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Smart Home Lighting & Accessories: Transform Your Living Spaces

Smart home lighting products are now very commonly found in most homes. At Simple Lighting, we stock a wide range of smart LED lighting and smart home accessories.
Most of our smart home products are compatible in conjunction with the following product ranges:

In general, smart home lighting items are simple to install; however, if something goes wrong or you simply need general advice or recommendations, please contact our customer service team.

How Does the Integration of Smart Home Lighting Enhance Overall Security and Safety?

Why do you want to integrate smart home accessories? One of the advantages of having these intelligent devices is that they help reinforce the security of your home. How so?

When you are away for an extended vacation, you can manage your smart home lighting remotely through your phone! With this, you can create an illusion that someone is inside your house, preventing people from taking advantage of your absence. Leaving your home unattended for months can invite trespassers and burglars to break in. However, if you have smart lights that switch on/off, it deters them from trying. 

So, if you want to have an enjoyable vacation and ensure the safety of your home, consider upgrading or integrating smart home lighting into your lighting system!

How to Link Smart Lights at Home?

To link smart lights, you have to check the instructions for the model you purchased. Different models would have different connection requirements, so ensure that you read through them first. Also, check the connectivity of the model before you buy it and ensure that you have it. Otherwise, it’ll be a waste if you are not able to use it. 

Typically, smart home lighting can be connected through WiFi, a mesh network or via Bluetooth. To know which one applies to your smart device, check the model’s technical specifications. If it’s WiFi, some models will have a specific frequency that your wireless provider should have. You will also find smart devices that require you to install an app to sync with your smartphone. 

Is smart home lighting worth it?

Why would you want to have smart home lighting and smart home accessories? There are many benefits to having them besides improving your home’s security. 

Smart lighting is convenient! Most models will allow you to set specific wake-up and sleep hours for your lights. With this, you’ll never make the mistake of leaving them on when you are not using them. Also, since you can manage your lights through your phone, even if you leave your lights on and you’re already miles away from your house, you can still switch them off!

Besides that, smart home lighting can help boost your health and wellness. There are smart light bulbs that you can set to the colour of the sun throughout the day. This can help you sleep better as it can help improve your circadian rhythm. Also, waking up with the slowly brightening lights is much better than a blaring alarm that will make you jump!

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