240v Mains LED Recessed Under Cupboard Light - Natural or Warm White

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The total electrical power used of the light. A higher wattage no longer guarantee’s that the light is brighter. EG: there are LED products which are 5w which is equal in brightness to a 50w incandescent bulb.
Average Life (Hours)
Average Life (Hours)
IP Rating
IP Rating
Beam Angle
Beam Angle
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  • Stunning Brushed Chrome Finish
  • Available in Warm white light and Natural white light
  • Produce 208 lumens with 120-degree beam angle
  • Can be controlled using hand movement sensor (sold separately)
  • 3-year warranty
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240v Mains LED Recessed Under Cupboard Light - Natural or Warm White
£11.66 £13.99

A lovely LED cupboard light with a warm or cool white light!

Are you gearing up for a complete kitchen makeover? If you are, then you better add these gorgeous round LED cupboard lights to your lighting plan! With their brushed chrome finish and sleek design, these lights will complement many interiors, whether they’re modern or traditional. Plus, these LED cupboard lights are available in two lovely LED colours: warm white light or natural white light! Allowing you to utilise your kitchen as both a workstation and a place for relaxation. To help you determine whether you would like natural white light or warm white light, here’s a simple guide:

  • Natural White Light - This colour is similar to a cloudless sunny day and is the perfect task light as it's bright but not to the point of being clinical.
  • Warm White Light - This colour resembles an old incandescent bulb and is the ideal ambient light as it creates a cosy and relaxing atmosphere.

If you don’t want surface mounted under cabinet lights since they may look too chunky for the layout that you're going for, then these LED cupboard lights will be perfect since it's recessed into the bottom of your cabinets. With this, you can enjoy a bright kitchen counter without having to worry about any bulky fixtures! These lights are flush with the bottom of your cabinets, so all you’ll really see is the 208 lumens (per light) illuminating your worktops! It also produces a 120-degree beam angle giving you ample light coverage eliminating any dark areas.

For installation, these LED cupboard lights are mains powered and so do not require an LED driver to make them work. You simply have them wired directly into the mains circuit and control them with the light switch on the wall.
There are a couple of different ways to control these LED cupboard lights so you can incorporate them into your lighting system.

  • Basic Set-Up – You can switch the lights on and off using a standard light switch.
  • Hand movement Sensor - This Infra-Red hand movement sensor allows you to turn your lights on or off simply by swiping your hand across the front - perfect for when you have wet or dirty hands.

We happily offer a 3-year warranty for these LED cupboard lights so you can enjoy the lighting plan you worked hard to design for a long time!

More Information
Cable Length 1500mm
Average Life (Hours) 30,000
Height 13mm
IP Rating IP20
Finish Brushed Chrome/Nickel
Beam Angle 120°
Lumens 208
Diameter 65mm
Dimmable Non-Dimmable
Input Voltage 220-240v
Power 2.6w
Warranty 3 Years
Cut Out Hole 57mm
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