Die-Cast Fire Rated Downlight GU10 Twist and Lock Fixed - Brass Finish

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Input Voltage
Input Voltage
5 Years
IP Rating
IP Rating
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  • Top-Quality Die-Cast Aluminium
  • Beautiful Polished Brass Bezel
  • Twist and Lock Mechanism
  • Fire-rated to 90-minutes of protection
  • 5-year warranty
£7.62 £9.15 Was £10.99 Save £1.84
Die-Cast Fire Rated Downlight GU10 Twist and Lock Fixed - Brass Finish
£7.62 £9.15 Was £10.99 Save £1.84
brass LED downlight - Top-Quality Die-Cast Aluminium brass LED downlight - Top-Quality Die-Cast Aluminium

Top-Quality Die-Cast Aluminium

When it comes to lighting, getting top-quality fixtures is better than settling for substandard ones. Cheap fittings tend to break faster than those that are reasonably pricier. Because of this, instead of lessening your expenses, you’ll end up spending more on maintenance! If you put them side by side, you’ll see that you’re actually paying more than if you purchased a slightly expensive but high-quality fixture!

This LED downlight is 100% made from premium-quality materials. It’s constructed from die-cast aluminium so expect that it won’t rust or tarnish even after having them for years! Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth, and it’ll go back looking as good as new!

Beautiful Polished Brass Bezel

If you’re into unique and original lighting fixtures, this LED downlight may draw your attention. Instead of the usual black, chrome and polished chrome bezel, it has a stunning glossy brass finish! It’s simple yet elegant and features a perfect balance between classic and modern!

With this gorgeous bezel, you can create a rustic interior design with vintage furniture pieces. You can also try a sleeker approach with golden tones as your central theme! Whatever your style is, this LED downlight will not have a hard time blending in. Although it’s slightly different from the typical bezel finishes, it fits perfectly with everything because of its minimal look. So, go all out and don't be afraid to experiment!

brass LED downlight - Beautiful Polished Brass Bezel brass LED downlight - Beautiful Polished Brass Bezel
brass LED downlight - Easy Bulb Changes! brass LED downlight - Easy Bulb Changes!

Easy Bulb Changes!

This LED downlight is relatively easy to manage when it comes to bulb changes. It’s designed with a twist and lock mechanism, so you can take the bulb out in one swift movement and replace it with a new one! No hassle, stress or headaches!

In addition, this LED downlight is effortless to install. You see, it’s mains powered, so all you have to do is wire it directly to the mains circuit, add a bulb, and you’re done! You don’t need to purchase a driver or transformer to make them work. All you need is in the box except the bulb. 

Just remember, if you're doing the installation alone, be safe and cautious. Switch off the power box before connecting anything!

Ideal For 90 Minute Ceilings

Aside from its energy efficiency, aesthetic finish and convenient features, this LED downlight has more to offer! It’s also fire-rated to 90 minutes of protection, so you know you have extra protection should a fire suddenly breaks out. Also, it can help lessen the damage to your home!

Is it essential to get a fire-rated downlight? Yes! It’s because it reseals the hole you cut to mount your light and restores the fire integrity of your ceiling. With this, it extends the time when the fire will spread, allowing everyone in your home to exist safely. If possible, always aim for fire-rated downlights instead of regular recessed lighting, especially if your home has more levels. 

brass LED downlight - Ideal For 90 Minute Ceilings brass LED downlight - Ideal For 90 Minute Ceilings
brass LED downlight - Choice of 3 LED Colours (Optional) brass LED downlight - Choice of 3 LED Colours (Optional)

Choice of 3 LED Colours (Optional)

You can get this LED fire-rated downlight in three LED colours: cool, natural or warm white light. If you don't know how they differ, here's a simple guide!

Cool and natural white light are both used for task lighting. The only difference between the two is cool white has a crips bluish tone, whereas natural white doesn't have any hint of blue or yellow. So, if you need something stunningly brilliant, get cool white, but if you prefer something easier on the eyes, choose natural white light. On the other hand, warm white light is typically used for ambient lighting. It has a yellowish tone that can create a relaxing atmosphere. So, for spaces you want to clear your mind and reset, add warm white light!

The Dimensions

This LED downlight is 95mm tall with an 86mm diameter. It requires a 75mm cut-out hole which you need to accurately get if you want it to sit snuggly into your ceiling. Also, you need to consider the size of this downlight and your ceiling void to guarantee that it will fit properly and not protrude or fall off.

In addition, note that this is a dimmable LED downlight, so it’s better to pair it with a dimmable GU10 bulb (not included) in conjunction with a dimmer switch so you can utilise this function. Having dimmable lights is excellent for setting the ambience of your space to suit your mood!

brass LED downlight - The Dimensions brass LED downlight - The Dimensions
More Information
Quick Order Code IGP/FB
Downlight Type Fixed
Base GU10
Height 95mm
Diameter 86mm
Dimmable Dimmable
Input Voltage 220-240v
Warranty 5 Years
IP Rating IP20
Cut Out Hole 75mm
Finish Polished Brass
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