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All In One RGB and RGBW DMX LED Driver - Run Upto 120 Metres of RGB LED Tape


110 - 240V AC Voltage
75-640w Wattage

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75w DMX LED Driver
Product Description

Manufactured here in the UK, these DMX LED Drivers are truly remarkable and like no other. 

Being an "All In One" LED Tape driver means that there is no need for a separate driver and controller, everything is built into a single unit. 

At first glance these might appear to be quite expensive, however when you consider the advantages of using it, you will find that they are not. 

Run More LED Tape then normal

Using our unique power balancing technology allows you to run 120m of LED tape on a single driver.

We have four driver options. All maximum wattages are based on using RGB or RGBW LED Strip, with 60 LEDs p/m. 

  • 75w - Maximum 15m of LED Tape. 
  • 150w - Maximum 30m of LED Tape.
  • 320w - Maximum 60m of LED Tape. 
  • 640w - Maximum 120m of LED Tape. 

Additional benefits of power balancing is that the colour change is always smooth, all colours are driven equally for even output across primary and secondary colours. Therefore the led tape brightness is always the same, no matter what colour you select. 

Run multiple units in series

Simple to install and easy to set up, every DMX driver comes with XLR in/out and CAT5 in/out connections, so if you need to run more than one, you would simply run them in series, like a daisy chain. 

Smooth Dimming

Dimming from 0 - 100% is super smooth, no jumping or lagging. 

Tunable White Colour

Using standard RGBWW (3000K) and adjust the white colour temperature from 2300-7000k directly from the drivers onboard LED screen.

Multiple Control Methods

Controlling your LED tape has never been so straight forward. Take advantage of our superb, user-friendly wall controller for the most straight forward way to control your lighting, find out more information here.

Alternatively, if your an expert user. You can use either 3 Pin XLR or CAT5 RJ45 cables and plug into a laptop using specialist software or lighting desk.

Pricing & Delivery Time

We can offer excellent trade prices on this item, especially when you buy the drivers along with our range of LED Tape. We would urge you to call our customer service team to discuss your project further. 

This item is manufactured in the UK to order, occasionally they might take upto 4 days for delivery. We can cater for urgent orders and sometimes offer next day delivery, but we would suggest that you call our sales team to discuss delivery time and pricing.

Technical Specification

Models Available: SLGDMX75/SLGDMX150/SLGDMX320/SLGDMX640

  • Voltage - 24V
  • LED Outputs - 75w and 150w = 2 Outputs, 320w = 4 Outputs, 640w = 8 Outputs
  • Output Current - 5A
  • Maximum Wattage - 75w/150w/320w/640w
  • Channels 75w and 150w = 1 to 8, 320w = 16, 640w = 32 Channels
  • Power Input - 110-240VAC
  • Data Connections - 3 Pin DMX & CAT5 RJ45
  • LED Connection - 5 Pin Phoenix


  • 75w - 331mm (L) x 48.4mm (D) 126.6mm (W)
  • 150w - 331mm (L) x 48.4mm (D) 178mm (W)
  • 320w - 331mm (L) x 48.4mm (D) 234mm (W)
  • 331mm (L) x 48.4mm (D) 460mm (W)
  • Voltage 110 - 240V AC The operating voltage of the product. 220-240v AC is UK mains voltage (What comes out of your plug sockets). So if the voltage shown is below 220v then you will more than likely need a transformer for the light to operate.
  • Delivery Time Delivery Within 2-5 Days
  • Finish Silver The overall visible finish of the product. Such as stainless steel, chrome, white etc.
  • Dimmable Yes Whether the brightness is dimmable or not. Some products are dimmable via specialist remote control systems we supply. Whereas some products are dimmable with mains voltage wall dimmer.
  • IP Rating IP20 Ingress protection rating. Classifies the degree of protection against water and dust.
  • Wattage 75-640w The total electrical power used of the light. A higher wattage no longer guarantee’s that the light is brighter. EG: there are LED products which are 5w which is equal in brightness to a 50w incandescent bulb.

For delivery or returns information, please refer to the page below. 

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