LED Pendant Lights: Light Up Your Modern Home

LED pendant lights are commonly used in homes worldwide and act as the perfect lighting source. If you’re in need of room lighting ideas, look no further than Simple Lighting. Not only are pendant lights stylish, sleek and modern, but they also look great no matter your interior choice.

No matter the area of your home, pendant lighting can be used. When you compare pendant lighting to your traditional ceiling lights, such as LED spotlights or downlights, pendant lights, whether they're kitchen pendant lights, living room pendant lights, hallway pendant lights, etc,  add more character to your room.

At Simple Lighting, we have a vast selection of LED pendant lights to choose from. With a varied price range and top-quality key features, our collection has something suited for everyone. From style to size, there are many factors to keep in mind before purchasing your pendant lights - let the experts at Simple Lighting help. 

If you’re looking to integrate a pendant light into your home, browse our extensive collection today. Whether it’s a ceiling pendant lamp or a black pendant fixture you’re after, we have a long list of products within our range of pendant lighting solutions. Read on to find out more.

How Modern LED Pendant Lights Enhance the Overall Appeal of a Ceiling

LED pendant lights hang from your ceiling, providing excellent lighting that spans across your room. A pendant light can sit alone or be grouped together (similar to a cluster pendant). Usually hanging from a chain, bar or cord, pendant lights are a statement piece of lighting that’ll be sure to get your guests talking.

Usually positioned centrally, pendant lights can have an array of different designs. Due to their ability to hang freely over kitchen islands, bars and tables, pendant lights are one of the best lighting solutions when it comes to needing to illuminate a certain point.

Whether you want exposed glass bulb LED pendant lights or a simple steel pendant light, the quality of the light will still be equally great. Pendant lights are most useful when they’re positioned above an area that requires much light, such as table counters or kitchen islands.

Although pendant lights are most commonly found in kitchens, dining rooms and bedrooms, they can also be used in bathrooms. Bathroom pendant lighting boasts luxury, turning your space from boring to exciting. Although pendant lights are used with a modern approach in mind, some people prefer the older styles of pendants - antiqued brass pendant lights are an example of this.

If you feel as though your space is too big to rely solely on your pendant lights to illuminate all areas of your space, why not pair your LED pendant lights with additional lighting from our indoor collection?

Choosing the Right Pendant Light

Choosing the right pendant light is never easy; it all comes down to style, size and how much visibility you need. Checking the height of the area where you’ll be positioning your pendant light is crucial - knowing what length you want your pendant light to hang is important before installation.

Thinking about how much of the room you need to illuminate is key - integrating a small pendant light in a large room might not look as good as having a bigger cluster of lights installed. Functionality is so important, but the design you choose is all down to preference.

You can rest assured that all of our LED pendant lights are made to the highest standards, created and manufactured by Simple Lighting - one of the leading light providers in the UK. Available in a variety of different materials, we stock glass, brass and black pendant lights, to name a few.

Placement is just as important as height and style - making sure that you integrate your classic or modern pendant lights into the right space is something that should be carefully considered. Typically placed in the central point of your room, pendant lights act as the focal point in any setting.

LED Pendant Lights

Our pendant lights are LED-operated, making them incredibly eco-friendly and energy-efficient. LED pendant lights have a considerably longer life span compared to incandescent bulbs. Lasting up to 14 years, LED lights are one of the most eco-conscious choices to go for as far as lighting solutions go.

LED lights are paving the way for future lighting solutions. Not only do LED light fixtures contribute less to landfills, but they also use 75% less energy, meaning that having 

LED-operated lighting around your home could help lower both your bills and carbon footprint.
Unlike regular, incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs aren’t prone to overheating - this ranks them as the safest type of bulb to go for when it comes to purchasing lighting solutions. At Simple Lighting, we care for the future of our planet, which is why we aim to improve our already-existing LED pendant lights and provide top-quality LED products in our collections.

Pendant Lights at Simple Lighting

Simple Lighting has been operating for a number of years, providing the best lighting to loyal customers ever since. We provide lighting products to domestic, trade and wholesale customers up and down the country, obtaining many happy clients along the way.

As a company, Simple Lighting stands out from the rest - we’re constantly putting time and effort into the items within our collection. Each item on our website has been tested by professionals, meaning that you can rest assured you’ll be receiving the best lighting when you get your delivery.

With multiple five-star reviews, we’ve had many happy customers return for our LED pendant lights and other lighting products. We have a quick stock delivery time, so don’t be alarmed if your favourite product is out of stock. Sometimes, having something as big as a chandelier in your home can be overwhelming, which is why people opt for pendant lights instead.

To save our customers time while browsing, we have quick view features across our products. Made with quality in mind at all times, what’s not to love about our lighting solutions? To view more of our products, be sure to explore the rest of our site.

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