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Bring your home’s exterior and outdoor areas to life with our extensive range of outdoor lights. Whether you want to illuminate a certain part of the architecture, brighten up the garden to enjoy outdoor celebrations, or give your balcony a romantic feel, we have the perfect lighting solution for any situation. Outdoor LED lighting does not only add a decorative touch to your property but it’s also the perfect way to add extra security to your home or business.

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What Are the Benefits of Using Outdoor LED Lighting?

Energy-Efficient and Cost-Effective

LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are a popular bulb choice for outdoor lights for the simple reason that they are the most energy-efficient option on the market. Outdoor LED lighting reduces energy usage which also reduces your electricity bills. What’s more, their super-long lifespan and high-quality light also means less money spent on maintenance or replacements.

More Freedom

There’s no need to stop having fun just because it’s getting dark. With decorative yet practical outdoor lights you can keep the garden party going long into the night. Some of our outdoor garden lights come with a dimming function, which means you can have more brightness when you need it for barbequing and eating, or create a soft, warm glow when you want to wind down with a glass of wine.

Added Security

Outdoor lights are a great way to provide extra safety and security for your family home or your business premises. Lighting up the exterior spaces helps eliminate dangers such as trip hazards around your property and helps to deter burglars.

What kind of outdoor garden lights are available?

At Simple Lighting, we sell a wide range of outdoor lights and outdoor garden lights that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. Outdoor garden lighting doesn’t just have to be functional; it can also be beautiful. Our selection includes decorative outdoor lights that will enhance any style of garden and bring your outdoor areas to life even after dark.

We stock a vast range of outdoor lights, including garden lights, decking lights, wall lights, and more. No matter what design or lighting installation you have in mind, we have something to suit every taste.

Here are some of the options we have available:

LED Decking Lights

LED decking lights are one of the most versatile options for outdoor LED lighting projects, for the simple reason that they are designed to be installed in the pattern of your choosing. They add convenience and style while illuminating your patio and decking areas so you can spend more quality time outdoors.

Garden Spike Lights

Garden spike lights are incredibly effective and easy to install. They are most commonly used to provide illumination on either side of a pathway. Additionally, their ease of use makes them the perfect choice of outdoor garden lights for occasional use. You can light up the garden for a party and then safely store them away when not in use.

LED Flood Lights

If you’re looking for more heavy-duty outdoor lights, then LED floodlights will do the trick. They are incredibly bright with their high luminous power and optimal light distribution while at the same time being efficient to run. So, you can illuminate a wider area without having to worry about expensive electricity costs.

Wall Lights

You can also find outdoor lights as wall attachments. They are a great option for illuminating patios, entrances, driveways or for lighting up dark corners of the house and garden.

And many more...

The options above are just a brief overview of the wide range of outdoor LED lights we have available at Simple Lighting. You can also choose from different brightness, colour temperatures and dimmable or non-dimmable outdoor lights to create the effect you want.

The use of outdoor garden lights can drastically transform your outdoor areas. So, whether you are looking to illuminate your garden at home or your business, Simple Lighting is sure to have the perfect outdoor LED lighting fixtures and fittings to accompany your design ideas.

Why Choose Simple Lighting for Your Outdoor LED Lighting?

We stock a wide range of the highest quality outdoor garden lights, suitable for both domestic and commercial use. If you have an outdoor space you want to illuminate, we can help!

We have years of experience in the lighting industry. This is our passion and our speciality. All of our outdoor lights come with our own seal of approval. When you purchase outdoor LED lights or any lighting solution from us, you can trust that you’re buying from the best of the best.

If you would like to order your outdoor lights or get advice on what outdoor garden lights would be the best for your project, then don’t hesitate to give us a call. We have a friendly team of lighting experts ready and happy to help.

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