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150w LED Site Light, Flood Light - 110v

IP Rating
IP Rating
A measure to the brightness of a LED Light. Example being 320 lumens would be the equivalent in brightness to a old fashioned 50w Halogen spot light.
Input Voltage
Input Voltage
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  • 110v Site Light
  • 15,000 Lumens
  • 150w Power
  • Yellow Body
  • 1m Long Cable
  • IP65 and IK07 Rated
  • Beam Angle - 110
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150w LED Site Light, Flood Light - 110v
£73.32 £87.99 Was £135.99 Save £48.00
150w Yellow LED Flood Light - Excellent Efficiency! 150w & 15000 Lumens 150w Yellow LED Flood Light - Excellent Efficiency! 150w & 15000 Lumens

Excellent Efficiency! 150w & 15000 Lumens

Nothing beats LED lighting when it comes to energy efficiency! You see, LED lights can convert most of the electricity they consume into light with very minimal ending up as waste (heat). As a result, even if they don’t have a large wattage requirement, they can still produce outstanding illumination! In addition, LED lighting fixtures are eco-friendly, low maintenance, cost-effective and long-lasting, giving them more edge in the competitive lighting industry!

Powered by that same technology, this LED flood light only requires 150w of power to produce 15000 lumens maximum brightness with a 110-degree beam angle. Aside from that, this brilliant lighting solution has an extended average lifespan of 25,000 hours, which is way longer than a non-LED fitting!

Durable and Water-Resistant

Outdoor lighting fixtures are exposed to a harsher environment compared to indoor lighting fixtures. Because of this, they should be equipped with materials and features that will enable them to withstand unpredictable and various elements. So, before buying, check the technical specifications of the fitting and ensure that it’s water-resistant and durable.

This LED flood light has an IP65 rating, which is a crucial characteristic of any outdoor lighting. It’s water-resistant, so even if jets and splashes of water come into contact with this fixture, it will not short-circuit or malfunction. In addition, this LED flood light is IK07-rated, meaning it's durable enough to withstand sudden drops or if something drops on it! 

150w Yellow LED Flood Light - Durable and Water-Resistant 150w Yellow LED Flood Light - Durable and Water-Resistant
150w Yellow LED Flood Light - Natural White Light, 4000K 150w Yellow LED Flood Light - Natural White Light, 4000K

Natural White Light, 4000K

This LED flood light has a natural white light colour temperature (4000K). Unlike cool white, which has a crisp bluish shade or warm white light that resembles an old incandescent bulb with its yellowish tone, natural white light has no hints of blue or yellow. It's similar to a cloudless sunny day, bright but comfortable on the eyes!

Natural white light is an excellent LED colour in your outdoor space. If you pair this colour temperature with this LED flood light’s high lumens and comprehensive coverage, you’ll have exceptional visibility in a massive area. What advantage does this give you? You’ll be able to identify people entering your property and make necessary preparations.

3 Year Warranty

We offer a 3-year warranty with this LED flood light so you can use it to the fullest for a long time without any worries! Shopping online has pros and cons. While it's convenient since you can purchase nearly anything without leaving your home, there’s no guarantee whether or not the product you’ll receive will be the same as the images you saw. So, with this extended warranty period, we hope that the confidence we have in this product will be reflected, providing you with extra assurance and encouraging you to purchase it!

If you have any questions about this LED flood light, feel free to call or email us!

150w Yellow LED Flood Light - 3 Year Warranty 150w Yellow LED Flood Light - 3 Year Warranty
150w Yellow LED Flood Light - The Dimensions 150w Yellow LED Flood Light - The Dimensions

The Dimensions

Why do you need to know the dimensions of this LED flood light? Well, you can use this information to gauge whether or not it will fit the space where you intend to install it. Yes, you’re mounting it outdoors, where it’s expected to have ample space. However, some people have unique ideas where they would need all the information they can gather to determine if this lighting fixture would work.

So, if you are one of those or if you simply wish to know if this LED flood light will be too big or small in your backyard, this LED flood light has a 348mm length, 40mm depth, and 311mm width.

Easy to Install; Includes a 1M Cable

Installation is the least of your worries with this LED flood light! It’s 110v, so just double-check before wiring it in. Also, it includes a 1-metre cable, giving you more flexibility with the placement of the fixture.

This LED flood light is perfect for construction sites because it can provide the illumination required for those environments. It’s brilliant enough to ensure that everything is visible, preventing accidents from happening. Does this mean you can only use this LED flood light for construction sites? While it’s suitable for those places, you can still use it wherever you prefer. Just handle it with care, and if you’re unsure about anything, review the product description and technical specifications or contact an electrician or us!

150w Yellow LED Flood Light - Easy to Install; Includes a 1M Cable 150w Yellow LED Flood Light - Easy to Install; Includes a 1M Cable
More Information
Length 348mm
Depth 40mm
Width 311mm
IP Rating IP65
Dimmable Non-Dimmable
Lumens 15,000
Input Voltage 110v
Choose LED Colour Natural White 4000K
Cable Length 1000mm
Power 150w
Average Life (Hours) 25,000
Beam Angle 110°
Warranty 3 Years
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