mains powered, so you don’t need to purchase a separate transformer or driver to make it run. All you have to do is arrange the positioning of the fixtures, trim the cut-out holes, wire them directly to the mains circuit, and add a bulb of your choice. Once everything is in place, you can enjoy your stunningly brilliant room!

If you’re going to DIY the installation, ensure that you know the process and have all the right tools and necessary experience. Otherwise, you’ll have to call an electrician to avoid accidents and risks.

A key feature of this downlight is the speed of installation. It has a wide screwless terminal block at the rear and it is suitable for loop in and out wiring. (Series wiring)

Works with a GU10 Bulb

You can use this LED downlight with any GU10 bulb because it's made with a GU10 lamp holder. If you want to access its dimming function, you’ll have to pair this downlight with a dimmable GU10 bulb and a compatible dimmer switch or if you just want to switch the lights on / off each day without dimming, please pair this downlight with a normal non-dimmable gu10 lamp.

As for the GU10 bulb, it’s available in cool white, natural white and warm white light. Cool white and natural white are both perfect for task lighting. The only difference between the two colours is that cool white has a crisp bluish tone, while natural white has no shades of blue or yellow. On the other hand, warm white light is suitable for ambient lighting because its yellowish tint can create a relaxing environment!

Water Resistant! IP65 Rated

If you want a lighting fixture that you can use throughout your home, including the areas where water and liquids are common, this LED downlight is perfect! It’s IP65 rated; therefore, you can use it anywhere, such as the living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, storage room, hallways, and the bathroom’s zone 1. Even if jets and splashes of water come into contact with this fixture, it will not short-circuit or malfunction.

The IP rating is an important factor to consider when purchasing lights. It indicates the protection of the fixture against solid and liquid elements. While this LED downlight has sufficient guard against water splashes, it’s unsuitable for underwater applications. You’ll need to find a fitting with an even higher IP rating.

Excellent Quality

Unlike table lamps and floor lamps that are plug-and-play, ceiling lights take more time to install. It takes even more effort if the fixture is a recessed one like this LED downlight. So, the last thing that you want is to install fixtures that ends up breaking every other month, forcing you to redo the entire process.

This LED downlight is constructed from high quality materials, so you can expect that it will last for years without rusting or tarnishing. For upkeep, just occasionally wipe it down with a clean damp cloth to remove dust and dirt build-up that may probably block the light from being delivered to the surfaces below.

To show how confidant we are in the quality of this product, we also provide an extended 5 year warranty, absolutely free (on the downlight only, any bulbs will have there own warranties).

The Dimensions

Knowing the installation procedure is as important as learning the dimensions of the fixture, especially for a recessed one. Trimming the cut-out hole requires precision, and if you improvise, there's a high chance that something will go wrong. The hole may be too small for the downlight to fit or too big that the fixture will fall off. There's also a possibility for the downlight to protrude instead of sitting recessed because the fixture's height and the available ceiling void were not accounted for. 

So, take note that this LED downlight is 113mm tall with an 90mm diameter and requires a 75mm cut-out hole. Remember these measurements, and you'll have no problems!

Also, if 113mm is too tall, you can also include this downlight without fixing the terminal block to the rear of the unit, if you do this the downlights height will reduce to only 88mm.

More Information
Quick Order Code FR-IP65-OC-MB
Solid Joist (Fire Rating Standard) Solid Joist (30/60 & 90 Minutes)
I-Joist (Fire Rating Standard_ I-Joist (30 Minutes)
Web Joist (Fire Rating Standard) Web Joist (30 Minutes)
Loft Insulation Coverable Yes
Average Life (Hours) 30,000
Downlight Type Fixed
Base GU10
Height 113mm (With Terminal Block) 88mm (Without Terminal Block)
Diameter 90mm
Dimmable Dimmable
Input Voltage 220-240v
Warranty 5 Years
IP Rating IP65
Cut Out Hole 75mm
Finish Black
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