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Recessed Lights

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Simple Lighting stocks a fantastic range of outdoor recessed lights which will make a fantastic addition to your outside spaces like gardens, pathways or driveways. Our collection encompasses both traditional and contemporary designs and offers a wide variety of trim and housing options to suit any style of property.

Recessed lights are typically fixtures that are sunken into the ground in order to provide a clear upward-facing beam of light. They’re modern, functional and often a much more cost-efficient solution traditional bulbs, as you can place recessed lights in the areas that need them most.

You can also choose RGB colour changing lights to add extra eye-catching impact.

Our ground lights are waterproof and weatherproof IP67 or IP68 certified, making them suitable for outdoor use, or to highlight water features, ponds or pools.

Recessed Lighting Solutions

Whether you use them to practically light a space or want to achieve soft, other-worldly lighting effects, recessed lighting solutions can be incredibly effective. However, in order to get the best results from these products, you need to install them properly so that they highlight your space's best features without looking out of place. Make sure you don’t place recessed lights too close together on the ground, as this will create an overcrowded illusion.

You can choose from halogen or LED recessed lights and, as always, each has their own set of pros and cons. LED recessed lighting options tend to last longer and produce a stronger, clearer beam, but incandescent bulbs are much less expensive and a great option for outside spaces that aren’t used as often. This is because halogen lights are best suited to constant on-off applications, whereas LED bulbs are designed to light an environment for longer, as they give off much less heat and their quality of light is less likely to decrease.

It can be tricky to successfully put together a display of recessed lighting, so if you’d like the opinion of some of our experienced lighting specialists, simply pick up the phone and give us a call today. We’ve been in the industry a long time and have helped thousands of customers light their homes and outdoor areas stylishly and cost-effectively!

Recessed Lights